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customized bicycle playing cards

VIEWS: 200 PAGES: 12

									                                                                       Winter 2008 Edition

                                                 from Elmwood Magic
BETS                                              You Can’t Go Wrong With these Best Sellers and Hidden Gems!

     Derek Roberts’ Departure
Introducing the world's most impossible and invisible
ring flight. Departure is a pull-style flight built into a
key fob that fits on your existing keychain. No more
bulk and suspicion raising cases!

Borrow a ring , and in the cleanest way you vanish it
at your fingertips - both hands are clearly empty.
Reach into your back pocket and produce your keys -
and their ring is on your key ring!

Wherever you go, Departure goes. Built to withstand heavy use, Departure is a ring flight that can withstand
the CLOSEST scrutiny. It's whisper silent and mega powerful.

On the video instruction CD, Derek Roberts teaches his Shirt Vanish - a way cleverly vanish any ring right under
spectators' noses. You'll also learn a stunning ring and key transpo, which climaxes with their ring appearing your
keychain. The carabiner clip (included) makes attaching the ring absolutely effortless. Plus, it looks much more at
home on your keychain than an old-school jewelers' clasp. Feel free to use your favorite ring flight routine with De-
parture - and if it makes you feel more confident, you can even wear a coat! Includes: Custom engineered Departure
key fob, black anodized carabiner clip, and video instruction CD that teaches everything you need to know. Go
Online to View the Video Demo! (SKU6531) $49.95

                                                Jumbo Chinese Color Changing Coin
                                     New from Joker Magic in Hungary comes a remarkably visual coin effect that is
                                     sure to please any audience. This precision made prop comes complete with a
                                     DVD that teaches two routines.

                                     The Basic Trick…
                                     The magician shows a black Jumbo Chinese coin to the audience. He covers it
                                     for an instant with a jumbo playing card. When he removes the card, the coin has
                                     become red! After he covers it again, it has turned blue!

                                     The Professional Routine…
                                     The magician shows both sides of the black Jumbo Chinese coin that he is hold-
                                     ing in his hand. He rubs the coin held in his has, and both sides of it turn red.
                                     After rubbing it again, both sides of the coin have become blue!

                                     The coin is immediately examinable at the end of either routine! The coin is cus-
                                     tom made to exacting standards and has been built to last a lifetime. Comes
                                     complete with all the necessary components, including a detailed instructional
                                     DVD. Go Online to View the Video Demo! (SKU6498) $59.00

                Harrison Carroll’s Clearly Predictable
         Top working professionals agree, Clearly Predictable is a must own effect…

                                                 "Harrison has made the method much more powerful and clean,
                                                 and the effect is now ten times better! Easy to learn and do, but pro-
                                                 fessional in appearance and impact! Bravo!"
                                                 Whit Haydn

                                                 "Clearly Predictable is impossible! Harrison Carroll has built a work-
                                                 ing prop for pros."
                                                 Giovanni Livera

                                                 “I examine literally hundreds of tricks before I add one to my show.
                                                 This one goes right in! ¡Qué buen truco!”
                                                 Rafael Benatar

                                                 "Harrison Carroll has transformed a prop that was once built for the
                                                 hobbyist’s bookshelf, to a real fooler for the full-time pro performing
                                                 at a corporate venue as well."
                                                 Danny Orleans

“Clearly Predictable is Clearly Extraordinary. It's easy to do and a perfect vehicle for delivering a corporate message
- I love it! I can't wait to use this to tell my corporate clients how they can ‘make their numbers.' I envision so many
presentations using this well designed prop.”
Bill Goldman

“It's obvious that the props and handling were developed by a working pro. The transparent board was a break-
through. Simply stated, Clearly Predictable is a winner. “
Gene Anderson

"CLEARLY PREDICTABLE has been designed by a working pro! The props ooze class and professionalism. Harri-
son has designed the prop to be lightweight and easily packed. It is up to date and certainly makes the working of
the routine easy."
Paul Green

