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               Oral Conscious Sedation Most Often Used Technique for Sedation Dentistry

       By The Wealthy Dentist
       Dated: Mar 31, 2008

       Dental patients with dental anxiety have a wide range of sedation dentistry options, reveals a recent
       Wealthy Dentist survey. Most dentists offer services such as nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, or full

       Sedation dentistry was the topic of a recent survey by dental marketing resource The Wealthy Dentist.
       When dentists were asked dentists about the highest level of sedation dentistry they offer to their patients,
       responses were across the board. Some offer full anesthesia; others offer oral conscious sedation (OCS);
       others offer no sedation services.

        Many see sedation as the future of dentistry, providing benefits to patients and doctors alike. "It makes the
       patient feel more comfortable and easier to work on and that makes my day a whole lot better," commented
       an Indiana dentist. "Sedation is not used often enough in dentistry," agreed a New York dentist.

        Patients with dental anxiety find sedation dentistry a good way to avoid dental phobias. "It's surprising how
       many apprehensive patients avoid the dentist until they're in pain. It is a great service to the public,"
       commented a Texas dentist. "It's unfortunate that the full spectrum of anesthesia is not available
       everywhere and that many dentists are afraid to utilize these anesthesia services even when available,"
       agreed another.

        Of course, not all dentists have jumped on the sleep dentistry bandwagon. "Although sedation seems like a
       nice thing to have available for your patients, the reality is that it is a real pain to provide!" said a Nevada
       dentist. "My favorite method of sedation is someone who is able to take just local anesthesia."

        The average sedation dentist sees it as a marketing edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace. "I
       would lose over half my practice without dental sedation," said an Arkansas dentist. "Sedation dentistry is
       an excellent benefit and marketing tool," agreed a Michigan cosmetic dentist.

       Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, is the next step beyond Novocaine. "Nitrous sedation is
       my favorite because of total reversibility," said a California dentist.

        Oral conscious sedation has many supporters in the dental community. "This is absolutely one of the most
       rewarding services I have every added to my practice in my 30 years. It's rewarding on both a financial and
       an emotional level. With OCS I am able to convert dental cripples into dental missionaries," enthused a
       Georgia dentist.

        IV sedation is a favorite of many sedation dentists. "I think the profession is missing the boat concerning
       IV Sedation....I wouldn't work without it. Three cases this morning. This is my 40th year using IV," said
       one general dentist. A Massachusetts prosthodontist agreed, saying, "IV sedation is the platinum of sedation
       without side effects."

        Some dental practitioners worry about safety. "I don't agree with the use of dental sedation," declared a
       Florida dentist. "Only highly skilled and educated dentists should use these mechanisms. This usage
       requires that all dentists who chose to use such treatments undergo, at the least, a dental anesthesia
       residency," commented a New York oral surgeon.

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PRLog.Org - Global Press Release Distribution

 "Patients with dental anxiety need to realize that dental sedation is the answer to their dental phobia," said
Jim Du Molin, dental management consultant and founder of dental website The Wealthy Dentist. "How
bad can dental work be when you get to snooze through the whole thing?"

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