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									            COLLEGE FAMILY FEUD
Presenting “College Family Feud”. An elimination tournament that can
handle up to eight teams of five to ten players each.

What was the perfect event for companies looking for alternatives to golf
tournaments, fun runs and the like is coming to a campus near you

The tournament would consist of head to head elimination rounds of the
classic game show contest “Family Feud“.

Depending on the number of participants and the length of time your
company wants the tournament to last, games can be single round, best
of three or best of five.

Just in case an explanation is needed, here’s how the game is played…

It’s really quite simple…

The teams, assembled either by department, random draws or
individual choice, face off against each other by answering the, by now,
universally known “Family Feud” type survey questions.

For Example...

-- Name a food most often cooked in a microwave.


            1. Leftovers

            2. Popcorn

            3. Soup

            4. Frozen meals

            5. Melting butter

            -- Name a piece of furniture you might need help moving

            1. Sofa/couch

            2. Desk

            3. Bed/Mattress

            4. Piano

            5. Entertainment Center

Unlike the TV game, teams don’t play for accumulated points based on
the number of responses. Instead, each round is played by first having a
face off.

A survey question is given to one selected representative of each team.
(The representatives change with each new round.) The player whose
guess is closest to the number one answer, wins the face off for his or
her team.

The side that wins the face off gets the choice to either pass or play.
Once it’s determined who plays, the team that is playing (let’s call them
team A) must get all the listed answers in the survey before they get
three X’s for incorrect guesses. (Or less if time is a factor) If they sweep,
they win the round, if they don‘t, the other team (team B) can steal the
round by correctly guessing a remaining answer. If they fail to do that,
then team A wins the round.

Each winning team then advances to the next round until the final round
sees the remaining two teams battle it out for organization wide
bragging rights. Oh, and a prize of some sort. Either cash or a
sponsored gift. That is up to the company.

Hosted by veteran comedian Lawrence Morgenstern, the pace is fast
and hilarious. Lawrence interviews each contestant and will always
have a good natured tweak for anyone whose guess is a little off kilter.
(Especially if it’s the boss)

Lawrence, a Gemini nominated writer who has contributed material to
Saturday Night Live and This hour has 22 minutes, is also available
before the tournament to work with your school’s event coordinator
creating humorous, one of a kind survey questions that can only be
answered by your students.
“Name the frat with the wildest parties.”

“Name the professor with the loudest ties.”

That sort of thing. Poking good natured fun while staying politically
correct and never being mean spirited.

Lawrence also starts the proceedings with a few remarks and an
explanation of the game.

The appeal of College Family Feud is that everyone takes turns being a
participant and being a spectator. While, at any given time a handful of
students are playing, the majority of their peers are relaxing, enjoying a
drink and watching the fun unfold.

Entertaining and compelling, the evening never lags as the thrill of
competition keeps people’s attention tuned to the action. Some
tournaments have gone over TWO HOURS with NO ONE leaving the

Also, College Family Feud tournaments are an excellent oppourtunity to
raise money for charity, or cross promote campus corporate
sponsorships. Beer, fast food certificates, stationary supplies, ipods, or
just about anything you can arrange to be given as swag can be used
as prizes for our tourney winners.

For more information on how you can bring this unique event to your
company party, function or fundraiser, please contact…

Stacey Gibbs

Yuk Yuks Corporate Entertainment Division

45 Charles St East, Suite 402

Toronto Ontario M4Y-1S2

(416) 967-6431 extension 225

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