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					             Bouygues Telecom choose Phonevalley to
                have their new customer’s mobiles
                 ring for free* using scratch cards

  With the new Sony Ericsson T230 and Nokia 3100 packs, Bouygues Telecom is
                 giving away scratch cards with a free ringtone.
               A solution developed and operated by Phonevalley.

Paris, May 25th 2004 – Bouygues Telecom renew their trust in Phonevalley, the specialist in
mobile services marketing and development (SMS, WAP, I-Mode, MMS…), offering a scratch
card in some of their packs.

End of May, Bouygues Telecom decide to sell their Nokia 3100 and Sony Ericsson T230 packs,
with an enclosed leaflet and scratch card, entitling to download a free Polyphonic ringtone*. To
redeem, the customer only to scratch their card to reveal the code and call a Bouygues Telecom
toll free number. Then they choose one out of the three proposed polyphonic ringtones and
receive it on their new handset within seconds.

This solution has many advantages:
    Informing about the existence of 3214, Bouygues Telecom services’ vocal portal as well
       as their WAP portal.
    Having the ringtone to mobile download service tested.
    Bring an additional goodie to new customers and show that Bouygues Telecom perfectly
       understand their customers’ needs.

« These scratch cards solutions are quite efficient in our strategy to bring our customers to test
new services. Plus, users appreciate a lot and find out that our service offer really is
comprehensive. Says Patrick Dubois, Bouygues Telecom’s Marketing Operations Director.
Thanks to this card, customers can get a free ringtone as soon as they buy their cell phone. »

Phonevalley implemented this solution in close collaboration with Bouygues Telecom teams.
Phonevalley’s strong expertise in this area includes previous successful product launches for
Carrefour, Pepsi, Casino, PSG, Samsung, Colette…

« We are glad Bouygues Telecom put their trust in us again for this kind of service French users
particularly appreciates. Says Alexandre Mars, Phonevalley’s CEO. »

* Wap communication costs not included
About Phonevalley

Phonevalley develops and markets a wide range of mobile products and solutions (SMS, Wap, MMS, I-mode...)
specially designed for the Media, businesses and advertisers, Marketing and Communication agencies,
Telecommunication Operators, Brands... Technology advance combined with a strong knowledge of our clients’
fields confer on Phonevalley a real leader position on the mobility market. Many clients already recognize this
expertise (Peugeot, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, Coca-Cola, Le Monde, Sony, Warner Bros, Noos, La Poste, PSG,
BNP-Paribas, Lycos, Auchan, TF1 Publicité, Carrefour, Euronext, Nike...).

About Bouygues Telecom

Always welcoming and serving their individual and business customers better. Bouygues Telecom’s ambition is
«to become the favorite mobile communication service provider». First operator to offer plans in France in 1996, the
company launched I-mode services in November 2002. Today, over 600,000 French customers access 240 useful
sites daily through this pocket internet and exchange e-mails worldwide. Bouygues Telecom also counts among the
world’s top operators with an international coverage across over 180 countries and destinations.

Phonevalley Contact:                                    Bouygues Telecom Contacts:
Alexandre Mars – CEO                                    Christel Lerouge
Tel : +33 (0)1 42 80 57 22                              Tel : +33 (0)1 39 45 39 96
Email :                           Email :
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To download your free ringtone (1), simply follow the steps:
    1. Scratch below to reveal your personal code
    2. Call 2100 from your Bouygues Telecom mobile (free call)
    3. Follow the instructions to download the free ringtone of your choice :
       01-Jammin’ / 02-Les bronzés / 03-Friends
    4. You will then receive a message with a link, click on the link to complete downloading.

(1)   Wap communication costs not included.
      Offer starts Apr. 1, 2004 ends Nov. 30 2004
      Service operated by Phonevalley. 31959PHR

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