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					Free Cell Phones Facts
If you want to know what the best cell phone deals and cheap cell phone plans are, and who offers the best coverage and reception services then you
are in the right place. Start your research right here! Comparison shopping for cell phones has never been easy but the Internet is making it easier and
easier to find exactly the right cell phone and cell phone service for your needs.

Modern cell phone users have lots of feature choices including camera and video recorders, Bluetooth wireless, MP3 players, voice activated dialing, 2
way communication, SMS, Internet access, and even email. The hottest phones today include the the Apple iPhone, Palm, Razr and Smartphone
PDAs like the Treo and Blackberry.

Many free cell phone offers include free shipping and calling plans with free night and weekend minutes, free long distance and nationwide long
distance as well as free roaming. Select a calling plan for your free cell phone that has the basic features you need and use like free voice mail, call
waiting, caller ID, 3 way conference calling, and cusomizable ringtones. Cell phones come in many different varieties and sizes including flip and bar
phones, PDA and smartphones, camera and video phones, MP3 and GPS phones. These phones are available from the more popular cell phone
manufacturers like Apple, LG, Kyocera, Sanyo, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, Palm, Panasonic, RIM, Audiovox, Hitachi and for the kids, Firefly.
Choosing a new cell phone or refurbished cell phone with the features you is just as important as choosing the right carrier.

Naturally, "free" cell phones aren't really free and you'll end up paying for the cell phone over the lifetime of your cellular contract. Even so, free cell
phones can save you a lot of money and let you start cell phone service for little or no money down. Most of these free cell phone offers are found
online as online agents have less overhead to support then regular brick and mortar stores. Shopping for a free cell phone online can save you a lot of
money but you will have to wait a few days before you get your cell phone. The calling plans offered by every cell phone retailer are exactly the same
but sometimes there are additional plan features that only one type of dealer can offer so it pays to shop around before deciding on where you buy
your cell phone and not just taking the first offer you see.

Not all cell phone providers use the same cellular technology and there are pros and cons for each network. Analog networks will work with older, but
in some cases more reliable, basic phones while the newer digital networks allow you to use all the latest bells and whistles even if you never use
them. The coverage area of the different networks will also vary with the more advanced digital networks usually found in more populated areas. This
also means that you won't be able to roam in a network that has different technology than your handset. However, no matter what cell phone network
you choose to use, there is always going to be a low cost or free cell phone offer that will work for you. Many of these free cell phone offers even
include no credit card or no credit check applications and come with free accessory kits that include everything you need to use you cell phone. Many
times these accessory kits will include just a basic wall charger but other times may include car chargers, headsets and leather cases. These
accessory kits can be huge money saver for you considering that you would probably just end up buying them anyway.

GSM: Short for Global System for Mobile Communications, GSM is the most widespread standard for cell phones networks in the world. If you're a
jetsetter who likes keeping in touch during your far-flung travels, you should go with a GSM-enabled phone, and here in the U.S., AT&T and T-Mobile
are both GSM carriers. CDMA: Short for Code Division Multiple Access, CDMA originally came from the military and all calls are actually scrambled
with 64-bit encryption. Verizon, Sprint and AllTell use CDMA here in the US and these networks include the high speed digital access that many
premium customers desire. As these networks use different technolgies, phones from one network will not work on a different network and this could
be a problem for people who travel frequently.

Pre-paid plans or pay as you go service has some advantages over regular monthly billing plans. Primarily, they are easy to monitor and have no
monthly service fees so you don't pay for what you don't use. However, the rates are generally much higher than they are phone regular plans so you'll
pay more over the long term. And if you are looking for the latest technology in cell phones, you won't find it in prepaid plans as the carriers usually
offer only older cell phones that don't have the latest bells and whistles or even standard things like text messages or customizable ring tones. This is
because the carriers make their money from the monthly service fees and aren't looking to give you a great deal with a pre-paid cell phone plan that
doesn't make them very much money. If you are trying to decide between regular monthly service and pre-paid cell phone service, experts say that
pre-paid cell phone service will generally cost you more in the long run.

Tired of using an old cell phone model? If your original service contract has expired and you are paying on a month by month basis, then contact your
carrier and see what deals they have on new cell phones or free cell phones. If you don't like what they are offering, consider switching your carrier.
You can easily port over your old phone number to your new cell phone so your friends won't have to update their address books and you'll never miss
a call. Want to add a line to your account for your spouse or child? Again, be sure to check with your carrier to find out what deal they are offering you.
Most carriers will bend over backward to give you a good deal for fear that they might lose you to a competitor.
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