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RJ Julia Booksellers
Holiday Gifts
             For Kids

“I have always imagined that Paradise
                    will be a kind of library.”
                                -Jorge Luis Borges
                    A Note to the Reader

    Dear Reader

    Not long ago Kevin and I were sitting on
    a plane, heading to Cleveland to spend
    Parents Weekend at Kenyon College with
    our son, Edward. It was around 6:45 pm
    and outside the window was a blanket of
    clouds -- a seemingly endless, uninterrupted
    expanse of cotton balls reaching to a horizon
    edged in the pale red of the setting sun. The
    gloriousness of a sunset at 30,000 feet makes it
    easy to imagine that all is right in a world that
    can produce such beauty and create such a
    sense of peace and wellbeing.

    So why am I worried?

    Part of it, of course, is personal: our only child left
    for college just a few months ago. I’m not anxious about an empty nest, but
    I do find myself worrying about whether Kevin and I instilled the values that
    would help keep Edward sturdy, compassionate and engaged. But it’s also
    because, as I look around, everyone I know seems so restless and anxious, as
    though they’re rudderless and adrift in uncharted waters.
    Is this the world we are sending our children into?

    As I reflect on this I can’t help but remember the time 18 years ago, when I was
    eight months pregnant with Edward and first opened the doors of RJ Julia. The
    world wasn’t so cheerful then either, what with a recession and the aftermath
    of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie. But I was determined to
    carve out a special corner of the world that was about the small things that
    make our days satisfying: connecting with a community, valuing the writers
    who educate and inspire us, creating an environment that would be a haven
    for readers.

    A few events in the last few weeks have snapped me back into my normal
    state of delusional optimism: the discussions at our Great Reads evenings as
    twenty of us gathered to discuss the works of Homer, Plato and Dante, all with
    the enthusiasm of young children thrilled to be learning. And watching the
    enthusiasm and excitement of a class from the Wesley School in Middletown
    as they sang “Free to Be You and Me” to actress and author Marlo Thomas.
    And witnessing the commitment of our staff of almost 40, like Julie Arriens,
    Debbie Brooke, and Nancy Brown, who take deep pleasure in helping our
    customers find just the right book, and whose passion for books is contagious.
    And to top it off comes a letter written in beautiful script from Gertrude Klotz, a
    customer who lives in a nursing home and wrote us to say: “I am 95 years old
    and am a member of your Just the Right Book program because my son and

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    daughter-in-law think it will make me happy. And it does!” Getting the right book
    makes her happy -- we have done our job.

    So no, we cannot change the world, but we can create a little space that allows
    us to help you find the history book that can place our times in perspective, or
    the novel that can distract you from the day-to-day, or the poetry collection that
    reminds you of the beauty of language. I am a believer that the magic of life is
    in the small daily pleasures, and all of us at RJ Julia are committed to being a
    part of it. On behalf of the staff at RJ Julia, we wish you peace and health and
    moments of small pleasure that remind you that there is magic in every day.

    Happy Reading and see you in the store.

    Roxanne Coady

    PS – Oh, and Edward: during his last visit home I tagged along as he visited a
    museum to write a paper on Picasso’s Seated Woman. As he intently studied the
    painting and wrote in his notebook, I cherished the pleasure of watching him
    think and watching him learn – he is now in the hands of the great artists and
    writers and teachers – and this is enough for me.

    PPS - All fall I have been on the lookout for a magic wand,
    partly because watching friends and family deal with sickness
    or sadness compels me to wish I could give them a magic
    wand to wave and make all their worries go away. Well, maybe
    this wand will do that, but if it doesn’t, it can act as a reminder
    that we contain magic in ourselves -- with a small kindness,
    with a smile, with our friendship, with the uniqueness we each
    bring to the world. We all need magic -- this could be the way
    to start the process! $19.95

    PPPS - This year our catalog is focused on kid’s books. For guidance on the other
    35,000 books in the store we will post an online adult catalog and have it in print
    in the store. And there is always the phone or email for us to personally help you
    choose the right books for family and friends. Or best of all -- come visit us and be
    surrounded by tons of perfect solutions -- maybe even a gift for yourself.

