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                             Photo Wedding Invitation Personalized to your Request

       By Sarah Porter,
       Dated: Dec 04, 2008

       With a photo wedding invites that's not the case because no one else is going to be sending out a card
       bearing your photo. Since you probably want your wedding to be remembered well for years to come by
       your friends and family

       Photo Wedding Invitation Personalized to your Request

        Most couples want something special for their wedding invitations but so much has already been done in
       terms of these types of cards that such a goal can be difficult. One way is by choosing to send photo
       wedding invitations, Not
       only do friends and family members love these creative cards, but they are some of the most creative
       options and can be customized in any way you want. Here are some good reasons to choose wedding photo

       A Few Good Reasons to Use Photo Wedding Cards, http://

        Typically, formal invitations are kind of boring and don't have much in the way of creativity. Even when
       couples try to add embellishments, they just can't make them that unique from other invitations sent before
       theirs. With a photo wedding invites that's not the case because no one else is going to be sending out a card
       bearing your photo. Since you probably want your wedding to be remembered well for years to come by
       your friends and family, sending out these very memorable cards can help you achieve that goal.

        The wedding picture that you use can also make the invitation a great keepsake for family members who
       receive it. Some people who have received this type of card have been known to frame them, add them to
       scrapbooks, and hold onto them for years because of the sentimental emotions it brings up. That's
       something you won't do as much with a traditional invitation.

        Choosing the Best Picture Invitations

        To create your wedding photo invitation, http://
       htm you want to start by deciding on the right photo. Since this is going to be your wedding personalized
       card, you can choose almost anything you want. However, there are some ideas that couples tend to
       gravitate to more than others. For example, many couples choose to use their engagement photos - the one
       they used to publish in the newspaper when they broke the big news all those months ago. That can be a
       good choice but since so many people have already seen that picture you might want another option.

        You could also use a regular shot of the two of you together for your photo wedding invitation, http:// If you have a picture of the two of you at prom, on your first
       date, at a party or anything similar, these can be great choices. The best ones are those from early in your
       relationship because they will have the most nostalgia related to them. Your recipients will truly love them.

        However, family members seem to love one idea for the wedding invitation, http:// more than any other: childhood pictures. You could find a
       childhood photo of both of you and have them both used on your invitation. That way all of your family

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members who receive the cards can see how far the two of you have come. It's an adorable idea for the
cards and works especially well if you want to carry that theme on at the reception with a slide show of
other old photos.

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