"Provides a clean, quick choice of numbers for three spectators in a manner that makes the addition of the predicted
total visible to all, thus overcoming several technical and theatrical problems inherent in most add up the numbers
predictions. The apparatus provided is well made, suitable for the most fastidious performer, and makes the entire
procedure bafflingly fair. The method is so easy to do that you will be hard pressed to avoid smiling whenever you do
it. I like it!"
Phil Willmarth

“A professional prop made for professionals by a professional. Thanks for releasing one of your pet effects. I still
can't believe you parted with it.”
Scott Wells

“Harrison Carroll has clearly ironed out the wrinkles in presenting a classic prediction effect. It's modern, direct,
amazing, extremely easy to do, involves the audience, packs flat and plays big... I like it!”
Dan Garrett

                          What’s the routine that has all these pros buzzing?
                             It’s Harrison Carroll’s Clearly Predictable!
                                  Keep reading for the full details…..

                     TOLL FREE U.S. ORDER HOTLINE 800-764-2372
When companies like AT&T, Ford Motor Company, IBM, Xerox, Sony, or Sun Microsystems want to attract a
crowd, they turn to Harrison Carroll! Harrison is a seasoned performer from the stable of the legendary
Forks Hotel. He's a highly respected trade show magician who has performed at over 500 trade shows over
25 years. When a working pro like Harrison releases a product - you should take notice!

Here's the effect in brief…

You display a prediction that is left in full view during the entire routine, you could even mail it in if you wanted! You
then display nine individual chips numbered one through nine. Three chips are given to each of three spectators.
The spectator mixes them freely, and then hands you any number to be hung openly on a clear plexi-glass square.
This is repeated with each number and each spectator. All of the choices and mixing is completely free and as open
as could be. The numbers on the square are now openly added to form a four digit total.

          For the first time a spectator opens the prediction and both numbers are a perfect match!

Based on a classic of mentalism and produced with permission, Clearly Predictable is the result of years of real
world performing. Every fine point has been ironed out over countless performances in front of real people. In fact,
this may be the most “road tested” item on the market today! Unlike previous versions, the entire audience clearly
sees where each numbered disk is going, they can clearly follow the addition process, and they will clearly be

Here are just a few important points to remember:

    •   The predication can be different every show.
    •   Most add-a-number routines rely on the spectator or assistant to communicate confirmation to the
        audience. But in Clearly Predictable all steps can be seen and easily followed by all.
    •   The handling is completely open and fair. The move is easy, undetectable, and far superior to the
    •   Great effect for corporate work.
    •   Although it's a mental effect, it can easily fit into any stand-up routine.
    •   This has been made to be as lightweight as possible and breaks down for easy transport.
        Considering that shipping and baggage charges are ever increasing, this is an important feature for
        any working pro!

Clearly Predictable comes complete with everything you need, including:

    •   Dry Erase Marker
    •   Easel
    •   Prediction Envelope
    •   Custom Made Numerical Chips
    •   Custom Made Dry Erase Board
    •   Custom Made Clear Plexi-Glass Number Board
    •   Custom Made Chip Holder
    •   Plastic Accessory Box
    •   PLUS, a detailed CD-ROM for use in either a Mac or PC. The disk has full video performance and ex-
        planation, as well as a 14 page PDF file with additional information and ideas.

A Note from Paul Richards….
“I can’t tell you how excited I was when Harrison said that we would be the exclusive distributors for Clearly Predict-
able. I love this thing! The effect is great, the props are perfect, and Harrison’s ideas and approach are simply the
best I’ve seen. If you are looking for a solid and powerful prediction for your next show...look no further! I can’t rec-
ommend this highly enough.” (SKU6477) $125.00

                  Available ONLY From Elmwood Magic!
                                                             Simon Shaw’s Director's Cut
                                              “I used Director's Cut at a trade show for 3 consecutive days. Not only did
                                              it constantly amaze, but it provided one of the most entertaining routines I
                                              have ever used. It is a winner and should be in the arsenal of every seri-
                                              ous mentalist!” Richard Osterlind

                                              Director's Cut has been getting some serious attention on the under-
                                              ground mentalism scene for well over a year with big names such as
                                                 Richard Osterlind giving his endorsement to it!

