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					                                                                             Paint Shop Pro Workshop – Activity Handout

EDU3130 – Paint Shop Pro Workshop
In this workshop we will introduce different concepts and utilities in Paint Shop Pro 7 by composing a digital
Christmas card. Through the activities, you will learn:
            The Paint Shop Pro Workspace
            File operations in PSP
            Various built-in effects
            The layer concepts
            Picture tubes and their usage
            Text manipulation

You will be given the following materials:
1. An activity handout
2. Activity materials, which can be downloaded from the course web page, which includes:
      -    A picture tube installation program (holiday.exe)
      -    Image of a undecorated Christmas tree (tree.psp)
      -    A sample picture, in case you have not brought your own picture

Getting Started
There are 5 separate activities in this workshop:
Activity 1
Activity 1 will show you a variety of Paint Shop Pro built-in image effects. During this activity, you will
modify your own image. You will also learn the concepts of image size and canvas.
Activity 2
Activity 2 will show you how to manipulate on the texture and color. You will build the background layer of
your card. Through this activity, you can also learn the layering concept.
Activity 3
This is a very interested activity! In this activity, you will be given an undecorated Christmas tree and you
are required to use your talent in art and add the beautiful accessories onto the Christmas tree. You can learn
the Picture Tubes utilities.
Activity 4
In this activity, you will create the text that shown on the Christmas card. Through making them as 3D Gold
characters, you will learn the different concepts in colors and text edition.
Activity 5
Finally, you will put everything together.

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                                                                           Paint Shop Pro Workshop – Activity Handout

Activity Guides
The steps in each of the activities are listed in the followings. Detailed instructions are not given here and
you are encouraged to refer to the Paint Shop Pro 7 User Menu for more information.

Activity 1 – Modify Your Own Image
In this activity, you are required to modify your own image using the PSP effect utilities. You will also need
to resize the image size. Follow the steps below:
1. Open your image from PSP.
2. Modify the image using the Effect tools. (You can preview your image from the Effect Browser)
3. Save the image as .psp file

Activity 2 – Place the Image on a Card
In this activity, you will add the image onto a paper card. You will use the image obtained from Activity 1.
1. Create a new image (which is used as the background) with the following settings:
      -    appropriate width and height size (which leaves 1 inch (=72 pixel) in each of the borders)
      -    background color: red (recommended)
      -    leaving other settings unchanged and click OK
2. Select the image obtained in Activity 1, copy it and paste it on the background as a new layer.
3. Open the layer palette. Now you can see there are two layers in your image.
4. On the layer palette, click on the background layer.
5. Using the Selection tool, select a rectangle in the middle of the background layer. Open the Selection
     tool’s tool option and set the value of feather as 12 pixels
6. Select the Flood Fill tool. Set the foreground color as white and click on the center of the image once.
7. Use the Magic Wand to dip on the border of the image.
8. Choose Effects           Texture and modify the texture of the card.

Activity 3 – Decorate the Christmas Tree
In this activity, you will be given an empty Christmas tree and some accessories. To decorate the tree,
following the steps below:
1. Download the tree.jpg file and open it in Paint Shop Pro.
2. Download the Picture Tubes holiday.exe and install it by running holiday.exe.
3. On the empty Christmas tree, add the accessories using the Picture Tube tool:
      -    Open the Picture Tube Tool Option
      -    Select the accessories you like and adjust the size
      -    Add the accessories by dipping on the tree. You can always use Ctrl-Z to undo the addition
4. When you have finish decorating the tree, save the image.

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                                                                                 Paint Shop Pro Workshop – Activity Handout

Activity 4 – Write the Greetings
In this activity, you will create the greeting texts for your card. To make the card more attractive, we will
make the characters as 3D gold text. Simply follow the steps below:
1. Open a new image. Enter the following settings:
      -    16.7 million colors
      -    transparent background
      -    same size as the image you obtained in Activity 2
2. Choose a light gray as the foreground color (e.g. Red: 200, Blue: 200, Green: 200)
3. Enter the text on the image with the font you like and appropriate size
4. Select Selections          Modify      Feather and enter 7 as the parameter
5. Choose white as the foreground color and select Effects           Artistic     Hot Wax Coating
6. Select Colors         Adjust       Brightness/Contrast and enter Brightness - 15%, Contrast 50% and click OK
7. Select Effects           3D Effect       Drop Shadow and make a shadow of the image according to your
8. Change the text into Golden color. To do this, select Colors          Adjust       Red/Green/Blue and enter Red:
     60%, Green: 35%, Blue: 0% and click OK.

Activity 5 – Put Everything Together
Let’s put everything together and finish our product:
1. Open the card you obtained in Activity 2
2. Select the Christmas tree you obtained in Activity 3 and paste it on the card using Paste As Transparent
     Selection. Adjust the position when necessary.
3. Select the texts you created in Activity 4 and paste it on the card as a new layer. Adjust the position when
4. Export the image using Export            JPEG Optimizer

It’s done! You can send me the card if you like ☺

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