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					Fishing Boats
Fishing is a popular water-based recreational activity and is ranked
among America's top ten recreational activities. Fishing boats play a
vital role in fishing and provide easy access to get out onto the water.
It allows the angler to cover a larger fishing area.
One can choose from a wide range of fishing boats available in the
market. The choice ranges from canoes to powerful cabin cruisers or
yachts. Based on the type of fishing boat, the prices vary considerably.
All-purpose fishing boats, bass boats, aluminum fishing boats, bay
fishing boats, center-console fishing boats, flats boats, offshore sport
fishing boats, deck fishing boats, pontoon fishing boats and outboard
motors are some of the different types available.
Each boat has its own characteristics and is selected based on the
purpose of fishing and where it will be used. The small, light weight
bass boats are used for both recreational and tournament fishing. Center-
console boats allow anglers to fish from any place on deck. For fishing
in freshwater rivers, lakes and streams, freshwater fishing boats are the
right choice. Offshore saltwater boats are used for saltwater fishing
involving huge fish and heavy tackle.
A variety of fishing boats are exhibited in boat shows and fishing shows.
Purchase options are provided at these shows that display famous fishing
boat manufacturers like Albin Marine, American Boat Manufacturing, Inc.,
Angler Boat Corporation, Caravelle Boats, Cobia Fishing and Sport Boats,
Duckworth Boat Company, Dusky Marine, Inc., and Fountain Powerboats,
Godfrey Marine, Osprey Boat Company and Pro-Line Fishing Boats.
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