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SAN JOSE, CALIF. – May 28, 2003 – JobFlash, the first company to connect employers and
job seekers using interactive speech recognition technology, today announced results of its
three-month deployment at The Venetian Resort Hotel, prior to the opening of the new Venezia
Tower in June.
         "JobFlash has exceeded our goals,” said Lillian Calia, Human Resources Manager. “In
just three months we have amassed an interactive resume bank that is helping us fill our open
jobs quickly, with qualified candidates, without needing to advertise extensively for those
positions. Because of JobFlash we can actually see candidates the same day they receive a call
from us, making The Venetian is the easiest place for qualified workers to find a job."
JobFlash offers an interactive automated telephone job hotline that sources, prescreens and
schedules interviews with qualified candidates round the clock. The Venetian installed JobFlash
hotline to hire top caliber candidates for its new tower, Venezia, that opens June 2003, as well as
to fulfill its ongoing hiring needs.
         In its initial three months at the Venetian, the JobFlash hotline has been accessed by
over 15,000 applicants, resulting in 7,600 digital pre-qualified resumes and 3,200 interviews, Ms
Calia said, “JobFlash’s TalkingResumes         allow hiring managers to hear candidate’s verbal
responses, delivering unprecedented depth to paper backgrounds. Candidates can call back the
JobFlash hotline anytime to access their account and update their resume and job interest, or
reschedule their interview.”
         All 3,200 interviews are automatically scheduled by phone, based on pre-defined
customized HR calendars. The real-time scheduling of interviews for qualified candidates has
saved over 50% processing time. The JobFlash hotline instantly scheduled nearly 1,500 full-
qualified candidates when they first called the hotline. Another 1,700 candidates were
subsequently selected by employment staff for an interview and JobFlash scheduled these
interviews by automatically calling the candidates on their specified phone numbers.
“JobFlash is setting a higher standard in recruiting,” said Dave Newton, Vice President Human
Resources at The Venetian. “In the past our recruiters have spent time interviewing candidates
who didn’t meet minimum qualifications or were interested in positions that were not available.
Now we can screen the best candidates for current openings within 48 hours of their calling the
hotline. JobFlash can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime, a feature that has induced
high-quality hour talent to apply in increasing volume to The Venetian.”
               Research shows that hourly workers constitute over 70% of the U.S. workforce, but
more than 60% of these workers are not on Internet.
      “But they do have telephones,” said Reena Jadhav, co-founder and chief marketing officer
of JobFlash. “We are bridging the Digital Divide by providing a phone interface to jobseekers. The
overwhelming response in Las Vegas attributes our success to our simple intuitive interface,
augmented by intense candidate surveys.”
"JobFlash recognized that a speech recognition based system instead of a web-based system
was essential to hiring of hourly workers who often do not have access to computers," said Bill
Meisel, President of market research firm TMA Association. “JobFlash is going after a huge
untapped market by creating a new resume format for the hourly worker - one that is structured
for accurate matches, utilizes the telephone and speech recognition technology and has voice
recordings. Now, the hourly worker's resume can be digital and easily updated anytime, and from
anywhere. Just as important, the JobFlash system makes it easy for the employer to screen and
find qualified employees."
        More information about the Venetian case study can be accessed via the JobFlash
website at

About JobFlash

JobFlash is a leader in Voice Recruiting, the field of automating recruiting using speech
recognition technology and leveraging telephone as a communication medium. JobFlash is
located in San Jose, California and is venture backed. In addition to The Venetian, JobFlash is
currently deployed at hotels such as the Hilton San Jose and Towers, San Mateo Marriott, and
Holiday Inn Concord and Walnut Creek, as well as security companies such as First Alarm
Security and Patrol. The company’s investors include Mosaic Venture Partners, The Band of
Angels and Sabeer Bhatia, founder of For additional information, visit

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