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     Derek Sherinian
                                Planet X: “Quantum”
                                On their fourth studio album “Quantum”, Planet X make quite an impression with a
       Virgil Donati            breathtaking mixture of instrumental rock, metal and fusion. Apart from the founding
         (Drums)                members, keyboardist Derek Sherinian and drummer Virgil Donati, the album features of
                                host of guest musicians including the inimitable Allan Holdsworth (Soft Machine, UK).
    Guest musicians:
                                When asked what makes Planet X so special, keyboard player Derek Sherinian quickly describes
       Brett Garsed             it as being the “craziest instrumental band in the world” and getting straight to the point, he refers
                                to the music of the new album “Quantum” as “metal fusion on steroids!” Sherinian’s words may be
     Allan Holdsworth           said half jokingly but they actually aren’t far from the truth, for this furious mix of hard rock, heavy
          (Guitar)              metal and jazz fusion unleashes a torrent of energy both in the musicians as well as the fans.
     Jimmy Johnson
         (Bass)                 The technical skills harnessed by each of the album’s collaborators together with the
      Rufus Philpot
                                compositional talent of Sherinian and his partner Virgil Donati (drums), who wrote eight of the nine
         (Bass)                 songs on this new album, have intrigued both critics and fans since the band’s inception.
                                “Quantum” is a gripping instrumental album that enthrals the listener right from the first note. “With
                                each new album we want to expand our musical boundaries, both harmonically as well as
                                rhythmically,” says Sherinian about the intention of the new record. He goes on to add, “No-one
                                plays music as complex as Planet X”.
                                Sherinian and Donati very carefully chose the musicians who would be on board this time around.
        „Quantum“               With bassist Jimmy Johnson and Rufus Philpot (Al Di Meola) and guitarist Brett Garsed, Planet X
          (2007)                has surrounded themselves with true masters of their trade. “Jimmy is an incredibly good bassist
      „Live From Oz“            who brought a lot of groove into the arrangements,” Sherinian explains. “Rufus, who plays live
          (2002)                with us, did a great job too. Guitarist Brett Garsed, who played on my first solo album, has a really
      „MoonBabies“              cool legato style. He also has this strong rock feel and provides a real heaviness that we had
         (2002)                 hoped for”.
                                Sherinian and Donati were particularly pleased about convincing friend and colleague, Allan
                                Holdsworth to collaborate on “Quantum”. A former member of Soft Machine and UK, Holdsworth
        “Planet X”              has played with acts such as Gong, Stanley Clarke, Jack Bruce and Bill Bruford. He is rightly
          (1999)                regarded as one of the most innovative guitarists in the history of rock and fusion. “Allan is our
                                favourite guitarist”, says Sherinian. “He is a master of improvisation with a truly unique style.            Originally, we wanted him play on the whole album but scheduling commitments only allowed him
                                to contribute to the tracks “Desert Girl” and “The Thinking Stone” but his parts on these songs are

                                Planet X was founded back in 1999. Before that time, Derek Sherinian had been a session
   Interviews on request        musician for Alice Cooper and Kiss as well as a permanent member of Dream Theater. Donati
Biography and photographic
                                has worked with numerous artists including Steve Vai and Steve Walsh (Kansas). Just before
   material available for       leaving Dream Theater, Sherinian prepared his first solo album “Planet X” in collaboration with
       downloading              Donati. By working on that project, they discovered that they had a lot of musical things in            common. “Virgil is a stellar drummer”, says Sherinian in praise of his musical partner. “He just
                                gets better each day and is a source of inspiration for everybody who works with him”. As a result,
                                Planet X became a fully fledged band even before the release of the first record. “This all          happened literally a day after I was given my pink slip by Dream Theater”, says Sherinian. The
                                band has since gone on to release four studio albums and a live album. Not a bad track record for
                                a band that started out as a one-off project!

                                New album:                  ‘Quantum’
                                Release:                    May 21st 2007
                                Label/distribution:         InsideOut Music/SPV
                                Catalogue number:           SPV 79482

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