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					          Lore Samoyeds Sales Contract and Bill of Sale
                                  Cyndy Knighton
                     518 NE 91 Street, Seattle, Washington 98115
                                  (206) 522-0133

This is a contractual agreement for the ownership of one Male/Female (circle one) Samoyed
puppy from the litter whelped May 7, 2006 out of Sire Am/Can/UKC/Int’l CH Shaman’s Rí
Caithreim O’Lore, Am/Can/UKC CD, WSX, HCT, CGC “Conor” and Dam Am/Can CH
Snowbastian Raven Mistress Lore “Morrigan”. Puppy is identified with an individual AKC
Registration Number, ___________________________ and has been permanently microchipped
with an AVID chip number ____________________________________. Purchase price for puppy is
________. This agreement is made between Cyndy Knighton and _____________________________
on this date_____________________.


In efforts to protect the integrity of the breed and to maintain high ethical standards in breeding
practices, the welfare of this Samoyed and the Samoyed breed as a whole are of primary
importance. Consequently, the intent of this agreement is to ensure placement of this Samoyed
in a stable, stimulating, lifetime home, and to discourage its indiscriminate breeding. The
Breeder/SELLER (Cyndy Knighton, Lore Samoyeds, henceforth known as the SELLER) and BUYER
(__________________________________________________) assume this responsibility during the
puppy's entire life. The BUYER agrees that if for any reason this Samoyed cannot be maintained
adequately and remain a member of his or her immediate family, ownership of it reverts back to
the SELLER and it will be immediately returned, along with all registration paperwork and other
documentation, including a record of health.

This agreement is designed to protect the BUYERS as well as the SELLER. All the terms herein have
been discussed and agreed to. Terms have been modified as needed to reflect the specific
situation of BUYER, his or her home and family. The SELLER is required to provide reasonable
support to BUYER as they raise the Samoyed identified above. The SELLER has provided basic
information to the BUYER that will get the Samoyed started right in the new home and with a
new veterinarian. The SELLER will make herself available to the BUYER as needed via phone and
email to answer all questions especially during the first weeks the Samoyed is in its new home.

The BUYER agrees to keep this dog in healthy condition and in a safe environment. Should the
BUYER find it not possible to ensure these conditions the dog would be immediately returned to
the SELLER. The BUYER will ensure that the dog:

      Receives ample high quality food, fresh water, and exercise appropriate for its age and
       working conditions;
      Is provided a safe day-to-day environment as part of the family home and is confined at
       all times it is not supervised;
      Will not be tied or chained on an on-going basis nor will it be confined to a kennel on an
       on-going basis as its primary residence;
      Is provided with a fenced yard or other secure run with appropriate shelter;
      Is provided ample space and opportunity to expend excess energy;
      Will not ride free in the box of a pickup truck or open decked vehicle at any time;
      Is maintained at an appropriate temperature (i.e., not exposed to excessive heat without
       cooling or shelter nor to excessive cold without shelter);
      Maintains a weight appropriate for maximum life span (i.e., neither too thin nor too
       heavy; weight must not ever exceed 15% above or below the average weight of a
       Samoyed of similar age, height, and body build);
      Is not allowed to run free without supervision and control;
      Is not allowed to become aggressive or a public nuisance nor allowed to chase livestock
       or wildlife;
      Receives routine preventative and necessary emergency veterinary care including, but
       not limited to an annual physical examination, screening for parasites, vaccinations,
       other treatment necessary due to local conditions and regulations (such as preventative
       care for heartworm or vaccination against Lyme disease), and rabies vaccinations as
       required by state law;
      Receives an adequate level of training;
      Is not shaved unless medically necessary, and then only as much as necessary; is never
       given a “summer hair cut” whether shaved or trimmed;
      Is kept reasonably groomed and free from both internal and external parasites;
      Is provided with love, attention, kindness, and positive training;
      Is provided with ample and reasonable opportunities for socialization with humans and
      Is not excessively exercised, including allowed to do excessive jumping or encouraged to
       stand on hindquarters, until after maturity.

