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									                   Arbonne Opportunity Talking Points
The purpose of this document is to provide a guide to help you better facilitate and
communicate the incredible opportunity that Arbonne International has to offer. Please
know that this is simply a guideline to follow, we want each time you present to be
unique with your own personal touch without changing the meaning of the slides. Thank
you to all of those who helped put this incredible tool together. It is amazing what we
can accomplish when we work together as a team! You’re the best!

Slide#2 Arbonne Income Disclaimer:

           ♦ This is not a job and there is no income guarantee. It is a home based
      business where, if you apply yourself, you have the chance to achieve unlimited
      additional income.
           ♦ At this time please take a moment and read this income disclaimer
           ♦ Let them know that anyone can access a full copy of the Internet
      Consultant Compensation Summary (ICCS) which includes the income disclaimer
      on the Arbonne website.
Now let’s get started!

Slide#3 Our Mission:

          ♦ As Independent Consultants of Arbonne International, we consider it our
       mission to educate, ignite, and inspire others to make healthier choices for
       themselves and their families while at the same time achieving financial freedom.
          ♦ We feel this business truly helps others live a better more fulfilled life.
       For us, building an Arbonne business has been life changing and we believe
       Arbonne can be a life changing business for you as well.
          ♦ Let me ask you… “What if…

Slide#4 What if:

           ♦ What if you could have additional income?
           ♦ Would additional income make a difference in your life? ?
           ♦ What if you could have more time with your family? Would you be
       willing to work 10-20 extra hours per week to get that time?
           ♦ How about the flexibility to work from home and be your own boss?
           ♦ Last but not least do you have a plan to achieve financial freedom?
           ♦ What does it mean to you? …..

Slide#5 Financial Freedom:

          ♦ Define Financial Freedom:
               “We believe that the best place to learn Financial Freedom is from
               someone who has already achieved it. We found a definition of

Shannon Johnson                                                                       1
Independent Consultant, Executive National Vice President                  January 2006
                  financial freedom in Robert Kiyosaki’s best selling book “Rich Dad
                  Poor Dad”. “If you and your spouse quite your jobs today how many
                  months forward could you go in your current lifestyle? If you can go
                  two years you are two years financially free, if it is two months you
                  are two months financially free and if you can go two minutes then
                  you are two minutes financially free.”

           ♦ “In other words if you can stop trading your time for your money most
       likely you have reached financial freedom. Now that you know what it means, do
       you have it? If not, what is your plan? How are you going to get it?”

Slide#6 Choose the right Company:

           ♦ “Here are four key business facts that need to be considered when looking
       at building a network in direct sales.
           ♦ Your business must have cutting edge consumable products.
           ♦ The timing and trends in our society are a factor.
           ♦ There must be a large expanding target market and lastly,
           ♦ It must have the ability to leverage both time and money

Slide#7 One Company Stands Out Above The Rest:

           ♦ “We believe one company, Arbonne International, stands out above the
       rest and addresses all four key business factors. So let’s examine the first key…”

Slide#8 Cutting Edge, Consumable Products:

           ♦ Arbonne formulates and manufactures approximately 350 consumable
       products in six major categories. This includes anti- aging skin care, personal
       care, aromatherapy, cosmetics, weight management, nutrition and wellness.
       According to the Direct Sales Association (DSA) there are other direct sales
       companies that have become very large companies focusing on just one of the 6
       categories. We believe we have a huge opportunity today because Arbonne chose
       to develop multiple product lines that get results. Ask yourself, “What makes
       Arbonne’s products so different?”

Slide#9 The Arbonne Difference:

           ♦ All of Arbonne’s products are formulated in Switzerland and made in the
       USA. AIRD, Arbonne Institute of Research and Development in Switzerland is
       run by one of the worlds leading cosmetic chemists Pierre Bottiglieri.
           ♦ Botanically based proprietary formulations
           ♦ PH Correct
           ♦ Hypoallergenic
           ♦ Never tested on animals
           ♦ Formulated without mineral oil
Shannon Johnson                                                                        2
Independent Consultant, Executive National Vice President                   January 2006
           ♦ Formulated without animal products or by-products
           ♦ Formulated without dyes or chemical fragrances
           ♦ Read Chemical Fragrance statement
           ♦ Formulated with the latest delivery system, Nanosphere Technology.
           ♦ Now that we have covered how Arbonne products are cutting edge and
       consumable lets consider the second important key in business… timing and

Slide#10 Timing and Trends in our Society:
          ♦ What do we mean by timing and trends? Every decade something big
       comes along, in the 70’s it was the microwave, in the 80’s it was the VCR, in the
       90’s it was the personal computer, this decade according to Industry experts, it is
       Health, Wellness and Anti-Aging. Let’s look at the Wellness Industry.