    Remember to ask us about our Just the Right Book program -- it sure made Mrs.
    Klotz happy (and hundreds of others) and may be the most glorious, generous
    gift you can give.

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           Holiday Ideas
                        Christmas Cookies: Bite-Size
                        Holiday Lessons
                        Amy Krouse Rosenthal                  $12.99
                        This yummy book really captures the spirit
                        of the holiday season. Who would have
                        thought that cookies could help teach so
                        many little lessons (tradition, joy, gratitude)
                        in such a tender way. Lovingly illustrated by
                        Jane Dyer.

          Drummer Boy
          Loren Long                             $17.99
          A little toy drummer boy has an adventurous
          journey and spreads cheer and goodwill
          wherever he lands. This is a new slant on an
          old story, but the message remains - the best
          gift of all is the gift of oneself.

                       The First Night
                       B.G. Hennessy                            $16.99
                       Simple peaceful text and lovely glowing
                       illustrations guide us to the stable on the
                       night of Jesus’ birth. The story is familiar but
                       reminds us that the beginning of a new life
                       is always a time of wonder.

          Hanukkah Haiku
          Harriet Ziefert                       $16.95
          Learn about this special celebration as
          one haiku verse and one additional candle
          are added on each of the eight vibrantly
          illustrated page spreads. Who knew that
          Hanukkah and haiku could join so perfectly?

                       A Christmas Carol
                       Charles Dickens                          $25.00
                       We finally found it! Faithful adherence to all
                       that we treasure in Dickens and a wealth of
                       Robert Ingpen’s extraordinary illustrations
                       make this the definitive family edition to be
                       treasured and shared.

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                    Baby and Toddler

                     It’s Time To Sleep, My Love
                     Nancy Tillman                             $16.95
                     This bedtime story is a true delight and as
                     comforting as a cozy blanket. The rhythmic
                     lullaby and charming moon-lit illustrations are
                     sure to put your precious one to sleep secure
                     in the knowledge that they are loved.

                               The Doghouse
                               Jan Thomas                                         $12.95
                               You will never tire of the hysterical illustrations and
                               dialogue, or of this simple but unexpected story.
                               Animals disappear one by one into the depths of
                               the dark doghouse; will Mouse brave the dark to
                               reunite with his friends?

                     Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes
                     Mem Fox & Helen Oxenbury                    $16.00
                     Honestly, you will want to reach into the pages
                     and pick up these irresistible global toddlers.
                     They may live vastly different lives but they’ve
                     all got ten little fingers and toes. Guaranteed to
                     bring a smile and giggle.

                               If You Give a Cat a Cupcake
                               Laura Numeroff                              $16.99
                               Another splendid story in true Numeroff form.
                               Who would ever expect such a hilarious adventure
                               to ensue just because a child gives her cat a
                               cupcake? A yummy treat!

                     Bunglie Black Kitten
                     Jellycat                                  $14.95
                     This endearing, cuddly and soft black and white
                     kitty will be your child’s constant companion.
                     Purr…fect gift with If You Give A Cat A Cupcake.

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           3-6 Year-Olds

                         Katie Loves the Kittens
                         John Himmelman                          $16.95
                         Poor Katie loves the baby kittens almost too
                         much. Will she calm down enough to enjoy
                         them or will her bubbly enthusiasm scare
                         the furry trio? Perfect for reading aloud.

          Welcome to the Zoo
          Alison Jay                                   $16.99
          There is so much to discover and so many
          stories that unfold bit by bit that children
          (and their parents) will welcome this interactive
          book and want to visit this cageless zoo again
          and again.

                        Too Many Toys
                        David Shannon                            $16.99
                        Spencer has TOO TOO TOO many toys –
                        under the stairs, in the tub, in the garage
                        and attic. Through hysterical negotiations
                        with Mom the toys get weeded out, but can
                        you guess which toy Spencer is unable to
                        part with?

          Adele & Simon in America
          Barbara McClintock                           $16.95
          Follow these charming siblings as they gallivant
          across the far-flung reaches of early 20th century
          America. Can you keep track of Simon’s lost
          belongings in each of the sensational, nostalgic,
          and very busy watercolor illustrations?
          Mary T.