                                                     Now you will be able to perform some seriously strong mentalism
                                                     with an interesting and popular premise. Director's Cut is Mental-
                                                    ism in its purest form. It's a whole act in your pocket. If you love the
                                                 idea of using films as part of a routine then the Director's Cut is defi-
                                        nitely for you. It can be used strolling, close-up or even parlor. Once you try it
                         you will never leave home without it.

         No gaffs, no markings, super clean, resets instantly and best of all everything is examinable!

Director's Cut can be used with a range of effects such as Mind reading body language, drawing duplications, re-
mote viewing, predictions and muscle reading, in fact the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Simple to
perform and strong reactions. What more could you ask from a performance? There is plenty of room for fun, drama
and good old fashioned presentation.

So what is Director's Cut? It's a set of 26 movie poster cards that have been perfectly printed in full color and lami-
nated so they should last you a lifetime of performances! You also received a DVD which features Routines, Tips
and Ideas to use with the cards. Go Online to View the Video Demo! (SKU6431) $49.95

                   Check out our partner site at
                  You'll find over 2000 books, DVDs, CDs, and downloads…
                         all waiting to help make you a better magician.

           Rocco’s D’Lightning Bug
A superb addition to the D’lite Family! A small, twinkling red
light takes on a life of its own. D'Lightning Bug is an AMAZ-
ING innovation in floating light magic that anyone can do.

At any time during your act, make a bright light float in your
hands, about your body, up your arm and all around. It looks
so real it seems like it has a life of its own, yet it's under your
control at all times. This versatile device cab be used with
other magic props, like a sponge ball or other small objects.

Create your own light up Zombie magic with D'Lightning Bug and a handkerchief. You can perform the effect close-
up or stage. It’s simple to do, uses no threads, and requires no awkward body attachments. Carry it in your pocket
and be prepared at all times. Go Online to View the Video Demo! (SKU6509) $34.95

                      TOLL FREE U.S. ORDER HOTLINE 800-764-2372
                     Johnson’s Hopping Half
        Our number one pick for the all time best buy in coin magic!

This is a fabulous set of coins that allows you to perform countless miracles. Don’t
confuse this with cheaper low quality versions, there’s no doubt that Johnson’s is
the best!

You openly display a half and an English penny in your hand. One coin is openly placed
in your pocket. A moment later the coin is back in your hand! You place the other coin
away and it too appears back in your hand! The effect is repeated and ultimately both coins
vanish completely! But don't stop there...these incredible coins are capable of hundreds of mind
numbing miracles.

In this effect you receive an Expanded Shell for a Half Dollar, and Expanded Shell for an English Penny, a Sun/
Moon Coin, and the Sun/Moon Shell! Together these coins can be combined to present a mind blowing coin routine
that looks as close to real magic as you can get! A super deal on a fantastic set of coins from Johnson Products!
Go Online to View the Video Demo! (SKU1053) $65.00

                                                      Ian Keable’s Stand-Up -
                                          A Professional Guide to Comedy Magic
                               “This book takes all the guessing out of how to become a complete comedy magician.
                               I am pleased and proud to be included with all these great comic performers!”
                               Michael Finney

                               Stand-Up looks in detail at the performance skills which these, and other top comedy
                               magicians, have used in order to bring them to the top of their profession. Methods
                               which you too can apply to improve your own stand-up act; or indeed make that leap
                               from entertaining a few to an audience of several hundred. Just some of the subjects
                               covered in this step-by-step manual are:

•   Finding your character
•   The underlying techniques of audience participation
•   The crucial difference between "lines" and "jokes"
•   The five ways to S-C-R-A-P all unfunny lines
•   Refining patter with the use of call backs, topping the gag, converting laughter to magic etc
•   Selecting the right assistants and using them correctly
•   Structuring an act
•   Coping with heckling and "dying the death" on stage
•   How to find work and earn a living from Stand-up

288 pages of solid advice, 16 pages of photographs of the world's top stand-ups, hardback with dust jacket - this is a
book you must have if you are serious about being funny with your magic. Features countless insights from the best
in the biz including Mac King, Jeff Hobson, John Carney, David Williamson, The Amazing Jonathan, and more!

