Women in Abusive Relationships - The Issue in Plague Proportions That Hardly Ever Gets Mentioned by primusboy


									Women in Abusive Relationships - The Issue in Plague Proportions That
Hardly Ever Gets Mentioned
Women in abusive relationships is a scourge that is a plague throughout
the world.
Before I proceed I need to comment on the widely held belief that abounds
today that abuse in relationships is as likely to be perpetrated by women
as it is by men.
My comment is - poppycock. In other words, this is nonsense. The figures
we constantly hear are that 1 in 3 women all around the world are in
abusive relationships, and that does not include the broader definition
of all the non physical aspects of abuse.
It diverts our attention away from dealing with the issues associated
with women being abused in relationships. So little has been achieved to
this point in time and this red herring gets thrown into the ring to
distract us.
In my view it is an indication of part of the problem. It attempts to
contradict the vastness of the issue of women in abusive relationships,
and demonstrates how those who put forward this be lief, are blind to the
This is not to deny that some women are abusive in relationships, but it
is not comparable.
In all my years as a counsellor, I saw women constantly who were living
in absolute fear of the men they were living with. I have never seen one
man who has claimed he is living in fear of the woman he was living with.
It never ceases to amaze me how the issue of women in abusive
relationships gets such little attention.
We keep hearing that 1 in 3 women experience physical abuse in their
relationships, not to mention all the other abuse that is experienced as
We hear that 3 women a day are killed by a male partner in the US. In
Australia it is 1 every 5 days.
Being a woman in an abusive relationship, is still the bigge st threat of
injury to women - more than heart attacks, cancer, strokes, car
accidents, muggings, and rapes combined.
Statistics tell us the most dangerous place for a woman to be is in her
own home - not some dark alley, or seedy neighborhood, or a parki ng lot.
Yet the warning that is regularly put forward is to be wary in such
places - and also of strangers.
In addition, today, we are bombarded by the belief that we are at the
mercy of terrorists and we need to be alert to the possibility of being
targeted. Billions of dollars is being spent on our protection.
The outcomes of women being in abusive relationships highlights the
contrast, and the evidence against, the panic associated with so-called
Terrorism in the home throughout the world, is gigantic in comparison,
yet barely gets a mention, and peanuts is spent on dealing with it in any
meaningful way.
Any money that is spent on the issues associated with women in abusive
relationships, tends to be on what I would call band aiding issues.
That is to say, it is usually spent on paying for women to live in safe
houses and the expenses associated with getting them to that point.
Whilst this is necessary and a good thing, it plays no part in creating
any real changes that are necessary to make a difference.
Some governments have policies claiming to aim at eliminating and
preventing abuse in relationships, yet have nothing more in place than
indicated above.
A major campaign is required as a start for overcoming the problem of
women in abusive relationships.
The community generally needs to be made aware of the widespread nature
of the problem.This needs to be done by making contact with a broad cross
section of media outlets and getting them to do interviews with those who
have the information available.
Articles about the problem of women in abusive relationships need to be
submitted to these outlets as well. In addition talks must be organized
with a whole range of people such as corporate groups, schools,
government departments etc., etc.
The issue of women being in abusive relationships is increasingly being
recognized as a serious violation of basic human rights.
Today, international organizations, such as the World Health
Organization, regard the prevention of abuse in relationship s as a high
priority and there is a need for urgent action.
A World Health Organization report demonstrates that women being in
abusive relationships is widespread and deeply ingrained, and has serious
impacts on women's health and well-being.
According to Amnesty International, violence against women in
relationships is the greatest human rights scandal of our times.
Leo has been a counselor for twenty years dealing with a broad range of
issues with clients. During that time he has dealt with relationships
primarily, and particularly abusive relationships. He has given many
talks, seminars and workshops on relationships to a broad cross section
of people in the community, including other counselors, doctors, nurses,
police, politicians, church groups, to name a few. He has also been
interviewed by all sectors of the media about aspects of his work. He is
the author of the eBook "How To Have An Extraordinary Relationship". His
website is http://www.relationship-tips-for-you.com

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