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									FAct: they only contain a very small amount
      of mercury

       CFLs contain just a few milligrams of              For more information on clean up
       mercury, about the size of the tip of a
                                                          and disposal of cFLs see the Ministry

       ball-point pen. A typical body temperature
       thermometer contains around 0.5 grams1             for the Environment’s website at
       of mercury – that’s over 100 times more  
       than a CFL!

FAct: cFLs are a more environmentally-
                                                                                                  light bulbs
      friendly option than old-style light bulbs
       Despite the presence of mercury, energy
       saving lamps are still the environmentally
       friendly option.
                                                            Light bulbs that use
       Mercury vapour from the burning of fossil            less energy: a covered
       fuels is the largest source of environmental         cFL (LEFt) and a new
       and human mercury contamination.                     generation halogen
       Widespread use of CFLs reduces energy                incandescent (RIGHt).
                                                            Both are efficient.
       consumption, and can therefore reduce
       mercury released into the atmosphere.

FAct: they’re low-risk, even if broken
       Although mercury is a toxin, the small
       amount in a single CFL should not put you
       at risk, even if it’s broken – just follow the
       Ministry for the Environment’s guidelines
       on their website for safe clean-up.

FAct: there are ways to dispose of them safely
       The Ministry for the Environment is working
       with the lighting industry to develop further
       initiatives around safe disposal or recycling.
       Ask your local electrical contractor or
       lighting supplier if they provide a drop-off
       service for CFLs. Alternatively, ask your
       local council if they operate a drop-off
       service, such as an annual hazardous waste
       collection. Not all areas will have a service.
       A final option is to wrap it in newspaper
                                                                                                  the facts
       and dispose with your household rubbish.         September 2008

           US Environmental Protection Agency
FAct: Old-style light bulbs are really inefficient               find the right light                                      compact fluorescent
       Only 5% of the energy used in a traditional
       incandescent light bulb makes light – the other                                                                     lamps (cfls)
                                                                 compact Fluorescent Lamps
       95% just makes heat.                                                                                                They’re the most well-known type of efficient light
                                                                 Use up to 80% less electricity than old-style bulbs and
                                                                                                                           bulb – so here are the facts.
                                                                 can last 8-10 times as long. Some new ones can be
FAct: Old-style light bulbs will be replaced by
                                                                 used with dimmers.                                        FAct: cFLs are not all spiral-shaped – there’s
      more efficient bulbs
       The least efficient light bulbs will begin to be phased                                                                   a huge range of choice
       off the market from November 2009 as new, more                                                                              CFLs come in many different shapes, including
       efficient technologies become available.                                                                                    candles and more traditional shaped bulbs,
                                                                                                                                   which can be used in a wide range of fittings.
       This means that common pear-shaped old-style
                                                                                                                                   Some of the newer ones can even be used in
       incandescent light bulbs under 150W will likely
                                                                                                                                   dimmers and down lights.
       disappear from November 2009. Other types of
       incandescent light bulb are unlikely to be affected
       until late 2010, and nothing will be phased out
                                                                                                                           FAct: cFLs have a range of colour options
       until there are good alternatives available.                                                                                There’s a range of colours, including warm
                                                                                                                                   white (the same as standard light bulb colour)
       With the new range of efficient light bulb choices                                                                          and cool white (cooler colour, good for above
       coming onto the market you may not even notice            New generation halogen incandescent bulbs                         work benches).
       the difference – except to your power bills!
                                                                                                       Use around 30%
                                                                                                       less electricity    FAct: Some discolouration or smells are normal
FAct: You don’t have to use cFLs
                                                                                                       than old-style            at the end of a cFL’s life
       Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) are the most
                                                                                                       bulbs and last              Unlike incandescent bulbs, CFLs contain
       well-known and most efficient light bulb choice
                                                                                                       twice as long.              complex electronic circuitry so sometimes
       right now – but they’re not the only option.
                                                                                                       Can be used                 they behave quite differently when they reach
                                                                                                       with dimmers.               the end of their lives.
FAct: New generation halogen incandescents
      are now available                                                                                                            These things are normal and are not
                                                                                                                                   considered a fire or safety hazard:
       These new incandescent light bulbs – which look
       like old-style incandescents and don’t contain                                                                               •	 A distinctive odour or a small amount of
       mercury – use around 30% less electricity, last           Old style incandescent bulbs                                          smoke coming from the base of the bulb.
       twice as long and can be used with dimmers.
                                                                                                       Very inefficient.            • Discolouration (browning) or slight charring
       They’re already stocked in some shops and
                                                                                                       Only 5% of the                 (blackening) of the base of the bulb.
       should be widely available by November 2009.
                                                                                                       energy they use
                                                                                                                                    • The plastic of the base deforming or
                                                                                                       makes light.
FAct: Efficient light bulbs may cost a little more                                                                                    opening slightly.
      to buy, but they’re cheaper to run                                                                                           The bases of CFLs are made from fire retardant
       For example, replacing your four most-used                                                                                  plastic which is designed to cope with these things.
       bulbs with CFLs can save around $50 per year
                                                                                                                                   If any of these things happen it’s time to replace
       in energy costs.
                                                                                                                                   the bulb – switch the light off, let it cool down,
       You can often buy energy efficient light bulbs                                                                              and remove it. If your bulb is losing brightness
       for less due to Electricity Commission subsidies                                                                            or starting to flicker it’s also time to replace it.
       – visit to find out                           For more information visit:
       what’s available now.                                       

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