Ian Keable is a Member of the Inner Magic Circle. He has won the British Magical Champion of Comedy. He has
made numerous appearances on television with his comedy magic and has worked at the Magic Castle. Ian has
written two books for the general public on magic and was also the first editor of the well-respected OPUS magic
magazine. At present Ian is touring his one man show in the UK called Conjuring Up Comedy, where he is putting
into practice everything which is in this book. (SKU6485) $45.00

                                                   Jason Palter’s The Red Carpet
                                               "I love this! I've never thought of performing mentalism until
                                                     I saw The Red Carpet...GENIUS!" Jeff Hobson

                                  The Red Carpet is entertaining mentalism with an ending that is so startling and
                                  funny, it is sure to bring the house down! This closely guarded routine is now
                                  being released to the public for the first time. We are a society that is obsessed
                                  with celebrities and famous people. Their sometimes fairy-tale stories are published
                                  all over, and many of us seem drawn to these reports. Everywhere we turn there is
                                  some story about someone famous doing something!

You display a large sketch book of celebrity and character illustrations drawn by your friend. No, your friend is not a
stalker - just an admirer of the rich and famous! The book contains 40 different images of famous people and per-
sonalities. An audience member is brought on stage and allowed to randomly select one of the images from the
book. The spectator mentally focuses on their chosen icon. Then, while you are blindfolded by the "Red Car-
pet" (actually a red fabric bag that covers your head to prohibit any peeking!), you actually fail to find the name. After
what appears to be a botched attempt at entertaining and mystifying the crowd with an experiment in telepathy, you
whip off the hood to reveal you have now transformed into the exact likeness of the chosen celebrity. A hilarious
smash climax that will bring the audience to their feet!

The Red Carpet is simple to learn, and is easy to perform. It is a hysterical and astounding commercial mentalism
effect that is perfect for all professionals and hobbyists and the routine has been honed through countless live per-
formances. This is a fresh and brand new approach to mentalism, and the eye-popping routine will play to audiences
of all sizes.

The Red Carpet comes complete with everything you need to perform the full routine, including all props,
gimmicks, the detailed 8 minute audience-tested comedy script, a performance DVD, and live and broadcast
performance rights. The 39 royalty-free images in the book were chosen so that they would be recognized by al-
most anyone from around the world. Here is just a sampling of SOME of the celebrities that you will find in the book:
Albert Einstein, Queen Elizabeth, Elton John, Mick Jagger, Arnold Schwarchenegger, Superman, Mickey Mouse,
Darth Vader, Bruce Lee, John Lennon, Nelson Mandela, Madonna, Princess Diana, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe,
Tom Cruise and Gandhi. In addition, you can be rest assured that an audience of any age will have no doubt in their
mind not only who the revealed icon is, but also that you look exactly like them when the red fabric bag is removed.
Each trick is hand signed, numbered and comes in an authentic metal film-reel canister from the movies! Go Online
to View the Video Demo! (SKU4940) $195.00

Also Available - The Red Carpet, Bonus Feature: With this kit, you will be able to force an additional 3 characters
from your sketchbook! (SKU5636) $110.00

                            Bill Goldman’s Kona
A deck of cards are taken out of the case and held faced up. Cards are cut down until a
selected card is chosen and all the cards are placed back into the case. The box is shut
closed. The magician mentally focuses on the card in the box and makes it disappear
from the deck. The deck is then removed from the box and spread all over to reveal
that the card has indeed disappeared. Amazing! But that's not all, a sealed envelope is
given to the spectator and is instructed to open it. It is the chosen card!

