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									Volume 2, Issue 2                                                                                         February 2006

Director’s Corner: James C. Jones                                Top 10 Love Songs               from
We want you….. to be involved in VOV! No, not just the                  1.    Atlantic Starr – “Always” (1987)
Production Team or Board, we want EVERYONE to be                        2.    Beatles – “In My Life” (1965)
involved in the Choir. One of the most important additions to           3.    Carpenters – “We’ve Only Just Begun” (1970)
the choir in the last year is COMMITTEES. Yes, we ask that              4.    Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes – “Up Where
each one of you pick or let us pick a committee for you to
serve on. OK, no panicking. We will not require a lot of you,
                                                                              We Belong” (1982)
nor will you have to show up for meetings at different times            5.    Crystals – “Then He Kissed Me” (1963)
and locations. All meetings will occur, immediately after               6.    Dixie Cups – “Chapel Of Love” (1964)
rehearsals and will be very short. You will be asked to do a            7.    98 Degrees – “I Do (Cherish You)” (1999)
small, simple task that won’t take up a lot of your time. So,           8.    *NSYNC – “This I Promise You” (2000)
why do we want everyone to be on a committee?                           9.    Sting – “Fields Of Gold” (1993)
                                                                        10.   Ann Wilson and Mike Reno – “Almost
Equally simple: when choir members have the opportunity to                    Paradise” (1984)
participate on a higher level (committee) it gives them the
chance to be a more intricate part of the process. More          Voices of Valencia Summer Encore
involvement - more ownership of the process - more
ownership - more members who want to return and stay.
                                                                 For the first time, in a long time, VOV will be available
We believe that people want to be involved in more than just     for you to join in the Summer ’06 Session. This “VOV
the singing, so we are trying to make that happen.               Light” will focus on building ensemble through new
Want more input: on Thursday, February 16, 2006, we will         techniques and while learning new music for the FALL
be having our 1st Town Hall Meeting. All members are             semester. “But I am busy during the summer and I
eligible, except Board and Production Team members. We           take a vacation; there’s just no time for VOV!” Well we
will be taking the 1st six people who email me: and say they want to be a part of the          expect you to miss rehearsals and that’s where the
process. You will be meeting with me and a few of my board       “light” comes in, we will work and we will play and we
members at a restaurant for coffee, tea and cookies(?) and       may or may not perform! But it is certain we will grow,
there you will have the opportunity to ask questions and
share comments. Please make sure you email ASAP, as we           learn and enjoy the art building ensemble… See you in
can only take 6 people. VOV we are listening… what do you        the “Summer, Summer, Summertime…”
have to say?
                                                                 Music Usage Etiquette
Thanks and let’s make this the best Spring Season ever!
                                                                 By: Amanda Burrows, Choir Librarian/Admin. Assistant
Warm-Up Tip
First and foremost, for warm-ups to be effective, you            Please do not use highlighters or pens in your music.
MUST be here for them. Darren will help you get that             Pencil only so it can be erased if next year someone
part you just can’t seem to grasp and he will help us            who does not sing your part gets it. Also please do
get that concept of ensemble, as a group! Try to do              your best not to leave it in your car as the heat is not
simple and light (don’t over do it) warm-ups in your car         good for the ink used in the print and the paper will dry
on the way to rehearsal. Maybe tape “mommy makes                 out.
me eat my M&M’s” during one of Darren’s warm-ups
and keep it in your car or sing a children’s limerick or                            – Book of the Month –
an old hymn on the way in. Remember you are just
trying to “knock the dust” off your voice, so don’t sing                      “Excellence is NEVER an Accident”
too loud and don’t force it!                                                          By Derric Johnson

                                                          the VOICE 1
Don’t Forget to Breathe                                      Don’t Forget to Breathe (continued)
One of the cornerstones of learning to sing is knowing       In most people the breathing is shallow and only the
how to breathe correctly by learning to control your         top half of the lungs are used - breathing correctly
breathing so that it is used to optimum effect when you
sing.                                                        uses the whole of the lungs so that more air is
                                                             available, the singer then uses the natural action of the
When we are born our breathing is naturally correct,         muscles (diaphragm and abdominals) surrounding the
babies can breathe, yell and scream with optimum             lungs to control the amount of air that is exhaled when
effect because they use their lungs without conscious
                                                             singing a note.
thought. As we grow older, some people become lazy
in their habits only using the upper part of the lungs,      Good breath support during singing and speech
taking a shallow breath instead of a normal one.             requires good posture, abdominal breathing and
To understand how correct breathing and breath               breathing during natural pauses. Breathing and correct
control works, first you need to understand the process      support does not require great physical strength -
that it uses to operate.                                     although having toned abdominal muscles helps, even
                                                             a child can learn how to breathe and support their
 Surrounding your lungs is a muscle system called the
                                                             voice correctly. Remember....the diaphragm doesn't
diaphragm which is attached to the lower ribs on the
sides, bottom and to the back acting as an inhalation        exhale for you - just helps to control the amount of air
device. When you breathe in the muscle lowers                exhaled.
displacing the stomach and intestines. When you
breathe out the diaphragm helps to manage the                HUMOROUS GLOSSARY                      OF
muscles around the lungs (abdominal muscles) control         MUSICAL TERMS - D
how quickly the breath is exhaled.
                                                             Da capo al fine: I like your hat!
If you breathe out quickly, the diaphragm does nothing
but when you breathe out very slowly the diaphragm           Detache: An indication that the trombones are to play
resists the action of the abdominal muscles. A singer        with the slides removed.
learns to use this muscle system to control the breath
as it is being exhaled.                                      Di lasso: Popular with Italian cowboys.

                                                             Discord: Not to be confused with Datcord.
Hold a finger close to your lips and breath out slowly,
the breath should be warm and moist and you should           Drone: The sound of a single monk during an attack of
notice the action of the diaphragm as you exhale. This       Crotchet.
is the correct amount of breath used when singing
normally. A singer does not need to 'force' or 'push' air    Ductia: 1) A lot of mallards. 2) Vire's organum.
through the vocal chords to produce a good strong
sound, doing so creates too much pressure against the        Duration: Can be used to describe how long a music
chords, preventing them from operating correctly which       teacher can exercise self-control.
can cause damage to the voice.
                                                                       Next month we will discover “E”
The stomach area should move naturally inward
toward the end of the breath, the stomach should not         Check Us Out!
be 'sucked in' as it prevents the diaphragm from          
working effectively. Instead the abdominal area should
remain expanded to the level it was when you inhaled           
and allowed to gradually decrease naturally at the end
of the breath.                                               But what about?

This is where the 'control' comes into play - the singer     Questions, Ideas, Concerns or Just want to be more
expands the lungs by inhaling and 'controls' the             involved? Please see a board member or send an
amount of air expelled when singing a note by allowing       email to
the muscle support system to remain expanded - this
doesn't mean the stomach is pushed out, rather that it         Quote of the Month “I never wanted to be
is blown up like a balloon when the air goes in and the          famous. I only wanted to be great.”
singer slows down the natural rate at which it goes                          – Ray Charles
down. (Continued on right side)

                                                     the VOICE 2


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