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					                                        Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
                                                              Signed by Elissa Edge

Twinkle –Start with fingertips            Little – Shape both hands into “L”s     Star – Using both pointer fingers,
clenched shut, pointing away from         (with thumb and pointer finger), face   point them upwards, at eye level, and
your body, then spring open,              hands toward each other like a mirror   slide them against each other, up and
alternating between hands (mime a         image, and move slightly closer         down, like a shooting star
twinkling star)                           together, then further apart

How – Both hands in front of you,                                                 I – Index finger (with other fingers
palms down (fingers together and                                                  closed) points to self at center of chest
pointing out) fingertips move down
and in and come back up around to
palms up

Wonder – Dominant hand in “W              What – Hold left hand open flat, palm   You – Point index finger (with other
shape (or use index finger), point at     up, and move right index finger over    fingers closed) towards other person
forehead and draw small circles           left hand from thumb to little finger
Are –Right hand into “R” shape, start    Up – Point upwards with right index        Above – Both hands bent at fingertips,
at left cheek and move hand forward      finger and move it up slightly             right fingers on top of left, raise right
                                                                                    hand slightly

World – Two “W” hands (palms             High – Both hands bent at fingertips,      Like – Right hand in “Y” shape, and
facing to sides) one “W” on top of the   pointing towards each other, raise both    move hand back and forth
other, the top “W” circles up and back   hands at the same time
around to land on top again

                                                                                    ASL Photo Lesson developed by
                                                                                            Elissa Edge

                                                                                    Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star is
                                                                                    featured on the original Magic of
                                                                                    Signing Songs (Vol. I) video.

Diamond – Right hand in “D” shape        Sky – Open hand (with fingers
and place on ring finger of left hand    together) arcs overhead, starting at the
                                         opposite side of the hand you’re using