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					                            Smoothies Sphynx Cattery

This kitten sale contract (herein referred to as a contract) is entered into
on _____________________________________________, between Marion Yates
(seller) and _________________________________________(purchaser).

The Seller agrees to sell, and the Purchaser agrees to buy the following kitten:

Breed: Sphynx Color: ________________________________________________
Sex: ___________ Eye color: __________ DOB ________________________
Sire: _________________________________________________________________
Dam : _________________________________________________________________
This kitten is purchased for: Pet___ Breeding___ Showing___

The price of the kitten is _________ (U.S. funds) and shall be payable in full
prior to shipment of kitten to Purchaser, or at time of pickup (if picking up cat in person)
All shipping shall be paid by Purchaser. The kitten will not be released until it is fully
ready. This timeframe is generally 12-16 weeks after birth. The Seller is not liable for
kittens lost or stolen after acceptance by the airline carrier. It is the responsibility of the
Purchaser to file a claim with the airline carrier if kitten is lost, damaged or delayed
resulting in the mortality of the kitten.

The Purchaser shall provide adequate health care for this kitten, which
minimally includes annual immunization and treatments for internal and
external parasites as required. Competent, licensed Veterinarian care shall be
obtained immediately upon any signs of illness. Under no circumstances shall
said kitten be allowed to roam outdoors. If kitten is purchased as a pet, the kitten will be
sold already neutered or spayed. If purchased with breeding and showing rights, the
purchaser agrees to show the kitten a minimum of once as a kitten and twice as an adult.
If breeding, the purchaser agrees to breed the cat at appropriate age to another Sphynx of
equal or better quality, with no relations within the first three (3) generations on pedigree.
The purchaser must own a registered cattery in good standing. Kitten will come with a
registration slip for TICA.

The Purchaser agrees to keep said kitten for as long as it lives, unless
unforeseen circumstances prevent it. Under no circumstances is this kitten to
be placed in another home without the written consent of Smoothies Sphynx Cattery.
If it becomes necessary for the Purchaser to give up this kitten, the
Purchaser will contact Smoothies Sphynx Cattery, who has the first option to take
the kitten (or cat) back at no charge.

Seller guarantees the health of this kitten for a period of 7 days after
transfer of said kitten to Purchaser. Purchaser agrees to have kitten
examined by a licensed Veterinarian within 48 hours of taking possession of
kitten. Purchaser agrees to notify Seller within 48 hours of any adverse
findings. Purchaser's failure to have kitten examined by a licensed
Veterinarian, or to notify Seller of any adverse findings within 48 hours,
renders this health guarantee void. Purchaser is responsible for all
Veterinarian fees from date of shipping. Kitten will be shipped from Seller
with a Veterinarian's health certificate deeming said kitten healthy. Kitten
will have all shots up to date when shipped. Kitten will also be tested for
FIP/FeLV prior to shipping. This kitten comes from a FIP and FLV free
cattery. All adults at Smoothies Sphynx Cattery have been tested for HCM and all
tested negative. Adults are tested annually.

Deposit for a kitten is $200.00 and is non-refundable unless Seller cannot
supply sold kitten. Kitten will be shipped at 16 weeks of
age (weather permitting).

Purchaser's signature indicates full agreement and approval of all the terms
and conditions of this contract. This document is a legal and binding
contract. The laws of the state of Ohio shall be controlling.

Signature of Purchaser            Date

Street Address

City       State    Zip          Phone

Signature of Seller

Marion S. Yates
Smoothies Sphynx Cattery
394 Hobart Drive, Pickerington Ohio 43147

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