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                                                                                    July 24, 2007
            “Nintendo Wii Points Pre-Paid Card” on Sale at all Affiliated Stores

Company           Telepark Corp.                            Listing: Tokyo Stock Exchange,
name:                                                       First Section
Stock code:       3738                                      URL:
Representative:   Shigenori Miyazaki, President & CEO
Contact:          Shigenobu Owada, General Manager, Tel: +81-(0) 3-5804-7060
                  Corporate Planning & Strategy Dept.

Telepark Corporation, (Head Office: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shigenori
Miyazaki) as part of it’s newly launched PIN * settlement business, will release for sale of “Wii
Points Pre-paid Card” issued by Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kyoto City, Kyoto, Director
and President, Satoru Iwata) from August 6, 2007 (Monday) at all affiliated convenience stores
throughout Japan including Circle K Sunkus Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President:
Motohiko Nakamura), Daily Yamazaki Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chiba Pref., Ichikawa City,
President: Makoto Tajima) and MiniStop Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President:
Hiroshi Yokoo).

“Wii Points Pre-paid Card” is used for “Wii Points” necessary to make online payments on the
“Wii Shopping Channel” through the Nintendo Wii game console.
The “Wii Shopping Channel”, currently divided into two main menus, the virtual console, (for
the download and sale of older gaming software for previously released consoles) and "Wii
Ware",(for the download). Both of them have been already widely used and are expected to
further expand their services in the future.

Through the expansion of attractive consumer products in it’s new PIN settlement business
including the sale of “Wii Points Pre-paid Card”, Telepark intends to provide the convenience of
being able to readily purchase such products at participating convenience stores while also
bringing to the market improved services that meets consumer expectations.

*Personal Identification Number: An individual password entered by the user when accessing
the service (Digits)

<Product Outline>
Product Name                          Price               Date & Time of Release
Wii Points Pre-paid Card 1000         1,000 yen           August 6, 2007 (Monday) 10:00am
Wii Points Prepaid Card 2000          2,000 yen           August 6, 2007 (Monday) 10:00am
Wii Points Pre-paid Card 3000         3,000 yen           August 6, 2007 (Monday) 10:00am
*This does not involve the sale of existing prepaid cards, but the sale of Wii Points
Pre-paid Cards printed onto a receipt at participating convenience stores.

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