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									                                           W W W. M Y D R E A M W E I G H T. W S
        9          HEALTHY RECIPES FOR YOUR
                       30-DAY BOOTCAMP

       Kick start ’09 with Dr. Stacia Pierce’s resolution-friendly recipes.

                                                                                                           Jumpstart your metabolism
                                                                                                           with this important

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                                                                                                                 Meal Sugg

                                                                             H e a l t h y  R
                                                                                                           Jumpstart your metabolism with
                                                 ch an ge                                                  this important meal
                             n’ wa nt to ju st
       em be r, yo u dont t to ch an ge yo ur lif e! A
 Re m
 yo ur bo dy, yo u wa ea tin g we ll wi ll he lp yo u                                                      Egg White Omelet with your choice of
 he al th y lif es ty le ofFo r so m e it is a ch al le ng e                                               Veggies
 re ac h yo ur go al s. d ot he rs a go al to liv e a                                                      (i.e. onions, bell peppers, mushrooms…)
 to lo se we ig ht , an No m at te r wh at , it’s no t
                                                                                                           • 2 eggs (separating yolk from egg white
 he al th ie r lif es ty le te d!                                                                             into a bowl) or egg whites that already
 to o  la te to ge t st ar   for suc        cess                                                              come in a mini carton
                 Your recipe                                                                               • Choice of chopped veggies
                                                                                                           • lean ground turkey meat
 Use these meals as a starting point. You can personalize these menu                                        Instructions
                                                                                                            Add seasoned salt and pepper to egg
 suggestions and come up with your own ideas for meals that are                                             whites and beat
                                                                                                            Sautee choice veggies and meat(s) with
 nutritious. You can stick to eating the same type of things by mixing                                      olive oil or Olivio, and then add egg
 and matching these recipes for the next 30 days, or just by using                                          mixture to skillet
                                                                                                            Cook both sides and slide onto plate
 these as a measuring stick to see where to start.                                                          folding in half
                                                                                                            Eat this with a cup of fruit or add a
                                                                                                            couple of Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage
Kee p mea ls 3 00 - 5 0 0 C a l o r i e s                                                                   patties
                                                                                                            Fruit Smoothie
           otes to help you prepare the best                                                               • 1 Cup of Berries (i.e. strawberries,

N          meals.
         There are a few easy seasonings
that you can use very sparingly that will
                                                 Simple Substitutes:
                                            Instead of butter use olive oil or Olivio™
                                            to cook with
                                                                                                              blueberries, blackberries, raspberries,
                                                                                                              peaches; fresh or frozen)
                                                                                                           • Fat-Free or Soy Yogurt
                                                                                                           • Fat-Free or Soy Milk
                                            Instead of white rice use the Nishiki™
always spice up your meals without                                                                          Instructions: In blender, place all
                                            brand brown rice. It’s a shorter grain, yet                     ingredients. Cover; blend on high about
making you pack on the pounds. These        very flavorful and not mushy.                                   30 seconds until smooth. Pour mixture
are: Lawry’s™ Seasoned Salt, Ground                                                                         into glass.
Pepper, Mrs. Dash™ & Granulated                Fr u it S a la d                                            Scrambled Egg Whites with a side of
Garlic. These go well with your egg                                                                            sliced honey smoked turkey
whites all the way to your grilled or     The proper po
                                          per day is two rtion of fruit
                                                                                                                  2 eggs (separating yolk from egg
baked chicken.                                                                                                        white into a bowl) or egg whites
                                               A list of fruits that are                                              that already come in a mini
When cooking on the stove top, a very      definitely good to ea             Grapes                                    carton
                                                               t for
healthy and tasty alternative to butter or weight loss are:                 Honeydew                                 Instructions: Add seasoned salt
margarine would be to use extra virgin Apple                               Muskmelon                               and pepper to egg whites and beat
                                           Apricot                         Strawberries                        • While cooking fold and scramble
olive oil or Olivio™.
                                               Blackberries                Peaches                                eggs to your liking Add turkey
The meals listed are meal suggestions, Blueberries                         Pineapple                              slices warmed or cold
but for other meals that you prepare try Cantaloupe                        Plums                                	              to plate
to keep your calories low 300-500 per Cherries
meal.                                    Grapefruit