The Samoyed is to be in the possession of and reside with the BUYER except when it is in the
custody of a handler/trainer, responsible house sitter, or safely boarded in an accredited
boarding kennel. If the BUYER is local to the SELLER, the SELLER may be able to care for the
Samoyed when the BUYER travels and the BUYER will give the SELLER this option.

The Samoyed is guaranteed to be of good temperament at the time of sale and has been well
socialized to household noises, other dogs, children, and other environmental influences present
in the normal home. The BUYER agrees to continue socialization with the Samoyed to maintain
its temperament throughout its lifetime. The SELLER will at no time be held liable for any actions
of the dog while it is in possession of the BUYER.

Should the dog be mistreated or neglected, the SELLER has the right to repossess the dog and
the BUYER will assume all associated costs. Mistreatment/neglect will be defined as but not
limited to:

      Dog not having adequate food and water;
      Dog being exposed to excessive heat without shelter or cooling;
      Dog not being kept current on vaccines and worming according to local requirements;
      Dog not having adequate shelter or unsanitary living conditions;
      Dog being kept on a chain or rope;
      Dog being confined to or raised on slick surfaces, including linoleum;
      Dog being transported unsecured in the open back of a truck;
      Dog being permitted to run at large;
      Dog being permitted to chase livestock or wildlife;
      Dog being used to threaten or bite people or animals;
      Dog found to be physically abused by a member of the household;
      Dog found to be used for animal experimentation, vivisections, animal fighting, guard
       duty, or any other commercial activity;
      Any situation where the dog's health is placed at unreasonable risk.

Other Terms

      Dog will not be sold to animal research, pet stores or any commercial outlet or breeder;
      BUYER agrees to pay for all shipping/handling expenses before delivery (including crate
       purchase, if necessary);
      BUYER agrees to keep SELLER informed the of the progress and health of the dog at least
       once per year;
      BUYER shall not knowingly allow puppy to be used in a breeding program to supply
       puppies to any business or individual, either directly or to an agent thereof, who sells
       animals outright or consigns them to any pet shop, kennel or other individual, whose
       purpose is mass production, wholesaling or retailing of pure-bred dogs;
      Purchaser shall have said Samoyed examined by a licensed veterinarian within one week
       from the time of sale. Claims against the guarantee of sound body and good health must
       be made within one week from the time of sale
      Puppy is microchipped and will be registered by the SELLER, with the SELLER’s contact
       information included as an “alternate contact” with the AVID chip registration.


The BUYER will take the dog through appropriate training classes including:

      Puppy kindergarten as soon as allowed by an accredited trainer/training facility; or
      Basic Obedience or an equivalent class (at approximately three to six months of age for
       pups and within the first three months of possession for an adult);
      At least one further obedience class between ages one and two for a pup and within a
       year of possession for an adult
      Handling class if pup is deemed as Show Potential.

Further training classes are strongly encouraged. As incentive for further training and
competition, the SELLER will offer the following rebates on the purchase price of the dog, each
payable within 30 days of receipt of certification of the accomplishment.

      $25 for the first AKC, CKC or UKC obedience title
      $25 for the first AKC, CKC or UKC Rally Novice
      $25 for the first AKC, CKC or UKC Champion title


The BUYER has paid the SELLER the full purchase price of $_______________ in cash or cashier's
check. Within thirty days of the date of receipt of the Samoyed, the BUYER may return the dog in
good condition for any reason and receive a full refund.

This Samoyed is eligible for purebred registration with the American Kennel Club, however,
registration does not assure health or quality of the animal.
The kennel name of “Lore” will be maintained on the Samoyed throughout its life. At no time will
the name be changed on any registration or any other document to remove the Lore kennel

The BUYER is not allowed to transfer ownership in whole or part to anyone else without written
permission of the SELLER and complete prescreening of the new owner by the SELLER. Upon the
death or complete incapacitation of the BUYER, the dog will be returned to the SELLER unless the
dog can remain with other members of the immediate family of BUYER. The BUYER agrees that
the SELLER shall be given first option to take the dog back if for some reason the BUYER is unable
to keep the dog. The SELLER shall be advised in writing and have 30 days to make any decision.
In the case of any change in ownership, these same terms and conditions will apply.
Registration papers shall be signed, and passed to the new owner or returned to the SELLER at
no extra cost. BUYER will receive all proceeds from the resale of the puppy, less expenses
incurred while the puppy is in the care of SELLER.