Slide#11 Wellness Industry:
           ♦ According to leading economist Paul Zane Pilzer the Wellness Industry is
       a three hundred billion dollar industry headed to a trillion dollar industry.
           ♦ According to Pilzer, “It is important to be positioned in front of the great
       wave of growth anticipated in the Health and Wellness Industry?
           ♦ Who is fueling this incredible growth? It is the baby boomers.

Slide#12 Baby Boomers:
           ♦ There are 76 million baby boomers in the U.S. and one billion worlds
       wide. We have more than 500,000 consultants in Arbonne and growing every
       month with another record breaking year ahead of us. We have not even begun
       to tap the market in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, currently open in
           ♦ Why do we want our target market focused on the baby boomers? They
       control over 2/3 of the spending and they have a serious interest in looking better,
       feeling better and reversing the signs of aging. Let’s face it, they want to roller
       blade into their 90’s and most could certainly find a use for additional income. In
       order to attract the baby boomers, Arbonne developed a spectacular lead product
       named NutriMinC®RE9.
           ♦ Source: Brilliant Compensation Video

Slide#13 Arbonne’s number one selling product:
          ♦ Just ask anyone that is using it! NutriMinC®RE9 gets visible REsults in
       days and 9 stands for 9 key elements in the product.
          ♦ NutriMinC®RE9 has been a leading factor in Arbonnes’ astonishing
       company growth.

Slide#14 Arbonne’s Growth:
          ♦ In the past three years Arbonne has experienced over 600% growth
       breaking most records for potentially one of the fastest growing companies in the
       Direct Sales Association (DSA).
Shannon Johnson                                                                         3
Independent Consultant, Executive National Vice President                    January 2006
           ♦ What would you do if your company grew over 600% in the past three
       years? You would share it with all your friends so they could become a part of
       that growth too!

Slide#15 The Company
           ♦ We would like you to meet some of the top executives:
              Robert M. Henry, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
              Rita Davenport, President
              Mark I. Lehman, Chief Financial Officer
              Stian Mørck, Executive Vice President
              Candace Keefe, Sr. Vice President, Product Development & Field Events
              Carol Hukari, Sr. Vice President, Operations
           ♦ Arbonne is a 25 year old company with phenomenal leadership.
           ♦ AIRD- Institute of Research and Development in Switzerland
           ♦ One of the fastest growing companies in the Direct Selling Association
       (DSA), which is currently a $29.55 Billion Dollar Industry in the US.
           ♦ We provide excellent support and training throughout the country through
       Arbonne University on the Internet, National and Regional Training Events and
       Field Trainings.

Slide#16 Large expanding target market:
           ♦ We believe one of the reasons that the time is NOW for Arbonne is the
       fact that it has not yet gone global, with exception of Canada.
           ♦ Harvest Partners is a private equity firm that has purchased Arbonne with
       plans in the near future to take it global. If you believe timing is important in any
       business you decide to be involved in, you would have to see the tremendous
       upside in being a part of a company that has so much growth potential.

Slide#17 Ability to leverage your time and your money:
           ♦ Ask yourself the question, “How are you leveraging your time and
           ♦ It is important to understand that all businesses use leveraging of time and
       money to accomplish growth. This is certainly not specific to the direct sales
       industry. All businesses leverage.
           ♦ So the real question is more personal, are you using leverage to build your
       financial freedom or someone else’s?
           ♦ Every CEO is leveraging off of the time of the employee’s.
           ♦ In Arbonne if I am putting in 10 hours a week and I have 4 others on my
       team doing the same I am leveraging off of 50 hours worth of work. As the
       numerical numbers of my network grows so does my ability to leverage.
           ♦ Leveraging is certainly a wealth building principle, yet most Americans
       have not learned to use it to create their own personal economic freedom.

Slide#18 Did you Know:

Shannon Johnson                                                                          4
Independent Consultant, Executive National Vice President                     January 2006
           ♦ Here are some startling statistics.
           ♦ Did you know every day in the US 3,100 jobs are lost due to downsizing
           ♦ Only 4% of Americans make over $100,000 per year
           ♦ Only 2% of Americans are considered to be financially free. If that is the
       case how does the average person or family have extra money to apply the
       leverage principle?
           ♦ Therefore you need to ask yourself, “What are YOU doing today to
       prepare for your future?”
           ♦ Source: Census 2000, US Department of Labor

Slide#19 How are you leveraging your time and your money:
           ♦ In Robert Kiyosaki’s top selling book “Cash Flow Quadrant” he explains
       4 separate income quadrants. Employee, Self Employed, Business Owner and
       Investor. He states, “ If you want to reach Financial Freedom you must get to
       where 70% of your income is coming in from the investment quadrant, the
       average person receives 80% of their income from the employee quadrant. Even
       if you are self employed if you go on vacation, your income goes on vacation with
       you. According to Mr. Kiyosaki to get to financial freedom you must find a way
       to go from the left side of the quadrant to the right side. He suggests that you
       build your own business that leverages your time from the nooks and crannies of
       your life. We have found that direct sales is the best industry to build a business
       with a low cost entry that allows great time flexibility. Also, it offers the potential
       of residual or ongoing income.

