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									                CENTRAL LIBRARY                      CALL NUMBERS                   Location
                                                     000-009                        ● Science              Telephone
                                                     010-099                        ● Literature
                                                     030 & 050                      ● History             Directories:
                                                     100                            ● Literature
First Floor         Circulation
                    Express Internet (15 min. use)
                                                                                    ● Literature
                                                                                    ● Social Science
                                                                                                           An Online
                    Government Documents
                    I CAN! Center
                                                                                    ● Literature
                                                                                    ● Science              Resource
                                                     600                            ● Science
                    Information Desk
                    Magazines (current)
                                                     700                            ● Arts & Music           Guide
                                                     800                            ● Literature
                    Literature & Languages
                                                     900                            ● History
                    Patents and Trademark
                                                     AC/CD/DVC/DVD/VC/VCD           ● Media Center
                    Science and Industry
                                                     B (biography)                  ● History
                    Telephone Directories
                                                     E                              ● Children’s Room
                                                     FIC (fiction)                  ● Literature
                                                     J                              ● Children’s Room
Second Floor        Arts, Music & Recreation
                                                     LP (large print)               ● Literature
                    California Room
                                                     RCC                            ● California Room
                    Children’s Room
                                                     RGY                            ● Genealogy Room
                    Computer Lab
                                                     YA (young adult)               ● Teen Space
                    Genealogy Room
                    Media Center
                    Newspaper Room/Call Desk
                    Young Adult/Teen Space                  CENTRAL LIBRARY HOURS
                                                     Monday & Wednesday ….     12:00 PM – 8:00 PM
                                                     Tuesday, Thursday,
Third Floor         Social Sciences/Business            Friday & Saturday ……   9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
                       Reference Center              Sunday ………………             1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
                    Career Information Center
                    Wangenheim Room                              WANGENHEIM ROOM
                                                     Monday – Saturday …….. 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM

                                                                                                        SAN DIEGO PUBLIC LIBRARY
                                                                                                                 820 E Street
                                                                                                             San Diego, CA 92101
                                                                                                                (619) 236-5800


February 2007
                                                         ReferenceUSA - Available on San Diego Public                                               Mexico
                                                         Library’s website at You                                          Telephone
    Online Sources for U.S. and                          need a valid library card and a pin number to access
   Mexico Telephone Directories                          the telephone database. ReferenceUSA is the No. 1
                                                         source of information on businesses and people for
                                                         researchers, students, job seekers and government
                                                         agencies. It includes 210 million residents, 14 million
                                                         businesses, and 855,000 physicians and dentists in its
                          United States
                          Telephone                                                                                Paginas Amarillas
                          Directories                    Super Pages                                     
                         AnyWho                          Verizon's yellow and white pages, map directions,         Yellow Pages and white pages for Mexico. Business listings
                         reverse phone book, and city pages.                       only in Spanish.
                         AT&T's directory service
                         database allows reverse         Switchboard                                               Seccion Amarilla
                         lookups, street proximity                            
                         listing for a business or       Claims phone numbers for 93 million people and 11         Yellow Pages for Mexico - search for businesses in a state
                         residential listing, "sounds    million businesses. Searches can be made with just a      by classification or name. In Spanish.
                         like" match for last name       name or can be narrowed by state or city.
                         lookups, and maps of the                                                                  Seccion Blanca
     There are a few     address. There are 90           True Local                                      
  telephone directories  million white pages listings                                        White pages for people in Mexico. Limited to five searches
     available online.   and 10 million yellow pages     Smart Yellow Pages and Local Search.                      per day. In Spanish. Enter the first name in Nombre, last
                         listings. E-mail, home                                                                    name(s) in Apellidos, select a Mexican state in Estado and
                         page, fax, and toll-free        Which Phone Book?                                         press Siguiente.
number information is included if supplied by users.
                                                         Searches which telephone books cover a particular         Telmex Area Code Directory
Global Yellow Pages                                      town or area code in California.                                                                                                                 Area code directory for Mexico, in Spanish.
A collection of phone directories from around the        Yahoo! People Search
world. To find a number anywhere in the globe                                           Yahoo! Páginas Útiles
select a country from the list provided. Includes        Find email addresses and phone numbers. Includes a
some white page listings.                                link to Yahoo! Yellow Pages.                              Yahoo telephone directory for people and businesses. Only
                                                                                                                   has listings in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey.
Infobel                                                  Yellow Pages                                    
An index of links to online telephone, fax and           Three online phone directories (SBC/AT&T,
business directories from around the world.              Cingular, and Bell South) have merged into one called
Internet 800 Directory
Covers all toll-free telephone numbers, not just those                                                                      San Diego Public Library
provided by AT&T.                                                                                                                    820 E Street
                                                                                                                                 San Diego, CA 92101
                                                                                                                                 Phone: (619) 236-5800


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