The card can appear from almost anywhere - sealed envelope, lemon, your wallet. It's
only limited by your imagination. The coolest thing about this trick is that the first
person you do it for is yourself! Just follow the instructions on the package and you’ll
be the first person to be fooled! Comes complete with gimmicked deck, envelope, and
instructions. (SKU6347) $24.95

                      TOLL FREE U.S. ORDER HOTLINE 800-764-2372
                                                            Joe Russell’s Tattoo Joe
                                                             How’s this for something different….

                                         Your examined, empty hand gently rubs your naked arm. Suddenly a big
                                         bold tattoo slowly and visibly appears on your skin! Rub your arm again
                                         and the tattoo completely vanishes! And if you feel like it, make a totally
                                         DIFFERENT tattoo appear on your other arm!

                                                         NO CHEMICALS - NO MAKE UP
                                                   NO WET OR STICKY STUFF - INSTANT RESET

                             Here are some other possible effects: A girl blows you a kiss and you catch it on your
                      arm, pull pips off a playing cards and reprint them on your skin, make your phone number
                magically appear for the ladies, produce your client's name or logo, or have a spectator grab your
arm and their finger prints appear in blood! Customize a gimmick with ANY word, picture, or symbol. Works
with just about any skin tone.

Use the same gimmick hundreds of times! Perform surrounded with sleeves rolled up or with short sleeves. It’s in-
credibly easy...if you can rub your arm you can perform Tattoo Joe! Includes enough stuff to create 12 different re-
usable custom tattoos and an instructional dvd. Go Online to View the Video Demo! (SKU6584) $34.95

                    Paul Gertner’s Heartbreaker
Paul Gertner is a name synonymous with great close up magic. His original routines,
like Unshuffled and The Cups and Balls with Steel Ball Bearings have become classics
of magic - leaving experts totally amazed. Now comes a new routine that is destined to
become a Gertner classic!

                    Heartbreaker is a trick they'll never get over.

A heart is drawn on the face of a card. The spectator's initials from are written in the
middle of the heart. And that card is held between the spectator’s hands. A second
heart - a broken heart - is drawn on a different card. The initials of their childhood
sweetheart are written in the middle of the broken heart. their reaction as you magically heal a broken heart from long ago! In an instant, the initials
vanish off the broken heart card and appear alongside the spectator’s on the card held in their hand!

This is a charming and heartwarming routine that is guaranteed to create a real and long lasting memory. Includes
custom Bicycle deck and instructional DVD. Go Online to View the Video Demo! (SKU6368) $29.95

                                       Also new from Paul Gertner…
Unshuffling The Faro Shuffle
A private one on one lesson on how to perform the Holy Grail of card magic - the Faro Shuffle! Includes a detailed
instructional DVD and a Custom Hand Lettered Bicycle Deck for performing UNSHUFFLED! Go Online to View the
Video Demo! (SKU6433) $39.95

Bite Me
A trick you can really sink your teeth into! One of the strangest restorations of a signed card you’ll ever see. In-
cludes custom Bicycle deck and instructional DVD. Not you’re typical card trick, this one is a real eye popper! Go
Online to View the Video Demo! (SKU6433) $34.95

                                                          Adam Rubin’s Your Name Here
                                                Any strolling performer know how hard it can be to interrupt an
                                                audience and begin performing magic. This amazing prop let's
                                                you transform the interruption into entertainment!

                                                Adam Rubin's YOUR NAME HERE is a versatile and practical new
                                                weapon for your close up arsenal. Here's just a sample of what you
                                                can do.....

The strolling magician approaches a group of people. They notice his name tag has been left blank. "No
problem", says the magician and with a wave of his hand his name actually appears printed boldly on the
tag! Or how about this…

You approach a table wearing your name tag. You have a card selected from a deck. You wave your hand
over the tag and your name changes to the name of the selected card! Want more? How about this…

Your name appears on the blank tag and then later the tag vanishes completely, leaving a spectator's signed
card in its place....and this is just the beginning!