Slide#20 Multiple Streams of Income:
           ♦ According to Robert Allen in his book Multiple streams of Income he
       states that in order to reach financial Freedom it is important have income coming
       in from several income streams.
           ♦ He goes on to point out how smart it is to generate additional income by
       building a network that leverages and then reinvesting your earnings into other
       streams that bring you back income. He talks about the importance of multiple
       income streams not single income streams.

Slide#21 Leverage:
           ♦ Here is a quote from one of the richest men in the world J. Paul Getty, “ I
       would rather have 1% of 100 peoples efforts than 100% of my own.” In Arbonne
       we achieve this by building a network which we accomplish by working together
       as a team…

Slide#22 Working together as a team:
          ♦ In Arbonne we always talk about finding four personal Independent
       Consultants who are actively pursuing the business. Then you focus and help
       your four find their four. All of us who join the network redirect our personal
       purchases and become consumers of the Arbonne product line.

Shannon Johnson                                                                            5
Independent Consultant, Executive National Vice President                       January 2006
            ♦ In Arbonne we distribute our products through a word of mouth network
       and through appointment based locations
            ♦ As your network grows so does your potential for income.
            ♦ Take a look at the calculator
            ♦ The above chart depicts what would happen through perfectly symmetrical
       geometric growth. In reality, this never happens, so the chart does not represent
       an example of what you should expect when building an Arbonne business.
        Instead, the chart is intended solely to illustrate the theory of geometric growth.
        To evaluate the earning potential offered by Arbonne, review the Independent
       Consultant Compensation Summary (ICCS) online Reference pages 31-33 of this
       presentation. You can also call Arbonne at 1.800.ARBONNE and request a copy
       be mailed to you.
            ♦ Everyone who joins the network has the same pay plan offered to them
       and has an equal opportunity to earn. Your goal is to reach the top pay position so
       that you will be earning the highest percentage amount on your network and help
       at least 4-6 others reach the top as well. In this network someone can outwork
       you and out earn you no matter where they are in your network. It certainly puts
       to rest the Pyramid Myth…

Slide#23 The pyramid myth:
           ♦ Pyramids do not actually represent a solid product or service.
           ♦ Arbonne is not a pyramid.
           ♦ Arbonne International is a member of the Direct Sales Association (DSA)
       and some of or top executives sit on the Direct Sales Association board, and they
       state, “Pyramid schemes are illegal and companies operating pyramids are not
       permitted to be members of the DSA.”
           ♦ As you can see a traditional corporation actually operates more, as the
       “pyramid myth” because the person at the “Top” makes the most money and no
       matter how hard the employees and middle management work and how many
       hours they put in the odds are that they will never make it to CEO.
           ♦ The difference in Arbonne is that there is an equal playing field. Everyone
       starts out at the same level (Independent Consultant) and has the potential to reach
       the top position (National Vice President) as an Independent Consultant. It is
       based solely on your individual efforts and efforts of those on your team.
           ♦ Arbonne does not discriminate and say you don’t have enough schooling,
       or you haven’t earned that much before.
           ♦ This is a feature that certainly makes the direct sales industry attractive.
       Let us explain what Direct Selling is…

Slide#24 Direct Sales:
           ♦ Direct selling is simply a distribution system, or form of marketing, which
       channels goods or services from the manufacturer directly to the consumer
       through a network of independent distributors. It is a very effective system that
       cuts out the middleman and expensive brick and mortar stores and employees

Shannon Johnson                                                                         6
Independent Consultant, Executive National Vice President                    January 2006
       found in most industries, such as Wholesalers, Warehousers, Advertisers, and
           ♦ The strength of Arbonne and this industry is that the majority of our
       business today is fueled by technology. We like to say Arbonne is a high tech and
       high touch company that supports and trains their independent consultant network
       through the use of technology, (i.e. Arbonne University,, Learn and
       Burns, etc.)
           ♦ Who do you know that would like to earn an additional income every
       month in the Direct Sales industry?

