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W W W. N O B L E - H O M E . N E T
Sample page from our Assembly Handbook

Each Noble Home is professionally designed to meet your specific needs and building site. Using your site information such as photographs and plot plan, your wish list of spaces, and budget, we will conduct the following services for you: - Prepare a house design for your review. - Revise the design as necessary to meet your needs. - Supply you with construction drawings and an Assembly Handbook to aquire necessary building permits and illustrate, step by step, how to put your kit house together. - Manufacture your house kit based on your design and deliver it to you. - Be available by phone and email for help during construction.

The owner is responsible for all foundation, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, interior finishes and cabinetwork according to the Noble Home drawings.

Noble Homes are easy to build, non-toxic house kits. They are comprised pre-cut structural elements, insulation panels, and other building materials which can easily be handled and assembled by a small crew into finished house shells. Construction drawings and illustrated guides are provided with the kit to aid the homeowner or builder to assemble the house. Typical materials in the Noble Home kit include: - Lightweight insulated structural wall panels - Exposed solid wood rafters and posts - Exposed (on interior) wood roof decking - Lightweight insulated roof panels - Siding - Roofing - Doors and windows - Interior partitions - Wood Trim

“Boy. what a difference a day makes! The Thermasteel is complete, the collar ties are on, and they’ve even started on the rafters. I couldn’t wait to get out there today.” - Noble Home owner

Each Noble Home is professionally designed by experienced residential designers. The Noble Home is not a cookie cutter design like other prefabs on the market. NOBLE HOMES ARE DESIGNED TO MEET ANY BUDGET. Whether low-cost or luxury, a Noble Home can be designed to match every persons needs and desires. NOBLE HOMES ARE SITE SPECIFIC. Each building site requires different housing solutions in order that an owner feels a connection to their land and the house remains energy efficient.


The Noble Home kit was designed by JASONOAH Ltd., a custom design-build company specializing in natural, appropriate homes. Noble Homes meet a few basic goals outlined by JASONOAH during their research and development:

Noble Homes are affordable, despite their high quality construction. The costs of a complete Noble Home service and kit of materials starts at $45 per square foot. A completed home could be built for less than $100 per square foot by an owner-builder or start at $120 per square foot by a hired contractor (These costs vary depending on your local labor costs.) Affordability is acquired through two means: NOBLE HOMES REQUIRE LESS LABOR. Noble Home takes advantage of pre-manufactured building materials in standard sizes which require little cutting or modification, and many finish materials such as trim are pre-milled for quick installation. NOBLE HOMES CAN BE OWNER-BUILT. Noble Homes can be built by owners which means financial savings and sweat equity investment. This is possible due to the simplicity of the building system and the step by step illustrated assembly handbook provided.


NOBLE HOMES ARE WELL DESIGNED. Most manufactured and modular housing is comprised of boxed-in rooms with little connection to each other and to the outdoors. This is not by manufacturing necessity, but rather purely by tradition. Everyone deserves to and can have inspiring, light filled spaces to live and work in with a strong connection to nature. NOBLE HOMES ADDRESS ENVIRONMENTAL INJUSTICE. Poorer segments of our population statistically live in unhealthy environmental conditions. Affordable housing is typically placed near contaminated land or polluted areas near highways and industry. Also, low quality building materials off-gas harmful chemicals and contribute to poor indoor air quality. Noble Homes contribute positively to indoor air quality. NOBLE HOMES ARE HIGH QUALITY INVESTMENTS. Reducing the cost of housing should not be by way of low-cost materials, but rather a better use of labor. The construction, therefore, needs to be simple and straightforward, thereby reducing possible construction errors by the typical owner-builder. A house that is energy efficient and easy to maintain increases long term value.


The housing industry is a large contributor to resource depletion and greenhouse gas pollution. NOBLE HOMES ARE ENERGY EFFICIENT. Wall and roof panels are EPS filled lightguage steel framing and have superior insulation qualities that are completely thermally broken. The standard wall system is R26 and ceiling system is R40. NOBLE HOMES CAN UTILIZE ALTERNATIVE ENERGIES. Designs can be passively or actively solar heated and can be earth bermed. JASONOAH Ltd. Is currently designing an innovative, low-cost radiant floor heating system for use in Noble Homes. NOBLE HOMES REDUCE CONSTRUCTION WASTE. Building components utilize standard sized panel materials and lumber which corresponds with the 4’ building unit system. A Noble Home is a breath of fresh air when it comes to indoor living. NOBLE HOME KITS INCLUDE SOLID WOOD COMPONENTS. Plywood, OSB, and other engineered lumber includes toxic glues and won't typically be found in the Noble Home kit. All structural timbers and trim are comprised of local solid wood. NOBLE HOME USES NATURAL PRODUCTS. Most of your material choices consist of solid woods; compressed straw panels; sheet metal; and aluminum doors and windows. We can also help you locate other healthy building materials to finish your house such as cabinets, casework, finishes, etc.


Exploded view of typical Noble Home construction

Conventional "stick-built" construction requires highly skilled labor and leads to high costs and sometimes costly errors. NOBLE HOMES ARE COMPRISED OF FEW ELEMENTS. The house kit is comprised of a minimum of elements which are either precut or require a minimum of cutting to install. Therefore, Noble Homes can be built quickly with semi-skilled labor. A small building crew can assemble the kit in about 3-4 weeks. NOBLE HOME BUILDING ELEMENTS ARE LIGHTWEIGHT. All of the building materials and panels can easily be carried by one or two people without the use of mechanization such as cranes.



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