                        The Little Bit Scary People
                        Emily Jenkins                              $16.99
                        The fact that you can’t judge a person by their
                        appearance has never been told in such a
                        lovely, amusing and wise way. In one example
                        a little girl guesses that the big scary kid on the
                        skateboard probably kisses his cat on the head
                        when he wakes up in the morning.

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                       6-10 Year-Olds

                     Highway Cats
                     Janet Taylor Lisle                               $14.99
                     An illustrated novel for the 6-10-year-old. Can three
                     abandoned kittens help a band of homeless cats
                     save their little patch of forest from destruction by
                     developers? This is a terrific story filled with mystery,
                     suspense, humor, friendship and maybe magic.

                               The Dragon in the Sock Drawer
                               Kate Klimo                               $14.99
                               10-year-olds Jesse and Daisy never expected a
                               baby dragon to hatch from the egg they found.
                               Guess how amazed they were when it started
                               talking? Any young child will be entranced by this
                               funny and wild adventure.

                     Alvin Ho
                     Lenore Look                                   $15.99
                     When Alvin says that he is afraid of EVERYTHING,
                     he is definitely not kidding. Luckily he has a family
                     that understands him and an unlikely best friend
                     who accepts him. He’s funny and smart and you
                     will relate to him and really like him, too.

                               Madame Pamplemousse
                               and Her Incredible Edibles
                               Rupert Kingfisher                                   $15.99
                               Madame owns a truly unique French shop, young
                               Madeleine is an aspiring chef, and of course there
                               is also a jealous evil villain in the mix. This delightful
                               book has all the ingredients of a delicious fairy tale
                               (including giant squid in jasmine jelly)!

                     Daisy Dawson is On Her Way!
                     Steve Voake                                $14.99
                     Daisy is always late for school because she has to
                     stop and talk to the animals. And she really CAN
                     talk to animals. Daisy is adorable and this sweet
                     surprising book is just perfect for beginner readers.

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           8-12 Year-Olds

                         Football Hero
                         Tim Green                             $16.99
                         This fast paced adventure from former
                         Atlanta Falcon Tim Green is a mix of NFL
                         excitement and the story of a young hero
                         who refuses to be a victim, to give up on his
                         dreams, his big brother or his life.

          My One Hundred Adventures
          Polly Horvath                               $16.99
          Horvath writes brilliantly and lyrically about
          12-year-old Jane and the summer she realizes
          her thirst for life. The adventures Jane embarks
          upon are surpising, quirky, often hysterical and
          certainly more than she expected.

                        The Youngest Templar:
                        Keeper of the Grail
                        Michael Spradlin                     $17.99
                        An unforgettable young hero and heroine
                        plunge into a medieval quest that overflows
                        with adventure, mystery, danger, mayhem
                        and sword fighting! Don’t underestimate
                        the history lesson either!

          Wild Magic
          Cat Weatherill                            $16.99
          The Pied Piper of Hamelin lures the children
          on a fantastic and magical adventure to a
          beautiful but very dangerous world. Which
          child will be brave enough to break the
          wicked curse, triumph over the horrible Beast,
          and reunite the children with their families?

                        Murder Mystery Mansion
                        University Games                     $24.95
                        Play detective, deducing who, why, where
                        and how the murder was committed. The
                        mystery changes with every game. Includes
                        a 3-D mansion and very cool characters.
                        Ages 8 and up, two or more players.

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                       12-16 Year-Olds

                     The Other Side of the Island
                     Allegra Goodman                                $16.99
                     Honor and Helix live in a world that has
                     been ravaged by global warming and is controlled
                     by a corporation called “Earth Mother.” They
                     learn a terrible secret, but also learn about love,
                     freedom, and the power of choice.

                              Antsy Does Time
                              Neal Shusterman                                $16.99
                              Antsy is the kind of kid anyone would want as a
                              best friend. He knows how to be cool and when to
                              be compassionate. Don’t miss these unforgettable
                              characters and their exploits that are very real,
                              poignant, and at times will make you laugh out loud.
                              Mary T.

                     Here Lies Arthur
                     Philip Reeve                                    $17.99
                     Reeve really understands the young adult reader,
                     and his retelling of the famed Arthurian tale is
                     darker, timelier, and more thought provoking but
                     still captivating, exciting, and full of danger
                     and glory.