Should the dog ever be turned over to a pound, humane organization, or other facility without
the express written permission of the SELLER, the BUYER will be assessed a penalty of $500.00
payable within 30 days of such an event. The dog also will not be turned over to Samoyed
Rescue of any Samoyed club nor to any purebred dog rescue organization either. Doing so will
also include a penalty of $500 to the BUYER should BUYER do this without first giving the SELLER
the option to take the dog back. If at any time hereafter, this puppy/dog is lost, stolen, or picked
up by local authorities, or a breed rescue group, and not reclaimed by the BUYER, the SELLER
has the right to reclaim said dog/puppy (by paying any costs involved) and the BUYER shall pass
ownership and possession to the SELLER, including signed registration papers, at no cost. Lore
Samoyeds strives to be an ethical Samoyed breeding kennel and taking in all Lore Samoyeds
throughout their entire lives is the hallmark of a responsible and ethical breeder.

The SELLER warrants and agrees that she is the lawful owner of this dog, that the dog is free of all
encumbrances, that she has the right to sell the same, and that she will warrant and defend title
to this dog from all lawful claims.


This puppy was examined by a licensed veterinarian on July 7, 2006 age and found to be in
good health and free of any communicable diseases. Therefore, SELLER guarantees the
puppy’s present state of health for a period of 7 days from the date of sale. If a licensed
veterinarian presents written documentation to SELLER, within the warranty period, that this
puppy is unfit due to a contagious or infectious illness, or a congenital malformation which
adversely affects its health, the BUYER may:

        1) return the puppy for a full refund
        2) submit itemization of veterinary expenses for diagnosis and treatment and be
           reimbursed for expenses up to but not to exceed the purchase price of the puppy.

This Samoyed is guaranteed for two years from the time of sale to be free of any hereditary or
congenital defect that will cause the dog to die, or any condition that will shorten its life or will
require constant treatment during its life. If in the written opinion of two qualified veterinarians
such a defect or condition is discovered, the SELLER may elect to provide a Samoyed of equal
value from a future litter produced by Lore Samoyeds or refund of 50% of the original purchase
price to the BUYER. The BUYER assumes cost of these opinions. This guarantee applies only to
hereditary defects. It does not apply if the dog has been injured, been kept tied out, has been
improperly fed, or has been mistreated in any way.

Annually, and within one week of any unusual or significant change in the dog's health, the
BUYER will report the health of the dog to the SELLER. In addition, upon the dog's death, the
BUYER will report the cause of death.

Health records including puppy shots, worming, and miscellaneous treatments or conditions
have been supplied to the BUYER at the time the Samoyed is transferred. Additional information
on the puppy's food and daily routine has also been provided. The BUYER agrees to consult the
SELLER should s/he have any questions on health issues and day-to-day care.

The BUYER will have the puppy examined by his/her veterinarian within one week of transfer of
ownership. A veterinarian last examined this puppy on July 7, 2006. It has no known health
defects. A complete health history has been provided separately. The next vaccinations are
due between July 22, 2006 and July 29, 2006. Dewclaws have not been removed.

This puppy has had the following exposures, which should be reported to BUYERS veterinarian
during the pup’s first exam:

       In utero exposure to xrays (1)
       Exposure to antibiotics transmitted through breast milk to treat a persistent and resistant
            o Cephalexin
            o Lincocin
            o Chloramphenicol

The following health conditions have occurred in the Samoyed breed and are understood by
the BUYER. The SELLER has used every caution to prevent these problems from occurring in this
dog but some are impossible to screen for with complete certainty.

