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             Election Ballots are a Snap
             Create a Ballot:
STEP #1      Select Scantron BALLOT FORM
             Form No. 115-B
             Form No. 100-B
             Form No. 151-B

STEP #2      Create an instruction sheet informing the voter which number on the ballot corresponds to a candidate’s name. For
             example, the instruction sheet would tell the voter to bubble #1 to vote for Sonya Hopp. Bubble in #5 to vote for
             Karen Wright.

                  President                     Vice-President
                  1) Sonya Hopp                 4) Ryan Gold
                  2) Nathan Good                5) Karen Wright
                  3) Taylor Johnson             6) Helen Lee

STEP #3      Pass out the instruction sheet and ballot form to the voters.

             Tally Ballots:
STEP #1      Select the method to TALLY (count votes) the ballots:

             A. If using a Model 888P or 888P+ use Tally Form No. 9871 to tally the ballots for the election.

             B. If using a Model 888MP, use your LED readout on the machine to tally ballots.

STEP #2      Create a BALLOT KEY

             A. Use a single BLANK ballot form, identical to the ballot forms being used by the voters. Fill in the “5” bubble at the
             top of the ballot (directly above each column with the thick black lines) – both front and back if applicable.

             B. Fill in the “3” bubble if you need to serialize your ballots. This is required if you anticipate receiving more than
             999 ballots because the machine can only tally a maximum of 999 ballots. To process additional ballots, turn the
             machine off, and repeat the same process used for the first batch of ballots.

             C. Fill in the “%” bubble if results are needed in a percentage format.

STEP #3      Turn the machine “ON”.

STEP #4      Process the BALLOT KEY.

STEP #5      Process the BALLOT FORMS. If using a two-sided ballot form, make certain to pass side #1 of the form first,
             immediately followed by side # 2.

             Note: the machine is only capable of tallying a maximum of 999 ballots. If 999 have been processed, STOP!
             Do NOT process any more ballots. Do NOT turn off the machine.

STEP #6      If the machine is an 888P or an 888P+, the last step to get the results of your election is to process a single
             Tally Form No. 9871.

STEP #7      If the machine is an 888MP, a tally form is not required. Simply depress the button next to the LED readout to see the
             results of your election. By pushing the button once, you can see how many people voted in the election. Push it again
             to see how many votes candidate #1 received; push it again to see how many votes candidate #2 received etc.

STEP #8      If there are more than 999 ballots, repeat steps 6-11.


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