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					Website Manual                                                        Department of Chemistry

                           Department of Chemistry
                            Website Usage Manual
About this Manual
Designed to introduce the reader to the UGA Department of Chemistry website, this manual
provides a brief overview; websites are meant to be explored and that detailed exploration is
left to the reader. This manual offers an introduction to the site architecture and content and
provides leading examples of the kind of information available from the site.
The website is both hierarchical and hyperlinked. In this manual, to provide easy access to any
level of the site, we will use the following shorthand: | Departmental Operations | Faculty Teaching Assignments | Search
This indicates first the URL to reach the home page of the website (underlined), then delimited
by the vertical lines are links to be selected (by mouse click). Carrying out the above sequence
of links actually takes the browser to the specific URL:
and sometimes the actual URL will be used to reference pages in the site.
Home Page                

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Website Manual                                                               Department of Chemistry

The website is designed for easy navigation through the hierarchy. Main sections of the site
are defined on the nine bullets on the homepage (graphic above). Clicking on one of these
takes the browser to the main page of that section, all of which have a standard look with a fast
way home (photo in upper left corner) and easy one-click access to any of the other main
sections (button stack below photo on left margin). Most interior pages, no matter how deep in
the hierarchy, have this standard way of jumping back to the homepage or to the main page of
any major section.

Main page for ACADEMIC PROGRAMS section, showing the HOME photo (the Chemistry Annex) in upper left corner
which takes the browser back to the homepage, and the stack of mouseover buttons below it that take the
browser directly to the main page of those sections (the EVENTS CALENDAR section is highlighted).

Much of the information in the website is contained in a set of searchable relational databases.
The format for the display of information from these databases differs slightly from that shown
above, yet there is always a short path for navigating back to the top of the hierarchy.
The central database used on the website is a directory of personnel, including contact
information, photos, research interests, etc., and accessed by choosing the PEOPLE navigation
bar, either on the homepage or in the left margin of an interior page. Following the set of links:

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Website Manual                                                          Department of Chemistry

                 | People | Faculty

On these interior database pages, the top title bar is a link back to the major section (PEOPLE in
this case), and the DATABASE HOME bar is a link back to the front page of this database. (In this
particular database, a DATABASE HOME bar also floats at the bottom of the browser window for
easy access.) The front pages of every database have the standard set of left margin buttons
for linking to other major sections or the homepage.
The row of A DMIN , S EARCH , and DATABASE H OME buttons are repeated at the bottom of the
tabular display in each database. These provide access to the records and fields in the
database. S EARCH allows intelligent Boolean searches of the database, while A DMIN allows
editing and adding/deleting records to/from the database (this usually requires special access
If these navigational tools are not sufficient to find what you need on the website, the final
major section bar provides a S ITE M AP and a SEARCH facility for the entire website. The SITE
MAP (next page) provides direct links to every page in the site. The search shown on the next
page generates the following set of links:

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Website Manual            Department of Chemistry

                 Page 4               rev 2003.08.13
Website Manual                                                       Department of Chemistry

Major Sections
Here are brief descriptions of the other major sections of the Department of Chemistry website.
More detail can be obtained by browsing the sections on the web.

This directory of information about personnel in the Department provides a comprehensive
database of Department personnel. Once a record has been set up for a new employee, using
her/his UGA MyID, each employee is required to maintain and update the contact information,
             Name (lastname, firstname, middle initial)
             Work Phone
             Home Phone
             Research Interests
Use the ADMIN button near the top of the PEOPLE main page and login with your MyID to edit
your directory record. Check your directory record often to make sure that it contains updated

This page provides access to the research programs and facilities of the Department as well
as related research programs on campus. On the main page of this major section are the
following pages:
   •   Faculty Research Interests
   •   Undergraduate Research Opportunities
   •   Research Instrumentation
   •   Research Support Facilities
   •   Safety in the Chemical Laboratory
   •   Research Centers and Related Programs
   •   Chemistry Graduate Students Electronic Theses & Dissertations (must be at UGA IP)
For beginning graduate students, a good place to start would be Faculty Research Interests.
Also useful are the Research Instrumentation, Research Support Facilities, and Research
Centers and Related Programs pages. More details about faculty research interests can be
found by going to a particular faculty record in the PEOPLE database and using the URL link.

                                           Page 5                                  rev 2003.08.13
Website Manual                                                       Department of Chemistry

Here is where you find information about our undergraduate and graduate programs and
curricula. Links on the main page provide access to (you get to second level pages by
selecting the first level link):
   •   Mission Statement
   •   Undergraduate Program in Chemistry
       •   Application for Admission
       •   Undergraduate Course Catalog
       •   Student Career Placement Tool
       •   Course Grade Distribution ("The Key")
       •   Advising
       •   Undergraduate Degree Requirements:
           • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (B.S. Chem)
           • Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
       •   Example Program of Study
       •   Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities
       •   Undergraduate Internships
       •   Chemistry Learning Center
       •   WebCT: Chemistry Courses on the Web
       •   Chemistry Club
   •   Graduate Program in Chemistry
       •   Student Career Placement Tool
       •   Graduate Course Catalog
       •   Graduate Student Handbook
       •   Chemistry Graduate Student Organization
       •   Teaching Assistant Resources
   •   Instructional Resources
       •   Chemistry Learning Center
       •   WebCT: Chemistry Courses on the Web
       •   Teaching Assistant Resources
       •   Media-Enhanced Classrooms
       •   Office of Instructional Support and Development
       •   UCNS Computer Services Sites

