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									         November 3, 2008

                                                            Q. When you played in Europe your
An interview with:                                  last tournament you had a problem with your
                                                    knee if I remember right. What did you do to
                                                    feel better, and how do you feel right now?
   SERENA WILLIAMS                                          SERENA WILLIAMS:          Well, I've just
                                                    been working every day since then. I feel great
                                                    now. Hopefully, I'll continue to feel well for a
                                                    while. Just end the year on a positive note.
        THE MODERATOR: Good afternoon,
now joining us we have the world No. 3 ranked                Q. We know Jelena's going to finish
player, Serena Williams.      She has a 43-7        the year No. 1, but who is the player of the
win/loss record this year. She won three straight   year?
tournaments in the spring. Her best run since                SERENA WILLIAMS: Well, that's a good
2003. She claimed her ninth Grand Slam title at     question. I don't know if you go by slams or by
the U.S. Open. In doubles she won her ninth         tournaments won. I think both of them have to
Grand Slam doubles title at Wimbledon, and her      be factored in. Ana got finals and won a slam as
second Olympic gold with her sister, Venus.         well as I did. I think she won a few tournaments.
Returning to the No. 1 ranking in September, five   I don't know, it also goes a little bit on
years and one month after she last held it,         consistency. I've been pretty consistent this
breaking the previous record held by Andre          year, so I don't know. I just know I'm excited to
Agassi. Making her fifth appearance at the Sony     be playing and competing.
Ericsson Championships, I introduce Serena
Williams. Questions in English only, please.                Q.    If you played a couple more
                                                    tournaments, it might be you?
       Q. Can you put this tournament in                    SERENA WILLIAMS: Yeah, it might be.
perspective of the whole year and how               But like I said, I'm excited to be doing well in
important it is for you and for tennis, given       general and competing. Is this a tennis court?
what you've achieved this year?
       SERENA WILLIAMS: Well, I would love                  Q. You've been to the championships
to do well here. This would be a great time to      and you've come close to winning a couple of
end the year winning the end of the year            times. Where does this rank as far as a
championships.                                      career goal since you've won pretty much
                                                    everything else, it's the only thing that's
        Q. How does it compare with say a           allude eluded you so far?
Grand Slam or becoming No. 1, for instance?                 SERENA WILLIAMS: I would love to win
Does it have an importance which you might          here. It would be great. I haven't won here in a
rank along with that?                               couple of years, so that will be really nice.
        SERENA WILLIAMS:           Well, every      Where does it rank? I mean, it's up there. I
tournament has its ups and this is the              need the money (laughing).
tournament that the WTA puts on and offers the
most prize money for women, so, obviously, it is           Q. I think Larry Scott suggested that
extremely important. Ever since I was younger, I    one of the significant factors about this
always wanted to have a chance to win the           tournament was that top level women are
championship, so hopefully, this will be another    appearing in a part of the world and allowing
one of my years.                                    women to aspire to achieve more than they
                                                    do in other parts of the globe. Is that

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something you feel yourself and have you at          the United States that just hasn't gotten the
any time been able to see or meet with Qatari        attention yet.
women?                                                        But I don't know, maybe they should just
        SERENA WILLIAMS: I have not been             have somebody in the inner city programs and
able to meet many women here, and I can't sit        just develop some inner city kids.
here and comment on exactly the hardships of
the female that happens in Qatar. I've heard                 Q. Do you think the USTA hasn't
some things I should say, rather, of females that    reached out enough?
happens in the Middle East.                                  SERENA WILLIAMS: I don't know. I
        But seeing what our country is going         can't answer that.
through right now having an opportunity to have
a female as a vice president, and having an                    Q. Do you think that the academy is
opportunity to have a female as a president,         the way to go in the U.S.? You guys spent a
obviously myself for once, not for once, but have    little bit of time in the academies and played a
always been supporter of the betterment of           lot of junior tennis?
women in general.                                              SERENA WILLIAMS: I think the best
        So I would like to just continue to see it   way to go in tennis is to have the support of a
grow around the globe. Where would we be             parental unit. And if you look at pretty much
without women?                                       every player that's been No. 1 or ranked No. 1 in
                                                     the past like Steffi Graff and Monica Seles, all
        Q. Where would you put your own              these great players, have had some sort of really
fitness at the moment and your level of              strong parental unit behind them.
confidence?                                                    I think that that takes so much dedication
        SERENA WILLIAMS: I'm really fit right        that only your parents can give you. I think that's
now, so I'm feeling really good.                     the best way to do it.