This should be the
Largest meal of                                                             Meal Suggestions
the day
                                              Don’t eat after 8pm. If you absolutely need to, grab a protein shake.
                                              As a companion with these meats you are able to eat vegetables and brown rice.
    Meal                                                B ak ed M ea ts
                                                                                                As a companion with
                                                                                                                       these meats
                                                                                                you are able to eat ve
                                                                                                                       getables and
                                                                                                brown rice.
Lunch                                         • Baked Chicken breas
                                                seasonings and jui t in natural                   (Add the lemon-herb
                                              • Baked Balsamic Vinaig                            seasoning in addition
Brown Fried Rice with Chicken                   breast                rette Chicken              to the first three for
• Steamed brown rice                                                                             the lemon-herb
• 2 cooked chicken breasts (cut               • Baked Lemon Herb Ch
                                                Fish                icken breast or             dish.)
  up to add to rice when done)                                                                  Add about ½ an
• Sliced onions, scallions,                   • Baked BBQ Chicken                               inch of water to pa
                                                                        breast                                        n
  carrots                                                                                      or container to keep
                                              Instructions: For yo                                                       chicken from gettin
• 1 or 2 eggs (depending on                                         ur convenience             dry while cooking                             g
  how many you’re serving)                    included are 4 protei
                                                                    n rich meals which         Add Vinaigrette or
• Low Sodium Soy Sauce                       can be cooked the                                                       BBQ Sauces to me
                                                                 same way just by              after seasoning                           ats
• Fried Rice Seasoning                       adding the appropr
                                                                 iate seasonings an            Feel free to add so
Instructions: In a wok (at 350°) add ½       sauces.                                d/or                             me fresh chopped
                                                                                              vegetables to add so
tsp. olive oil or Olivio till melted and                                                      or experiment at yo
                                                                                                                        me additional flavo
scramble egg(s). Then add onions,            Preheat oven to 35                                                      ur own risk for other
                                                                0°. Clean chicken             flavors. Onions, ce
scallions, carrots and stir fry with egg.   thoroughly and put                                                      lery, and mushrooms
                                                                into an oven safe pa          are a great combina
After veggies and eggs are cooked,          or container. Add the                    n                                tion. Cover. Cook
                                                                  three seasonings           thoroughly by flippin
add brown rice and stir with mixture        mentioned above sp                                                        g chicken breast/fi
                                                                 aringly to both sides       fillet over every 30                         sh
Add soy sauce and fried rice                of the chicken/fish.                                                    or 45 mins. Time lim
                                                                                             depends on oven typ                         it
seasoning to entire mixture and stir                                                                                   e and type of meat
                                                                                             being cooked.
(add seasoning sparingly because you
don’t want it to come out too salty)
                                                     Lam b Ch ops
Organic Turkey Burger
                                                 Can be cooked in oven or skillet              Add TBSP of Olivio or enough
(without the bun)
                                                                                               olive oil to cover bottom of pan
 • Ground turkey to shape into a
                                                  Oven Instructions:                           Add lamb chops and
    burger or already made burger
                                                  Prepare just as you would the meals          season while in pan
    that just needs to be cooked
                                                  above.                                       Add sliced onions and
                      •Sliced onions
                                                  Add sliced onions and mushrooms              mushrooms throughout dish
                      and mushrooms
                                                  throughout dish and cover                    and cover
                      to sautee and
                                                  Cook according to your taste. This           Let meat brown and
                      add to top
                                                  particular meat can be cooked to             turn over to cook other
                                                  rare or well done (whatever you              side (seasoning other
                      Cook burger to
                                                  decide)                                      side as well)
                                                   Stove Top Instructions:                      Cook to desired temperature (i.e.
taste and add veggies and
                                                   Prepare just as you would the meals          medium well, well done…)
condiments to liking
Grilled Chicken Salad                               S ti r Fr y Veg et ab
                                                                          le s
• 2 boneless whole chicken
  breasts (8-10 oz. ea.),                          Sliced onions, mu
  split in half, skin removed                      zucchini, broccoli,
                                                                       celery, red bell
  and cut                                          pepper

                    ea          s                  Low Sodium Soy
            ther id
          O                                        Emeril’s Asian Esse
                                                  The Big 3 (Seasone
  Snacks: Fresh Fruit (see list on front)         Ground Black Peppd Salt,
  Snacks: Protein Bars                            Granulated Garlic
  Snacks: Fresh Vegetables                                                                   seasonings and so
                                                                                                                y sauce. Stir and
                                                 In a wok (at 350) ad                        allow to cook for 2-
  Donʼts: Carbs                                                           d 1/2 tsp. olive                        3 minutes.
                                                 oll or Olivio till melte
  Junk food & Sweets                                                      d. Add
                                                 vegetables stirring
  Fried food & Pasta                                                    to coat with
                                                 olive oil or Olivio. Af
  White Rice & Potatoes                                                  ter coated add
  Most Condiments
  Cheese (only a little)


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