Slide#25 Now is the time.
           ♦ Can you think of four people who wish to be proactive in their health and
       their wealth? Do you know anyone who understands business and networking
       and would like that additional income? Now is the time to tell them about
       Arbonne and invite them to be on your team.
           ♦ We do this by a simple try it you will like it approach…

Slide#26 The results System:
           ♦ Most of us have no desire to take on extensive inventory when starting a
       new business. However we can not imagine someone making a business decision
       to join the Arbonne network and your team without having developed faith in the
       quality of Arbonne’s product lines. We encourage each prospect to actually
       experience Arbonne’s top selling product in the comfort of their home. When
       they see for themselves that the product is high quality and gets results, their next
       step is to order from each of the six product categories at a discount and see how
       they work together for the best results.
           ♦ When there is Results on the product it often brings Results in the
       opportunity. With results come additional product orders and that is where the
       residual income develops.
           ♦ Now if your prospect wants to create an additional income with Arbonne
       we suggest they purchase their tools and start sharing how Arbonne can help
       others achieve their goals and dreams. This network and opportunity is for men
       and women who believe in being proactive in their health and wealth and wish to
       engage in the direct sales industry. Let me share with you the different options
       that Arbonne has to offer.

Slide#27 What are your options:
           ♦ Become a Retail Client, which allows one to purchase products at the
       retail price listed in the catalog.
           ♦ Become an independent consultant and receive a discount on products for
       yourself and your family
           ♦ Become a business builder, which is just a person who decides to lead
       with the business and grow his or her own network in order to create residual

Shannon Johnson                                                                          7
Independent Consultant, Executive National Vice President                     January 2006
Slide#28 Business builder’s packages:
           ♦ We suggest a business builder package that includes
           ♦ The women’s RE9 Sets
           ♦ The men’s RE9 Sets
           ♦ Plus products for the family. In order to be a successful business builder
       you should be a product of the product to intelligently talk about the results of the
           ♦ Get with the person who brought you to help you best select a package
       that will work best for you.

Slide#29 The compensation:
           ♦ The following is an overview of how we start earning money with
       Arbonne. You can access the entire compensation plan online at

Slide#30 Arbonne pays commissions:
           ♦ There are four management positions with Arbonne and the higher your
       management position the more percentage you are qualified to earn on your
       network. The goal is to build to NVP which is the highest position and then to
       help 4-6 other legs (meaning direct to you) on your team get there. The best way
       to move up in positions if you are building a network would be to work with and
       train four business builders, this generally moves you from Consultant (C) to
       District (D). Then you help your four work with and train their four, usually
       moving you from District (D) to Area (A), and so on up to National Vice
       President (NVP).
           ♦ It is important to know, Arbonne advances you on retail sales volume
       not on the number of people in your organization, however if you are working
       with and training the business builders you are certainly producing strong retail
       sales volume due to the fact they are consuming the products for themselves and
       their families.
           ♦ The average income for Area Manager is approximately 18K per year. Do
       you know anyone who could use an additional 18K per year?
           ♦ The next position is Regional Vice President (RVP) and it comes with an
       average income of approximately 80K per year and a Mercedes-Benz Cash
           ♦ The top position National Vice President (NVP) and the average income is
       350K per year. Results do very and there is no guarantee. How would this change
       your family’s choices?
           ♦ Results can vary and we are not making any income guarantees. We
       realize not everyone wants to do the personal effort to go to NVP, however for
       those that are looking for a lucrative opportunity in the direct sales industry
       Arbonne is your company to choose!

Slide#31 Independent Consultant Compensation Summary (ICCS)
          ♦ Read ICCS and refer to location web

Shannon Johnson                                                                          8
Independent Consultant, Executive National Vice President                     January 2006
Slide#32 Additional benefits:
          ♦ A few of the additional benefits include:
                  ♦ Being your own boss,
                  ♦ Working from home,
                  ♦ When and how you want,
                  ♦ Low start up cost,
                  ♦ Tax deductions (ask your CPA),
                  ♦ Company paid travel opportunities,
                  ♦ Cash incentive programs, and
                  ♦ Personal growth and friendships!
          ♦ We like to say Arbonne is about Friends, Fun and the Key to your
       Financial Freedom!!

Financial freedom:
                  ♦ Let’s get started! Get together with the person who invited you to
              this presentation and get your questions answered so you can get started
                  ♦ John Maxwell, a well know author and speaker states, “Though
              you cannot go back and make a brand new start my friend, anyone can
              start from now and make a brand new end!”

Shannon Johnson                                                                      9
Independent Consultant, Executive National Vice President                 January 2006
Shannon Johnson                                                       10
Independent Consultant, Executive National Vice President   January 2006

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