       Eye abnormalities                              Diabetes
       Hip dysplasia                                  Adverse reaction to sulfa-based drugs
       Cryptorchidism and monorchidism                Adverse reaction to Acepromizine

In the event that this Samoyed is found to have debilitating hip dysplasia prior to the age of 3
years, the BUYER may, at the discretion of the SELLER: (1) return the dog and receive a full
refund of the purchase price of the dog OR (2) retain possession of the dog, submit proof of
sterilization, and receive a 50% refund of the purchase price of the dog. This guarantee is only
valid if:

   the dog is still owned by the original purchaser at the time the claim is made
   the x-rays were taken before the dog was used for breeding
   the diagnosis is based on x-rays taken according to specifications set down and interpreted
    by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) or equivalent
   any claim is supported and accompanied by a copy of the OFA Consensus Report, or
   the claim is made before the dog is 3 years old
   the dog is maintained on a SELLER recommended diet and the dog's body weight must not
    ever exceed 15% above or below the average weight of a Samoyed of similar age, height,
    and body build
   the dog has been kept in a general state of good health with all immunizations kept up to
   the dog must not have been afflicted by any acute or chronic illness (e.g. Lyme Disease) or
    have incurred any traumatic injury which could have caused degenerative changes in the
   the dog must have been given reasonable exercise to maintain muscle mass and tone, and
    not have been subjected to excessive stress on limbs and joints (such as long distance
    sledding, weight pulling, jogging on lead with a bicyclist, excessive jumping) or crated daily
    for prolonged periods of time prior to the age of 10 months.

Claims against the provision guaranteeing against congenital hip dysplasia must be made within
thirty (30) days of determination of the condition and accompanied by a written statement from
a licensed radiologist or the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, or equivalent. The Samoyed
must be examined no earlier than 24 months and no later than 36 months of age.

If this Samoyed develops clinical signs of debilitating hip dysplasia or clinical problems caused by
a hereditary eye disorder by two years of age, the SELLER will assist in the cost of medical
attention to correct the problem (not to exceed $300). If the genetic problem is so severe that
the dog has to be euthanized, the dog will be replaced or a refund of the purchase price paid
at the SELLERS choice. It must be determined without a doubt that the condition was caused by
hereditary rather than environmental factors or neglect before the dog is replaced or any
money is dispersed. Proof of sterilization of the dog must also be provided prior to any dispersal
of funds.

Claims against the provision guaranteeing against congenital eye diseases must be made within
thirty (30) days of determination of the condition and accompanied by a written statement from a
veterinary ophthalmologist. The Samoyed must be examined prior to 24 months of age. Claims
against any other congenital disease or disability must be proven to be congenital and made prior
to the dog reaching 24 months of age.

Should any condition arise where the BUYER feels the Samoyed described here does not meet
the basic warranty provided in this document, the BUYER and SELLER agree to discuss and if
necessary, mediate any disagreement. The SELLER will be liable for the full purchase price of the
pup only within the first thirty days after the date of this agreement. After such a time, the BUYER
may elect to return the pup to the SELLER in exchange for a Samoyed from a future Lore
Samoyeds litter; no money will be exchanged if the Samoyed is returned for a different Samoyed
after the first month. They BUYER and SELLER have had extensive discussions prior to the date of
this agreement and both feel comfortable that this warranty is acceptable.

The puppy is not guaranteed against Acts of God, being struck by an automobile, or viruses,
diseases, or any other health concern brought on by mismanagement of health care by the
BUYER or his/her veterinarian. The BUYER is responsible for all care and veterinary costs for this
puppy, except as outlined above. Guarantees and warranties will be null and void of any of the
conditions of this sales contract are not met.


This Samoyed has been classified as:

       Pet Quality (BUYER initial here) _____ (SELLER initial here) _____
       Breeding/Show Potential (BUYER initial here) _____ (SELLER initial here) _____
Please refer to the appropriate section below for the terms of each classification:

Pet Quality Pup

SELLER represents that upon evaluation at ____ weeks of age, this puppy is not of sufficient
quality to compete at a conformation dog show or to be used for breeding.

