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									FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                 CONTACT: Sandra Falcon
                                                      Area Marketing Manager
                                                      (504) 888-8550

                       MOBILE CHAMBER BUSINESS EXPO

Mobile, Alabama -- (August 9, 2004) - Lee Lentz, a corporate magician who specializes in
branded entertainment, will work his magic in Mobile for The Real Yellow Pages from
BellSouth during the Mobile Chamber of Commerce Business Expo at the Arthur R.
Outlaw Convention Center. The expo is scheduled for August 26, and admission is $2 per

“We are very excited to have Lee as part of our exhibit this year,” says Sandra Falcon,
Area Marketing Manger for The Real Yellow Pages from BellSouth. “He has appeared at
business events in other markets for The Real Yellow Pages, and he’s always a big hit.”

Lentz will perform a series of “mini” magic shows lasting approximately 15-20 minutes
each. During the shows he will combine information about The Real Yellow Pages and with his signature style of eye-popping magic. “We will use magic as a
visual aid to illustrate how businesses can use The Real Yellow Pages and to connect with more potential customers,” Lentz explains. “People will
really have a lot of fun when they visit the Real Yellow Pages exhibit. We’re going to create
some magical moments where you absolutely won’t believe what you see,” he promises.

The magic will happen from 3-8 p.m. at The Real Yellow Pages exhibit booth at the expo.
Visitors to the booth can also obtain free gifts from The Real Yellow Pages.

BellSouth Advertising & Publishing Corporation (BAPCO) is the leading provider of print
and Internet Yellow Pages products in the southeast. BAPCO publishes 63 million copies
of the print Yellow Pages in more than 500 editions in the nine-state BellSouth region.
Users referred to The Real Yellow Pages® from BellSouth nearly 2 billion times last year
and made nearly 160 million searches on The Real Yellow Pages is a
powerful information resource, linking buyers and sellers, with approximately 85 percent of
consumers who reference the directories' most frequently used headings making a
purchase based on their findings.

Lee Lentz is the founder and president of Infinity Partners, based in Nashville, Tennessee.
His firm provides branded entertainment at trade shows and marketing events for
companies across the nation. “The concept of branded entertainment has proven to be
very effective for our clients at trade shows and live marketing events,” says Lentz. “Our
magic is very visual, and at trade shows it generates booth traffic and holds the crowd’s
attention. People like to be entertained, but we go a step further and create an experience
where they learn about the company and remember its message.” For more information
about Infinity Partners, telephone toll-free 866-533-5368 or visit their website at


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