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									All About Caring For A German Shepherd Puppy
There are fewer things in life more irresistible than a German Shepherd puppy. But you should never bring one home on impulse. This needs to be a
careful decision. Bringing a German Shepherd puppy home is the same as bringing a human child home (except German Shepherds mature faster
and are more loyal). Although German Shepherd puppies are a big responsibility, they are priceless in their friendship.

When thinking up German Shepherd puppy manes for your special furry friend, don't use aggressive names like "Killer" or "Cannibal" This promotes
the negative stereotype that German Shepherds are mindless killing machines. You never know whom you and your German Shepherd puppy will be
meeting. There are many people frightened of dogs and urging breed specific legislation to outlaw the ownership of some breeds of dog including the
German Shepherd. You and your German Shepherd puppy need to be ambassadors for this breed. The right for you to own your German Shepherd
puppy is at stake.

German Shepherd puppies are very boisterous and do not know their own strength. You need to let them know right away what is acceptable and
what is not. A hard stare, a frown, a sharp "No!" is enough to get the puppy's attention. Never hit your German Shepherd puppy. That will make any
dog terrified of people. Dogs bite more out of fear than out of viciousness.

Encourage the German Shepherd puppy to lie down and sleep to lessen the shock of a car ride. Go to the vet within 24 hours of bringing the puppy
home, even if the puppy has passed a vet's inspection at a shelter. When you get the German Shepherd puppy home, take it where you want it to
relieve itself. Praise the puppy highly when they go in the right place. Keep using that place for toilet training and use verbal commands.

A German Shepherd puppy tends to learn faster than most other breeds of dogs, but they still learn at their own rate. Instead of yelling at a puppy for
chewing, promptly give them something acceptable to chew and praise highly.

You can help the training process along by not only giving your German Shepherd puppy a sensible name, but getting the puppy spayed or neutered.
Mentally, they stay like puppies and are comfortable letting you make the big decisions. They also avoid a lot of health problems this way.

Remember that German Shepherd puppies trying to learn your commands is a lot like you being suddenly transplanted to a different country where
everyone speaks a different language from you and have completely different customs.

Never be afraid or ashamed to ask a professional dog trainer or your vet for help in communicating with your German Shepherd. Your puppy is ready
to listen.

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