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                 Re:    _________________________Association, Inc.

Dear Resident:

       As a resident of _________________, your real property is subject to Restrictive
Covenants (the "Covenants") which were filed with the ______________ County Recorder.
Pursuant to the Covenants, the Developer, ____________________ ("______________"),
formed the _________________________Association, Inc. (the "Association") for some of the
following purposes:

       (1)       Enforcement of the Covenants;

       (2)       To provide for care and maintenance of the common areas within the Subdivision,
                 such as the streetlights, streetsigns, entrance and landscaping; and

       (3)       Adoption of regulations which promote and maintain the quality of life within the
                 Subdivision, for the protection of your significant investment in the Subdivision.

       Pursuant to the Covenants, every homeowner is automatically a member of the
Association by virtue of their ownership of a Lot within the Subdivision.

       This letter is to inform you that the Developer intends to turn over operation of the
Association to the Owners on ___________________. The purpose of this letter is to provide
you with advance notice of the scheduling of an Organizational Meeting concerning turn over of
the Association. The meeting will be held at ________________________________ on
_____________, ___ 20___ at __ __.m.

        The Organizational Meeting will also include the election of _________(_) residents of
__________________ to the Board of Directors who will serve as the initial Directors of the
Association for the Owners. In that regard, I am enclosing a Nomination Form to complete
should you desire to nominate any residents as Directors. If so, I would ask that you please
complete the Nomination Form and forward it to our office in the enclosed envelope.
Additionally, we are also enclosing an R.S.V.P. form. I would ask that you please complete and
return this form to our office indicating whether you will attend the meeting.

      I would ask that all Nomination Forms be returned to our office no later than
__________________, 20___.


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