The Samoyed is being designated as “pet quality” and will be spayed/neutered between the
age of eight months and one year. Research has shown that this is the optimum age to spay or
neuter as it allows the Samoyed's growth plates to fully close before the effect of its natural
hormones are removed. Female Samoyeds will tend to go into season at roughly 8 to 14 months
of age so this allows for the Samoyed to be spayed prior to its first season. The SELLER will be
notified when the dog is spayed/neutered.

The BUYER agrees to acquire, at his/her expense OFA and CERF evaluations of the Samoyed and
submit proof to the SELLER when the dog reaches two years of age even though the dog is
spayed/neutered. The data this will provide is valuable for the SELLER since the health of the
whole litter is taken into consideration when one of them is bred.

The fact that the pup has been designated as Pet Quality in no way lowers its value, worth, or
quality. It has been raised with the same care and attention that every pup in the litter has. As a
pet, this puppy will be registered with AKC with a Limited Registration. This registration entitles
the owner to all of the rights and privileges afforded to all AKC Registered dogs except the

       1) the dog cannot compete in an AKC licensed conformation dog show and
       2) any offspring of this dog cannot be registered with AKC.

Only the breeder may re-evaluate the dog at a later date and change the registration from a
Limited Registration to a Non-limited Registration. If BUYER request re-evaluation of the dog, it
must be brought to SELLER, or to an evaluator of SELLERS choice, for examination when the dog
is between 6 months and 1 year of age. If deemed to be of sufficient quality, SELLER may
change the registration status from Limited to Non-limited by applying to the AKC. BUYER will be
responsible for paying the change of registration status fee to the AKC. The dog must not have
been spayed/neutered at the time the request is made.

As incentive for altering and conducting health evaluations, the SELLER offers the following
rebates on the purchase price of the dog, payable within 30 days of receipt of certification:

      $25 for veterinary proof of spay/neuter of pup at or prior to 1 year of age
      $25 for OFA report
      $20 for CERF report

Breeding/Show POTENTIAL Pup

SELLER represents that upon evaluation at ____ weeks of age, this puppy is free of disqualifying
faults and is of sufficient quality to compete at a conformation dog show and to be used for
Though this puppy does show potential at the time of this agreement, the actual suitability of this
Samoyed for breeding is unknown and cannot be determined until it is at least two years of
age. However, the BUYER has expressed interest in showing and possible future breeding should
the Samoyed display breeding potential when it is mature. The BUYER will take all reasonable
precautions to prevent any breeding of the dog until it is at least two years of age and has been
deemed to be of breeding quality by the SELLER, the dog has won a conformation title, and the
dog has obtained appropriate health clearances. The dog will not be spayed or neutered
without consent of the SELLER; however, if the dog is found to have any genetic defects it must
be spayed/neutered prior to three years of age.

Should the Samoyed be determined to be show quality (not to be confused with breeding
quality) at six months of age, the BUYER agrees to show the dog on a local basis in conformation
events sponsored by the until a championship title is earned. The SELLER guarantees that this
Samoyed will finish its AKC Championship provided that:

      It is shown properly, in good, well groomed coat, proper weight, and good health, at not
       less than 50 AKC dog shows
      Is socialized and trained to behave in the show ring

The SELLER will assist in this effort as much as possible. The BUYER is not required to handle the
dog her/himself; if the BUYER chooses to not handle the dog him or herself, s/he will deliver the
dog in appropriate condition for another handler to show. The SELLER will assist with locating
handlers if necessary and these handlers will show the dog under the rules and regulations of the
appropriate Kennel Club.

