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									Bicycle Reminders                                                                                                                     P AT R O L
   Bicycles are so
entrenched in our

culture that we
often don’t think                                           As law enforcement professionals, we pledge to serve the
twice about how
we ride them. But                                           Jefferson County community, build trust and confidence,
bikes are still
subject to laws
and regulations. Here are some reminders about
bicycles and bike safety.
                                                                     and respond to community needs with:

                                                                                                                          Bicycles &
   A bicycle is a vehicle with two or three wheels
that are 14" or greater in diameter, powered solely by
a human operator. All bicycles must have a red
                                                              We interact with each other and the community we
                                                                   serve with honesty, dignity, and respect.

                                                                                                                          Toy Vehicles
reflector on the rear. Bicycles operated on a public
roadway at night or in poor weather conditions must          We respond to the community’s needs with vision and
be equipped with an operational headlamp on the             initiative, relying on both traditional and non-traditional
front and reflectors visible on the left and right sides.                     problem-solving methods.

   Bicycles must have a permanently affixed                                     Partnership
identification number on the frame, but they are not              We actively promote a spirit of teamwork
registered with the state. Check with your local
                                                                and cooperation through open communication
municipality for local registration requirements.
Bicyclists are not required to have a driver's license.                and the free exchange of ideas.

   Bicycles are unique in that they may be operated                                 Service
as vehicles or as pedestrians. Bicycles operated on              We continuously develop our skills and talents
sidewalks must abide by the same rules as                         to provide top quality, responsive, effective
pedestrians, including crossing roadways only at
                                                                           law enforcement services.
intersections or designated crosswalks.

   Bicycles operated on roadways must abide by all
traffic laws. To ensure their safety, road bikes must            We ensure judicious management of human,
obey the following rules:                                             financial, and physical resources.

   - Ride on the right - never ride against traffic
   - Ride on a paved shoulder when one is available
   - Obey traffic laws, signs and signals. This                                                                           Know your vehicle and where to ride it
                                                                        Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office
includes stopping at stop lights and stop signs.
                                                                          200 Jefferson County Parkway
   - Use a headlight, taillight and reflectors at night
   - Ride single file                                                          Golden, CO 80401

    The aforementioned are Colorado state laws and,                   Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Mon.-Fri.
if broken, could result in a summons and fine.                               Phone: 303.277.0211
Protect yourself against injury and accidents by
                                                                              Emergency: Dial 911
riding defensively, and always wear a helmet.
What and Where to Ride?                                      Motorcycles may only be operated on roadways,          Safety and Enforcement
                                                          and drivers must obey all traffic laws. Drivers must
   Scooters. They're fun to ride, anybody can ride        have a valid driver's license with a motorcycle              It is certainly disappointing for children and parents
them, and they can be used anywhere. Right?               endorsement. Motorcycles are registered like other        to find that they can't ride their new scooter in the cul-
                                                          vehicles and must display a license plate on the rear.    de-sac or on the path in a local park. Further, it may
   Well, almost.                                                                                                    seem silly to ticket children for riding a scooter along a
                                                                                                                    residential roadway.
    The Sheriff's Office has noted a wave of              Neighborhood Electric Vehicle
community questions, concerns and confusion since            A "neighborhood electric vehicle" is a self-              As you can imagine, deputies’ response to crimes
electric and gas-powered scooters became popular          propelled, electrically powered vehicle with a top        against people and property take precedence over
among children and teens. Sometimes they're called        speed of 25 miles per                                     adolescent scooter-law violators. Deputies give out
"go-peds" or "razor scooters," but some look more         hour. It is similar in                                    scooter-related tickets infrequently. However, deputies
like small motorcycles than simple scooters.              appearance to a golf                                      do respond to citizens' complaints about any traffic
                                                          cart.                                                     issues, including scooters, and frequently issue
    All of the vehicles mentioned here are legal to          These vehicles may                                     warnings.
own, but there are lots of illegal ways to use them.      not be operated on
The following information may help clarify the            roadways in the state of                                     The most important thing to consider is that there
differences between vehicles, and the law pertaining      Colorado unless local                                     are serious safety issues that come into play when
to each. Remember, there are many more varieties          ordinances have                                           people -- especially children -- operate small, motorized
than those pictured here, so be sure you know just        approved their use. They                                  vehicles around regular traffic.
what kind of vehicle you have.                            may not be operated on
                                                          any limited access highway; areas where their use is      Questions?
Toy Vehicle                                               authorized are limited to roadways with a speed limit
                                                                                                                       To report a violation or other concern, call the
                                                          of under 35 MPH.
   "Toy vehicles" are human-,                                There are no areas in unincorporated Jefferson         Sheriff's Office non-emergency number: 303 277-0211.
gas-, or electric-powered                                 County where neighborhood electric vehicles may be
vehicles with wheels less than                            operated on roadways. They may not be operated on            If you have any other questions or concerns about
14" in diameter. Toy vehicles                             sidewalks.                                                motorized bicycles or toy vehicles, please contact your
include mini-bikes, kamikaze                                                                                        crime prevention deputy at:
boards, stand-up scooters, and
go-peds. Toy vehicles may not                             Off-Highway Vehicle                                          Mountains       303 670-8125
be operated on public                                        An off-highway vehicle is any self-propelled vehicle      North           303 271-5363
roadways, but may be                                      which is primarily                                           South           720 377-2002
operated on private property                              designed for
with the owner's permission.                              operation off public
They may not be operated on                               roadways, typically
sidewalks if motorized; they                              for recreational
may be operated on sidewalks if human-powered.            purposes. It includes
                                                          vehicles designed to
Motorcycle                                                operate on the
                                                          water, snowmobiles,
   Colorado law defines a motorcycle as a vehicle         military vehicles, and golf carts. These vehicles may
with two or three wheels with an engine exceeding         not be operated on public roadways unless specifically
                          50cc. It must be equipped       posted. They may not be operated on sidewalks.
                          with operating headlights,
                          taillights, turn signals, and
                          all other equipment
                          required of any motor
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