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					Girls And Fashion Dress Up Games
One of the most fast growing Internet fads of the moment is playing flash games in your computer. There are literally hundreds of sites with flash
games that offer an amazing range of games. Some of them are fast and exiting, with cars running or guns shooting, others require you to think
thoroughly, allocate resources, place units, and develop a strategy to win. The plots of these games range from the simple to the complex, and from
the silly to the cute.

Some are simple and each game lasts only a few minutes, while others take an hour or two to complete just one game. The graphics of these games
are very well done and they can be really addiction. Compared to dullness of work, who wouldnt want to play a small adventure? And you can always
minimize it if your boss is around.

Flash games are growing in popularity and the industry is growing by the moment. They have some advantages over other type of videogames. The
most important one is that theyre free. With video games for computers and consoles reaching prices of up to $60, thats definitely an advantage that is
not to be overlooked.

And really, if you have a family and children, do you really have the time it takes to install, load and play through a 4 hour game? Finding a flash game
is as easy as reading your e-mail, takes a couple of minutes to install and you can play it for a few minutes at a time, during the day, without moving
from your computer.

The production of a flash game is easier than that of a computer or console video game. There are hundreds of programmers out there that compete
to show their creativity, imagination and skills to the world. In addition, writers and cartoonists also get a chance to try out their work with these games.

There are several sites where all these people get together to discuss ideas, sell their services and develop games. Since there are many themes, lets
take for example one of them that most people tend to overlook, dress up games with virtual dolls for girls. Most people then to think these games are
simple, boring and meant for girls. However, consider the following.

All of these dress up games were designed by adults that had a sense of fashion and style. They also have to have good programming skills that allow
them to develop a software program that lets the user move objects and place them to any desired position on the screen. In addition, they need to
have drawing skills that are good enough as to let them create characters, bodies, faces, clothing, accessories, shoes, rooms, environments, etc. If
you think about it, these games are the result of a group of people, rather than an individual. Since most of them dont get paid, they must be really into
dress up games. So, as you can see, they arent meant only for little girls. Just try dress up games- you and your children will like them.

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