If the puppy fails to obtain its AKC Championship as provided above, BUYER shall contact SELLER
to discuss concerns with the puppy. SELLER may request that the puppy be evaluated by 2
Samoyed breeders (“EVALUATORS”) chosen by SELLER. If both EVALUATORS agree that the
puppy is not of show quality, and that this is not due to the environment provided by BUYER, nor
the training practices of BUYER, nor the feeding regimen of BUYER, BUYER may opt for a
replacement puppy, to be provided by SELLER, if available. Should BUYER wish to keep the
puppy as a pet, 75% of the difference between Show and Pet puppy price at the time of
original purchase will be refunded to BUYER. If EVALUATORS determine that the puppy is indeed
show quality, SELLER shall have the opportunity to show the dog at BUYERS expense, if BUYER and
SELLER mutually agree to continue showing the puppy. If EVALUATORS determine that the cause
of the puppy’s problems as a show dog are due to environmental conditions, poor diet,
improper or inadequate training, excessive or insufficient weight, or poorly maintained coat, all
show puppy guarantees are null and void.

The BUYER agrees to acquire at his/her expense OFA and CERF evaluations of the Samoyed
when it is between 24 and 30 months of age and to submit proof to the SELLER that these
evaluations have been completed. In order for the Samoyed named here to be considered
breedable it must:

      Pass the OFA and CERF evaluations (OFA of Excellent, Good, or Fair and CERF of
      Receive a show championship;
      Have a good temperament;
      Have sound conformation meeting the Samoyed standard.
Any breeding will be at the mutual agreement of the SELLER and BUYER. The Samoyed will not
be bred under any circumstances without the express permission of the SELLER or if it doesn't
pass OFA or CERF or has other genetic disorders. The Samoyed will only be bred to other
registered purebred Samoyeds of high quality who have demonstrated compliance with the
breed standard and have passed OFA, CERF and other appropriate health screenings.

In the case of genetic health disorders, the Samoyed must be spayed/neutered and no
breeding occur. Should the BUYER purposely breed the Samoyed without the permission of the
SELLER or after the dog does not pass health screening, a penalty of $1,000 will be assessed,
payable within 30 days of such breeding or prior to the signing of any litter registration. All
warranties, expressed or implied, are null and void should this occur.

Any claims to consideration for stud services (if the dog named here is a male) or puppies back
(if the dog named here is a female) are not transferable to another dog owned by the BUYER
unless such a transfer is mutually agreeable and is defined in writing.

Specific Terms of Breeding Rights for Male Pups

      All stud services will be at the mutual agreement of the BUYER and SELLER. The
       betterment of the Samoyed breed will be our primary concern in all decision making.
      The SELLER will be able to use the dog named here at stud with females owned, co
       owned or leased by Lore Samoyeds without paying a stud fee. In addition, on one
       occasion the SELLER will be allowed to present a female not owned by Lore Samoyeds
       for stud service and keep any stud fee. Lore Samoyeds will cover any and all expenses
       associated with these stud services.
      The BUYER will obtain approval of the SELLER prior to using the dog at stud with other
       Samoyed bitches. The SELLER will research the pedigree and provide the BUYER with
       information on the suitability of such breeding and will work with the BUYER to determine
       if such breeding is for the betterment of the Samoyed breed. The SELLER is very willing to
       assist with any pedigree research and may offer suggestions as to suitable mates.
      All other stud fees, either in cash or “puppy back” will be negotiated between the SELLER
       and BUYER.
      The SELLER will be supplied with contact information for all puppies produced from any
       breeding. This will allow the SELLER to track health problems and qualities of the resulting
       pups and provide valuable information for making further breeding decisions with other
       related Samoyeds.

Specific Terms of Breeding Rights for Female Pups

      All litters bred will be at the mutual agreement of the BUYER and SELLER. The betterment
       of the Samoyed breed will be our primary concern in all decision making.
      Breeder and BUYERs must agree on the sire used for each breeding.
      BUYER understands that standard protocol is that the bitch travels to the stud for any
       natural breedings. This may require the Samoyed to travel with or without the BUYER but
       any travel will be with the BUYER's full understanding and consent
      Any litter can be registered under a kennel name selected by the BUYER. If the BUYER
       chooses not to establish his/her own kennel name, the litter will be registered under the
       Lore kennel name.
      Should the bitch be purposely bred without the SELLERs permission, a penalty of $500.00
       and 25% of the sale price of any resulting pups or $1,000, whichever is greater, will be
          payable to the SELLER within 30 days of a whelping and before any litter registration is
         A first breeding will be attempted prior to the Samoyed turning five years old and the
          bitch will not be bred after age seven. When the bitch reaches age seven, she may be
          spayed and proof of spay sent to the SELLER.
         No puppies resulting from any breeding will under any circumstances be sold through a
          commercial store and the BUYER will use care in determining placement of said pups in
          loving family homes. No pups will be sold at auction or to a puppy mill. All puppy BUYERs
          will be required to sign an ownership agreement with similar terms to this agreement and
          a copy of the agreement will be provided to the SELLER.