                              The Adoration of Jenna Fox
                              Mary E. Pearson                                $16.95
                              I have not been this excited about a young adult
                              novel in years. It is a suspenseful and powerful
                              look at the issues of identity, personal authenticity,
                              survival, and honesty. It will make you think about
                              what exactly determines who we each become.

                     Spud – The Madness Continues...
                     John van de Ruit                             $16.99
                     Spud is 15 and attending a prep school in South
                     Africa. He is surrounded by a raucous group
                     of boys who play pranks, endure girl troubles
                     and try their best to survive their most awkward
                     adolescent year. Very humorous!!
                     Mary T

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                           Peter Pan: A Pop Up Book
                           Robert Sabuda                        $29.99
                           Pirates and fairies have never been more
                           popular, and in the hands of award-
                           winning Robert Sabuda they become truly
                           amazing! What better gift than a timeless
                           tale combined with the marvels of pop-up
                           wizardry? Peter Pan really can fly!
           The Wild Swans
           Susan Jeffers                               $17.99
           This captivating fairytale, gorgeously illustrated
           by Susan Jeffers, includes all the elements -
           a beautiful princess, handsome king, wicked
           stepmother and magic spells. Children of all
           ages will delight in this heroic tale of courage,
           loyalty, love and family.
                          Be Glad Your Nose is On Your Face
                          Jack Prelutsky                            $22.99
                          A fantastic collection of silly poems by
                          renowned Children’s Poet Laureate Prelutsky,
                          this book also includes activities, puzzles,
                          and a CD with recordings of many of the
                          poems. Vivid, wacky and thought-provoking
                          illustrations complete the perfect package.

           Fairy Tree House
           Saviour Pirotta                                $19.99
           This interactive folding play set is sure to keep
           fairy-lovers busy creating their own secret fairy
           world. Includes a fairy handbook, charming
           fairies, clothes, whimsical furniture and a
           packet of activities.
                   Wind – Up Tractor Book
                   Heather Amery                                  $29.99
                   Three stories (each with an accompanying double
                   paged track layout), a wind-up little tractor, plus
                   30 additional pieces for building stand-up fences,
                   bridges, etc. are the tools for hours of fun. How
                   often do children find a moving tractor within the
                   pages of their own book?
           Premium Art Studio Gift Set
           Faber Castell                                $49.95
           The Art Studio is an extraordinary collection -
           colored pencils, markers, pastels, clay, glitter
           dough, drawing paper and more - in a beautiful
           red wooden box. This will inspire any young artist
           to discover the genius within.
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                             It’s All Here
                     Predators: A Pop Up Book
                     Lucio and Meera Santoro                      $27.99
                     What an absolutely stunning feat of pop-up
                     engineering! Six impressive predators in all of
                     their magnificence will swing off the page, jump
                     out, and amaze any creature-loving child. Filled
                     with intriguing facts.

                             One Million Things
                             DK Publishing                                   $24.99
                             In a word – WOW! This book is so full of information
                             and photos that cover so many subjects and are
                             presented in such an addictive way that it makes
                             a fantastic gift for the curious child (or adult).

                     Animals:A Visual Encyclopedia
                     DK Publishing                                   $29.99
                     The wildly colored chameleons on the cover
                     will lure you to investigate every critter from the
                     aardvark to the zebra. Chock full of spectacular
                     photographs and all the juicy details that appeal
                     to animal lovers

                             Spies Revealed
                             Clive Gifford                                 $21.99
                             This awesome book includes details and photos
                             about the history of espionage and the true lives
                             of spies, AND it will train you for your own mission.
                             Secret codes, disguises, surveillance…and more.

                     Our White House
                     National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance $29.99
                     The best deal of the year! Over 100 famous
                     authors and illustrators have donated their
                     personal stories, poetry, art, and fiction to bring
                     our remarkable history to life - through the windows
                     of the White House.

                              In Your Face 3-D
                              David Klutho                                $19.95
                              Wear the provided 3-D glasses and breathtaking
                              sports photos literally jump off the page and pull
                              you into the action. Almost every sport you can
                              think of is included. Clever captions complete
                              the appeal for any sports fan.

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