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					              FACE PAINT DESIGNS - Witch

A quick, very basic witch face painting design, which looks great for
Halloween, especially with a hat and cape. It's really easy to do and can
form the basis for more detailed work if needed.

                                1. Using a sponge apply sparkle
                                white face paint in a fine layer over
                                the face, then go over the outside of
                                the face with a covering of electric
                                green, again with a sponge. The idea
                                is to get a greenish/white tinge too
                                the face, not a complete covering.

                                        2. Next we want some eyebrows
                                        and lips: Using a medium brush and
                                        black face paint, color in the lips
                                        and under the eyes. you can see
                                        how the eyebrows are much the
                                        same as the tiger eyebrows, done
                                        before. This is just to keep the
                                        designs simple and quick to do.
                                        Obviously more detailed work can
                                        be done if needed.

                                               3. Add some spooky cobwebs
                                               to the sides of the face up to
                                               the eyes, again with black.
                                               Whilst doing the black why
                                               not add a creepy crawly
                                               spider to the tip of the nose.
                                               This was all done with a
                                               medium general purpose
                                               brush, applying different
                                               pressures and angles to get
                                               fine or thick lines.
     4. Outline some of the
     spider web with electric
     gold face paint for added

5. And finish off with
some sparkle white as

And there you are, a quick
and easy Halloween witch
face painting design,
which only needs a witch's
hat, cape and broomstick
to complete the outfit.

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