YOUR NAME HERE comes complete with everything you need...custom made plastic tags, marker, and a booklet of
a dozen cool routines! Everything is fully reusable, there's nothing to replace, reset takes half a second, and you can
perform the effect at any time in your routine. This is destined to become one of the hottest selling effects in magic.
The tag can appear, change, vanish, and more! If you do close up magic, this may be one of the finest openers you
could ask for. Go Online to View the Video Demo! (SKU29) $19.95

                Superior Hydrostatic Glass
This is without a doubt the best version of Hydrostatic Glass on the
market today! Recently, there has been a rekindled interest in the Hydro-
static Glass effect. And for good reason; the Hydrostatic Glass is an out-
standing trick which garners terrific response from an audience and elicits
wonder, excitement, and mystery.

Many professionals like Bob Sheets and Alan Shaxon use it in their working
repertoire because the effect itself is nothing short of miraculous! The per-
former fills a tall glass with water, milk, wine, or even an ICED BEVERAGE!
Placing a small slip of paper over the mouth of the glass, the performer in-
verts the glass to its upside down position. Miraculously, the liquid remains
inside the glass, apparently being held in place by the slip of paper. Here's
the killer: the performer slowly peels the paper away and the liquid remains
inside the inverted glass!

A spectator is selected to yell out the word "Go!" at any time. Once he does so, the liquid splashes out from within
the glass as if by the spectator's very command!

Perfect for any type of performer whether you are a magician, mentalist, science teacher, children's per-
former, or MC! The Superior Hydrostatic Glass is incredibly well made of real etched glass, measures a full
16 ounce size/weight and is even dishwasher safe, allowing you to use any liquid you like! This is a heavy-
duty, professional quality apparatus that will last you forever!

The Hydrostatic gimmick itself is made from durable Plexiglas, and the entire effect comes complete with detailed
instructions! Don't let this one get away! (SKU2252) $52.00

                     TOLL FREE U.S. ORDER HOTLINE 800-764-2372
                                               Alan Wong’s Magic Doodle Pen
                                Magic Doodle Pen is a new scientific invention that can apply to magic to create lots
                                of new unusual and entertaining visual effects never seen before.

                                Packs so small, yet plays so can perform it anytime, anywhere! You don't
                                need playing cards, no table or close up mat. You don't even have to be wearing
                                clothes! Just carry a Magic Doodle Pen and you are always ready to do some close
                                up miracles!

                                Imagine if you can: Draw a tattoo on your arm and move it to another spot! Draw a
                                coin in your hand and visually turn it into a real coin! Make an image of an airplane
                                or elephant vanish right in your hand! Reveal predictions with no force! Visually
                                transform words and numbers! Perform a nifty version of the Three Shell Game
                                without the shells and the pea - standing up! And More!

This package includes Instruction Manual with routines and TWO Magic Doodle Pens so they will give you lots of fun
and mileage! (SKU6572) $14.95

                 Astor’s Visible Card Frame
An astonishing new device from Astor Magic! Astor Magic from Hungary has
created many amazing marvels in the world of magic. The Astor Epic, As-
tor Mental, Jumbo Mental Jackpot, and No Comment...just to name a few!
The Visible Card Frame is destined to become another Astor classic! This frame
allows for many different effects and routines. Here's just one possibility....

An empty frame is shown. A spectator selects a card and returns it to the deck.
In an instant, a card visibly appears in the frame....but it's not the spectator's
card! No worries...the card is openly slid out of the frame and, with no cover at
all, it transforms into the selection!

Absolutely beautiful to looks like pure magic! This frame can be used to make a card appear, vanish,
switch, or transform! A truly remarkable little device. (SKU6244) $29.95

                                           Bill Goldman’s Monkey In The Middle
                              I was utterly amazed the first time I saw this effect performed and it's still as as-
                              tonishing today as it was then! If you like sandwich effects, then this is for you!

