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       Re:     ________________________________________________

Dear (use either “Resident”; or, the persons name “or Resident”):

         __________________________________, the successor developer to
_________________________________, has formed a homeowners’ association for the
_________________________________________. In the near future, _______________ plans
to relinquish control of the homeowners’ association to the residents of your neighborhood. To
assist transition of the homeowners’ association to resident control, ______________ has
scheduled an informational meeting for ______________, 20__ at ______ p.m., to be held in the
__________________________ located at ______________________________.

        The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss transition of the homeowners’ association
to you and your neighbors and to address any and all outstanding issues within your
neighborhood. Representatives of _______________ and legal counsel for ____________ will
be present to conduct the meeting, address outstanding issues and answer your questions.
Further, ________________ is aware of several violations of the Restrictions for the
____________________. Those on-going violations and our planned enforcement of the
Restrictions will be discussed at this meeting. It is our hope that this informational meeting will
improve the organizational process and ease the transition to resident control and administration
of your neighborhood.

        The homeowners’ association has been formed for your neighborhood for the following
purposes: (i) enforcement of the Restrictions; (ii) to provide for care and maintenance of
common areas within the neighborhood, such as the community building, walkways, entrance
signs and landscaping; and, (iii) adoption of regulations which promote and maintain the quality
of life within your neighborhood while protecting your significant investment in the
neighborhood. Again, pursuant to the Restrictions, every homeowner within the
_________________________ is automatically a member of the homeowner’s association by
virtue of their ownership of real property within the neighborhood.

        Please make every effort to attend the meeting since the discussion will play significant
roles in the future of your homeowners’ association. Please R.S.V.P. for this important meeting
by contacting __________________________ of _______________ at (____) ____________,
ext. _______. Thank you in advance for your participation.


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