This is the main section with the most information about what goes on in the Department. It
contains an organizational chart for the front-office staff and their job descriptions, the
Department Annual Reports and By-Laws, electronic forms, and access to databases on
course evaluations, faculty teaching assignments, and graduate students. Some of the
database information is sensitive and thus is restricted to certain people or groups of people.
Many of the day-to-day operations of the department administration takes place through this
website area.
   •   Student Career Placement Tool
   •   Department of Chemistry Annual Reports
   •   Department of Chemistry By-Laws
   •   Department of Chemistry Grievance/Appeals Procedures
   •   Department Organizational Chart (with Job Descriptions)

                                                   Page 6                          rev 2003.08.13
Website Manual                                                     Department of Chemistry

   •   Department Committee Assignments
   •   Faculty Teaching Assignments
   •   TA Assignments
   •   TA Application/Nomination
   •   Fill TA Evaluations
   •   Read TA Evaluations
   •   Course Evaluations
   •   Graduate Student Database
   •   Graduate Recruiting and Admissions Tool
   •   Faculty Recruiting Tool
   •   Electronic Forms
   •   DoC Website Training Manuals

In this section, lists of seminars, both within the Department and in related departments on
campus are available. Also, conferences, meetings, and symposia, either hosted by UGA or of
interest to Department personnel are posted. The Chemistry seminar listing is contained in a
searchable database and also provides a listserve that automatically distributes next week's
seminar listing to all subscribers each Thursday.
   •   Seminars and Colloquia:
       •   Hosted by Chemistry
       • Outside Chemistry
   •   Conferences, Symposia, and Meetings:
       •   Hosted by UGA
       • Outside UGA
   •   Other Events

                                          Page 7                                 rev 2003.08.13
Website Manual                                                                      Department of Chemistry

This section is designed to provide information for visitors so that they can physically visit the
Department of Chemistry at UGA. Maps and directions are provided, along with some other
information about the community.
   •   Tours and Maps
       •   Photo Tour of UGA
       •   Map of Local Athens Roads
       •   Campus Map Highlighting Chemistry Building
       •   UGA Visitor Information
   •   How to Get Here
       •   Driving Directions, Shuttle Service, etc.
       • MapQuest: City-to-City Directions
   •   More About Athens
       •   Flagpole Magazine and Guide to Athens
       •   Island Athens

In this section, we maintain links to other Chemistry-related web resources, including journals,
chemistry websites, library resources, etc.
   •   ChemCenter
       Central ACS site with access to journals (ChemPort), events, databases, job postings, CAS (STN
       Easy), etc.
   •   ACS Publications
       UGA access to full text of articles in most ACS journals
   •   ChemWeb
       Commercial site with library of journals, databases, job postings, meetings/conferences, etc.
   •   BioMedNet
       Commercial site with access to Evaluated Medline, SwissProt, BioMedLink, etc.
   •   GIL
       Card catalog of the UGA Libraries
   •   GALILEO
       GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online provides access to Current Contents, BioSIS, Medline, IDEAL, etc.
   •   Web of Science
       ISI searchable citation database

                                                                                                   (see page 4)

                                                       Page 8                                          rev 2003.08.13
Website Manual                                                         Department of Chemistry

A brief introduction to the relational databases that form much of the information content on the
website may be helpful. We will simply provide and describe the main page of each database.

The first five shorthand search buttons simply provide subsets of personnel, organized by
position. The 'Help' button links to a page with instructions for use of the database. The
'Committees' button provides a list of faculty committee members and the holders of various
positions in the Department (Head, Associate Head, Graduate Coordinator, Undergraduate
Coordinator, etc.). These positions are dynamically linked to other pages in the website so that
changes in the holder of a position or member of a committee will automatically update for
each reference. The 'UGA Directory' links to the campus searchable personnel directory which
is the best way to find contact information for a person on campus outside the Department.
The 'DoC Access' link leads to a page of emergency and Department contact information,
including a set of dynamic email distribution lists for specific subgroups of Department

                                            Page 9                                   rev 2003.08.13
Website Manual                                                         Department of Chemistry

The Courses database doubles as a dynamic course catalog, providing a comprehensive set
of course descriptions, and as a course schedule and teaching assignment list. It is reached
through | Departmental Operations | Faculty Teaching Assignments.
The first three buttons on this main page generate subsets or all Chemistry courses, along with
course descriptions. The next three buttons take the browser to a search page where a given
instructor, course, or term can be specified to conduct a search of the database. (More
complicated Boolean searches can be performed by using the SEARCH button at the top.) The
'Daily Schedule' button formats a summary of course times for courses in a selected term, day
by day (a daily calendar of courses).