                              A spectator freely selects a card from a completely normal (even borrowed) pack and
                              signs their name across the face to eliminate the possibility of duplicates. The specta-
                              tor's selection is then returned to the pack. The magician sets the deck down and dis-
                              plays two cards from a different deck, which are freely shown then placed on top of the
                              deck face-up. With absolutely no moves whatsoever, spreads the face-up cards. Sand-
                              wiched in between is one face-down card! When the spread is turned over, the
                              sandwiched card is seen to be the spectator's signed selection!

Don't forget these important features: resets easily, straightforward, extremely visual, and it ends with a clean deck!
I can’t stress how insanely clean this looks. It looks like the signed card just appears there! Go Online to View the
Video Demo! (SKU123) $9.95

                                                        Haim Goldenberg’s Cryptext
                                         Double Meaning Never Had a Better Meaning! Here’s just one possible

                                         The Magician senses a strange feeling of familiarity with an audience mem-
                                         ber and asks for their name. The audience member's name is written and
                                         placed onto the stage for everyone to see.

                                         A calculator is taken out and passed around the audience. The Magician
                                         asks the first member with the calculator to input any four digit number that
                                         has meaning to them and then the calculator is passed on. Numbers and
                                         equations are punched into the calculator per each passing member. The
                                         final digit is totaled. The magician pulls out a sealed envelope with a predic-
                                         tion written before the show. The sealed envelope is passed onto a audience
                                         member to verify the envelope is sealed and is asked to read the prediction
                                         out loud. The audience member says a name. The same name as the audi-
                                         ence member previously written on the board!

The last member holding the calculator is introduced onto the stage and is asked to read the number. The
magician asks the audience to turn the board with the audience member's name upside down. It is revealed
to be a perfect match of the number just given!

Cryptext is a custom designed True-Type font with an interesting property. The font allows you to have two
different meanings from one printed prediction - simply by turning it upside down! Type anything you want
and adjust the font size to suit your needs. After installing Cyptext on your computer, you will be able to print off spe-
cial characters quickly and easily. You can even learn to write in this style yourself. This allows you to prepare mes-
sages anywhere, even in front of the audience. It also lends an impromptu feel which is not present with type written
predictions. Comes with Glossy, 20-page Photo-Illustrated, Instruction Booklet and CD. (SKU6455) $29.95

         Paul Richards’ White Bikes
One of our all time best sellers! Often copied WHITE
BIKES is the original trick that started everyone is talking!
Marketed since 1995, it has received great reviews from the
Linking Ring, Dean Dill, Paul Green, and Mike Close....just to
name a few!

You begin by laying a blue backed prediction card face down
on the table. Then you display a red backed deck back and
front. You ask the spectator to give a number of their own
choosing. They now use that number to select a card. The
remainder of the deck is placed off to the side and the predic-
tion is turned over to reveal that it matches the selected card!

But it's not perfect match because the selection has a red back and the prediction is blue. You respond, "No prob-
lem!" and with a snap of your fingers both cards now have blue backs! The audience is certainly impressed,
but you explain that the prediction you can understand, where all the other cards went is another matter... and with
that you turn over the remainder of the deck to reveal all the faces are blank!

A real triple whammy! WHITE BIKES is a very easy effect to perform and the audience response is always strong!
There is no rough and smooth, no complicated moves, no switching of the deck, and it can be a different
selection each time you perform! Manufactured in quality Bicycle card stock. Go Online to View the Video
Demo! (SKU826) $14.95

                      TOLL FREE U.S. ORDER HOTLINE 800-764-2372
                                                         Steven Dick’s One Quart Low
                                         Introducing One Quart Low, one of the funniest comedy interludes and
                                         bits of business to come along in quite some time!

                                         At any point in his act, the magician states that he has been sweating pro-
                                         fusely throughout the show. "I'm a quart low," he says jokingly as he wipes
                                         the sweat from his brow. Taking out a Mazola Corn Oil tin can, he opens it
                                         and begins to drink the golden liquid from within. This brings the house down
                                         as he caps the oil can and moves on with his show as if nothing could be
                                         more natural.

