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					American Express Black Card - The Legend
If you are using a credit card for your purchases, you are probably aware of its privileges. When it comes to privileges, American Express was rumored
to have issued a Centurion Card or the black card that features extra ordinary exclusive benefits to high ranking and dignitary celebrities and private
individuals. It has been rumored that the cardholder is entitled to many benefits and privileges.

When certain criteria are met an invitation from American Express will be sent along for the Centurion credit card. The requirements are quite different
from the other credit cards you may have had in the past. This credit card charges $2500 for their annual fee and there is another fee that must be
paid which is an initiation fee of $5000 for the first year.

There was an urban legend about the black credit card that circulated and spread as rumors in the business industries in the year 1980s. The rumor
said that high ranking individuals like celebrities and notable persons who are cardholders of American Express cards were given a black card that
give them the opportunity to transact in any high class establishments even after business hours. The truth is the card only contains the information
and numbers for assistance and services.

It was also rumored that the black credit card enables the cardholder to buy anything in any establishments or avail of any luxurious services. Since it
was just a mystery, the card never really existed and nobody ever really had it.

This rumor was eventually capitalized by the American Express. A Centurion card was created in the fall of 1999. It is offered through an invitation
from the American Express. This card is only offered to those who have the Platinum card, and that the card is not made of plastic but of metal.
Because of its elegance and value, most people use it as status symbol. Platinum credit cards are considered to be the best of all credit cards in the

The Centurion card is an invitation only card in many countries where the exclusive credit card was the Platinum card. If the Centurion card is not
available in one of these countries, the Platinum card is still the card that is considered the exclusive "by invitation only" card.

American Express black Centurion card started in 1999 with an introduction of $1000 as an annual fee and a one-time initiation fee of $5000. Now the
annual fee was raised to $2500, the highest annual fee for credit cards as of today. Among the first persons who availed it was the comedian and
American Express spokesperson, Jerry Seinfeld.

The rumors about the Centurion Card continue to spread; one of these is about some exclusive stores that opt to close just for the sole shopping of
one wealthy cardholder. There have been different rumors regarding the Centurion Card and its benefits; more rumors would still be possible to
spread. And as rumors keep circulating the industry, the Centurion Card will continue to get more attracted applicants.

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