Accessed from | Departmental Operations | Graduate Student
Database, this database is restricted to faculty access. The first button displays all current
students, while the next four select particular classes of students (by degree objective, current
year, current TAs). The 'Post Grads' button accesses a separate database containing students
who have graduated. The SEARCH button allows very sophisticated searching of this database.

                                            Page 10                                  rev 2003.08.13
Website Manual                                                         Department of Chemistry

This database is also restricted to faculty access. It is at |
Departmental Operations | Graduate Student Recruiting Tool. Every graduate applicant has a
record in this database, in which is stored biographical data, transcripts, letters of
recommendation, and votes of the Graduate Recruiting and Admissions Committee members
on acceptability of candidates. Committee members can dynamically review applicants without
physically meeting, and this streamlines the decision-making (which is handled through the
'Cmte Vote' button). The Graduate Coordinator makes electronic recommendations to the
Head, who can review all details of the application and make electronic decisions. All this can
happen, no matter what the geographical location of the faculty involved. All faculty in the
Department can monitor the recruiting season by accessing this database. The 'Statistics'
button provides a quick summary of the status of all applicants. The top seven buttons simply
provide shortcut searches for commonly accessed subsets of the database records.

All seminars associated with the Department are listed in this database. This includes
Department Colloquia, Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, Physical seminars, Metalloenzyme
Colloquia, and all special lectures and seminars. The buttons allow easy shortcut access to
subsets of seminars and more complicated searches (or searches for a given speaker) make
use of the SEARCH button. All graduate student seminars are also listed in this database. All
speakers can provide full graphical abstracts to be linked to their seminar listing. Use one of
these buttons to get a listing of seminars. At the bottom of the list are instructions for how to
subscribe to the seminar listserve, Chemistry This Week.
Uses of the Website
Here are some examples of information that can be obtained from the website. For the
citations, the has been assumed and only the links from the
homepage are provided. Links in [brackets] are buttons.
•   What is CHEM 3211? (1xxx – 4xxx are undergraduate, 5xxx – 8xxx are graduate)
    A CADEMIC P ROGRAMS | Undergraduate Program in Chemistry | Undergraduate Course
    DEPARTMENTAL O PERATIONS | Faculty Teaching Assignments | [SEARCH] | (choose CHEM
    3211 from the Course dropdown menu) | (choose one of the records from the table) | (click
    the Description link after the course field)
•   Who is teaching CHEM 4500 in Fall 2000?

                                            Page 11                                  rev 2003.08.13
Website Manual                                                       Department of Chemistry

    DEPARTMENTAL OPERATIONS | Faculty Teaching Assignments | [Undergraduate] | (find Fall
    2000 listed under the course description for the instructor name or names)
    DEPARTMENTAL O PERATIONS | Faculty Teaching Assignments | [SEARCH] | (choose CHEM
    4500 from the Course dropdown menu) | (choose Term from the sort dropdown and click
    [SORT BY]) | (find all listings for Fall 1999 and check Instructor column)
•   Who has taught CHEM 8940 lately?
    D EPARTMENTAL O PERATIONS | Faculty Teaching Assignments | [Graduate]            (this also
    provides who has taught the course recently)
•   Who is in R. A. Scott's group?
    PEOPLE | [SEARCH] | (choose Scott,R from the Group dropdown menu) | [Search Directory]
•   Who is Peggy Norman's faculty supervisor?
    PEOPLE | [Committees] | Secretary C (Peggy Norman is listed under this title)
    D EPARTMENTAL O PERATIONS | Department Organizational Chart | (click on Secretary
    positions until Peggy Norman shows up, then click on that Faculty Supervisor position)
•   Who is the Chair of the Instructional Instrumentation Committee?
    PEOPLE | [Committees] (look on bottom half of display of Positions & Committees)
    P EOPLE | [SEARCH] | (choose Instructional Instrumentation from the Committee dropdown
    menu) | [Seach Directory]
•   When and where is the next national ACS meeting?
    CHEMISTRY WEB RESOURCES | ChemCenter | Explore Conferences; ACS National, etc.
    EVENTS CALENDAR | Conferences, Symposia, and Meetings: Outside UGA | ACS Meetings
•   Is there a Department Colloquium next week?
    EVENTS CALENDAR | Seminars and Colloquia: Hosted by Chemistry | [Next Week]
    E VENTS C ALENDAR | Seminars and Colloquia: Hosted by Chemistry | [SEARCH ] | (select
    Department Colloquium from Type dropdown menu; select desired dates)
•   What was the name of the seminar speaker last semester that talked about scanning force
    E VENTS C ALENDAR | Seminars and Colloquia: Hosted by Chemistry | [SEARCH ] | (enter
    microscopy into the Title like field) | [Search]
•   How do I browse the Table of Contents of the latest issue of Biochemistry?
    C HEMISTRY W EB R ESOURCES | ACS Publications | Biochemistry | [BROWSE Table of
    Contents (TOCs)
•   How many graduate applications have been received so far?
    DEPARTMENTAL OPERATIONS | Graduate Student Recruiting Tool | (log in; this is restricted to
    faculty) | [Statistics]

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Website Manual             Department of Chemistry

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