The "liquid" acts and moves as real liquid should, which makes this unique prop all the funnier. Use it in combination
with your "Baking A Cake in a Hat or Shoe" routine or in combination with a dove pan. The comedy possibilities
are endless, and the can does all the work for you.

One possible effect...Popcorn From Hat: A top hat is displayed mouth-down on the magician's table. He turns the hat
mouth-up and drops in a few kernels of un-popped popcorn. He then adds salt from a shaker and an entire quart of
cooking oil! After the contents are stirred and a few magic words are spoken, the hat is turned over and a shower of
popped popcorn pours forth into a bowl, which can be passed to your audience.

Other possible effects...Use One Quart Low to enhance your Dove Pan or cooking routines. Pour the oil into a hat
and place it on a child's head for hilarious results. Keep the can in the kitchen cupboard. When company arrives,
borrow a woman's purse, claiming that you hear the clasp squeak. Offer to lubricate the clasp by apparently pouring
a full quart of oil into the purse! At this price, the cost of oil and laughter couldn't be cheaper! (SKU6332) $28.50

             Craig Petty’s Mirage Coin Set
Craig Petty has been performing coin magic for a long time. Anyone that
has seen his recent DVD releases Flipped Out and Attack of the Bag will
know that his magic is clear, direct, commercial and above all strong. After
years of holding back he is finally releasing Mirage.

Mirage is a revolutionary new coin set which is set to take the magic world by
storm. It has been described as the Swiss Army Knife of coin gimmicks and al-
lows you to perform many new routines which until now have been thought im-
possible. You receive everything you need to start performing straight away in-
cluding the specially machined gimmicks and all the regular coins to match.

Although there are hundreds of routines possible with Mirage we have selected
seven of the best which are performed and explained on the companion DVD. We have tried to include routines
which can be performed in all sorts of conditions from cocktail parties to stage and all points in between. In addition
there is a sleight section which examines all the sleights which are needed. Best of all Craig Petty and master magi-
cian David Penn sit down and discuss the set in depth and look at all its applications. This dvd features over 2
hours of detailed instruction, including:

IRM - Craig's favorite effect for Trade Show's, this routine has it all. An international matrix with a reverse kicker that
you WILL use. The best part? Its really easy! Wild Hanging Coins - The perfect stand up wild coin. Three silver
coins are produced, one by one change into copper and then finally vanish into thin air. This one is pure eye candy.
Impossible Coins Across - Craig's commercial stand up coins across routine. Each phase gets more and more
deceptive until all four coins have jumped from one hand to another. Mirage Box - A true reputation maker which
has to be seen to be believed. Four coins jump into and out of a small brass box with each moment of magic be-
coming more impossible. And much more! Go Online to View the Video Demo! (SKU6425) $189.00

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         Ordering online downloads delivers magic to you digitally!

    A download is like buying a book, dvd, or set of lecture notes but instead
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    mation arrives to you in a matter of hours...not days! We have a great
    assortment of downloads from some of magic’s greatest names including
    Lee Asher, Peter Duffie, Stephen Tucker, Nathan Kranzo, Victor Tra-
    bucco, Jeff Stone, and many more!

    Here’s just a sample what downloads are available:

    Stephen Tucker’s ACAAN Download
    An ingenious approach to Any Card at Any Number from one of the UK’s
    most ingenious creators. Read the full details online…

    Nathan Kranzo’s Bill Plots Download
    All the ideas, routines, management, presentations, and bits Nathan’s
    created with the bill switch. Read the full details online…

    Peter Duffie’s Effortless Card Magic Download
    Seventy five plus amazing effects that are ultra easy! This is one of Duf-
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    Stephen Tucker’s Mind Power Download
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    Scott F. Guinn’s Peanut, Butter, and Jelly Download
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    Victor Trabucco’s Perfect Location Download
    If you're looking for an absolute fooler for almost any audience, then this
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    Jeff Stone’s Stone Cold Magic Download
    This one’s a steal! Nine outstanding effects are described and taught in
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    Jeff Pierce’s The King Has Left the Building With Amnesia Download
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