        Q. And confident?                                   Q. To find out the quality of the top
        SERENA WILLIAMS: Confidence? I               players, each one has a different quality. Are
have a lot of confidence right now. I've been        you able to say to us the fault of each one?
playing well, so. I just think it's going to boil    The biggest fault of Serena Williams is which
down to who can just do best at the right points.    one on the court?
                                                            SERENA WILLIAMS: The biggest fault?
         Q. A couple of weeks ago I went to
your website and I saw a very funny picture                 Q. Yeah, fault?
of you doing some surfing in Hawaii. Was                    SERENA WILLIAMS: I'm not telling you.
that the first time?                                 You have.
         SERENA WILLIAMS: No, I used to be a
surfer, and it started interfering with my career            Q. You have no fault?
because I kept wiping out and getting injured, so.           SERENA WILLIAMS: I'm not telling you
I used to surf all the time when I was like 15 and   my faults. Maybe one day in 20 years.
16 and 17, so, yeah. It was like riding a bike
though. It came right back to me.                            Q. I've heard discussions about the
                                                     road map are still going on here today. Is it
        Q. You've been in the top of the game        possible for you to talk about the road map
a long time. But can you look beyond the two         and the way it's been presented so far and
of you at U.S. players, it's a little bit bleak. I   what you feel is best for you in terms of the
mean, Lindsay Davenport's in the Top 40, and         scheduling issues next year? Is it possible to
she's 32, a mother. No one else under 23 in          talk about that?
the top 100. So USTA is making big changes,                  SERENA WILLIAMS: Well, I think the
you know, Patrick McEnroe came in to head            road map is working out. You know, it's such a
up league development. What do you think             big change for the tour because we've had so
needs to be done? Why is there no one                many for so long we've had these tournaments.
coming up after you guys?                            Now we have some more tournaments that are
        SERENA WILLIAMS: I don't know. I             going to be bigger and really going to promote
can't answer that. I think Venus and I set a good    women's tennis.     Now the players have to
example for a lot of players. Maybe there is         support those tournaments.
someone coming up that we don't know about in

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         So the road map actually works out
perfect for me, because I don't have to compete
with players playing 32 tournaments a year. It's
more logical.

         Q. So you welcome in the way it's
been presented so far?
         SERENA WILLIAMS: There are some --
it hasn't completely been ironed out so to say.
And you have to expect some kinks in a new
product. Like when you're delivering anything
new, there are going to be some kinks that have
to be worked out. Those kinks, hopefully, are
going to be worked out and hopefully they can be
worked out.

         Q. What are the other factors that
might influence the amount that you yourself
might participate next year with these
issues? Are there any other issues that will
affect how many tournaments you play?
         SERENA WILLIAMS: Well, I don't know.
Like I said, there's a lot of things that need to be
worked out to make sure that I'm a very fair
person. I think every player should be happy.
It's impossible to make everyone happy. But for
the most part, you have to make at least the top
players that are driving the road map, you need
to definitely make sure everyone agrees to all the
         I think there are some things that aren't
quite working out that I have a little question
about, and hopefully they'll be able to be worked

      Q. Given your close to the end of
your career, what do you most want to
change in the time you have left in the game?
      SERENA WILLIAMS: I didn't hear you.

          Q. What do you most want to achieve
in the time that you have left in tennis?
          SERENA WILLIAMS: I don't know. I've
so much I want to do. So hopefully I'll keep
doing it.

        Q. No particular title or record that's
driving you?
        SERENA WILLIAMS: Well, I don't think I
can necessarily catch up with Martina
Navratilova so I kind of gave up on that one
years ago, so...

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