The BUYER agrees that the SELLER will be kept informed as to the condition of this Samoyed
throughout its lifetime. Though it may or may not become part of any breeding program, the
health of this dog will have an impact on the breeding decisions of other dogs related to it.
Updates will include occasional emails or phone calls and photos at least once per year.

Should there be any disagreement based on this document, the BUYER and SELLER will first
attempt to negotiate and mediate. The parties to this contract will choose a mediator by mutual
agreement. Should any legal action be required, the parties agree that it would be handled in
King County, Washington. BUYER acknowledges that SELLERS liability can never exceed what is
expressed in this guarantee and agreement and is limited to physical replacement of
puppies/dogs or the original purchase price.

We have entered into this agreement with the best of intentions and will hold to the terms
outlined here with good intention also. If any wording is later found to be ambiguous, the
original intention will be applied. We have read, understood, and will abide by the terms of the
above agreement.


___________________________________________           __________________________________________
Cyndy Knighton                                        Date


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Printed name                                          Address

___________________________________________           ___________________________________________
Signature                                             Phone number

___________________________________________           ___________________________________________
Printed name                                          email address

___________________________________________           ___________________________________________
Signature                                             Date
                                     Spay/Neuter Agreement

When to spay/neuter: Generally this should be done when the puppy has reached at least 6
months for a female and 8-12 months for a male. The older the dog, the more able it will be to
withstand the anesthesia. There is no need to wait for a female to have her first heat cycle
before she is spayed. In fact, you can avoid the problems associated with estrus by spaying her
before it occurs. There is also no need to wait for the male to become sexually mature.

Why spay/neuter: Fixing your dog prevents pregnancy and the birth of unwanted puppies. It
avoids the need to restrain the dog during estrus. It keeps both sexes from roaming away from
your house in search of a mate. It reduces the tendency of male dogs to urinate in the house,
marking his territory. Licensing fees are also cheaper. Additionally, it avoids reproductive-related
problems such as tumors, pyometra, false pregnancy, prostate infections, and old-age cancers.

Why should this dog be spayed/neutered? Any puppy sold as a pet should not be bred. This is in
deference to the hard work and reputation of the breeder for only breeding healthy Samoyeds,
that conform as close as possible the Breed Standard. Breeding is not to be done casually nor is
it a money-making venture. It is not a hobby and is very time consuming and energy
demanding. By demanding that this pet-quality puppy be neutered/spayed, it avoids mass-
production of average/poor quality Samoyeds and controls the already overblown dog
population, and improves the overall fitness of the purebred line.

This does not mean that this puppy is an inferior dog. This puppy is as capable as any of its
littermates of becoming a lovable, well-trained, and perfectly happy dog. This does not mean
that this puppy will not be able to learn or compete in any working venues. Given the proper
abundance of love and attention to health and training, nothing should prevent this puppy from
becoming an excellent companion and family member.

BUYER(S) agrees to neuter/spay the puppy before it reaches one year of age. BUYER(S) agrees
to supply SELLER with a veterinarian's letter on his/her letterhead as proof of a neuter/spay.

It is understood that the puppy of specified description in the enclosed contract is of pet quality.
BUYER(S) acknowledges and agrees that this puppy will be registered under AKC limited
registration. In the event that the BUYER(S) does not have the puppy properly neutered/spayed,
any offspring issuing from this pet-quality Samoyed puppy are not eligible for registration with the

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