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Study Finds Growing Fear of Cyberattacks

A survey of 600 computing and computer-security executives in 14 countries suggests
that attacks on the Internet pose a growing threat to the energy and communication
systems that underlie modern society.

The findings, issued Thursday by the Center for Strategic and International Studies and
the computer-security company McAfee, echoed alarms raised this month by Google
after it experienced a wave of cyberattacks.

“One of the striking things we determined is that half of the respondents believe they
have already been attacked by sophisticated government intruders,” said the study’s
director, Stewart A. Baker. “It tells us that this is a serious problem right now.”

More than half of the executives called their own nation’s laws inadequate for deterring
cyberattacks. Half identified the United States as one of the three most vulnerable
countries; the others were China and Russia.

Moreover, the United States was identified most frequently as a potential source of
Charles Gasparino’s The Sellout: The Fall of 2008 and the Global Financial System

Wall Street’s romance with risk developed an ever increasing appetite for risk taking;
which led to investments that were bizarre, esoteric and complicated. So complicated that
former Treasury Secretary under President Clinton, Bob Reuben, a trader deluxe at
Citigroup, didn’t even understand collateralized debt obligations. Yet, here was a man
who earned a million salary at Citigroup. According to Gasparino, “There was no
responsibility. He should have stepped up to the plate, but instead advocated Citigroup to
take on even more risk!!!”

A mild rupture to the system, that of decreasing housing prices, among others, created
massive implosion. The model, did not have a possibility that home prices could go down
so they were kept on balance sheets. The correction led to defaults, people could not
afford the mortgage they were paying, they had variable rate loans, had bought homes
with nothing down and nothing invested, homeowners in increasing numbers walked
away from obligations they could not fulfill… and the list goes on.

You’ll walk away from watching this program angry at the irresponsibility of government
and Wall Street and the risks they have taken that have put all of us at risk.(12 September
2007 - Online press article John H. Binkley )
Tally of Senators Voting Intentions on Bernanke Confirmation

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s confirmation became less clear in recent days
after some Democratic senators came out in opposition to his reappointment.

Dow Jones Newswires and The Wall Street Journal have compiled a tally of senators who
have declared their intentions for the confirmation vote based on interviews with the
senators or their offices. Amid the threat of a filibuster, Bernanke needs the support of 60
senators for his nomination to succeed.

The current tally:

Voting “Yes”: 53 (38 Democrats, 14 Republicans, 1 Independent)
Voting “No”: 20 (5 Democrats, 14 Republicans, 1 Independent)
Officially Undecided: 21 (11 Democrats, 10 Republicans)

The remainder of the senators haven’t officially commented.

The Senate Banking Committee voted 16-7 last month to move the Bernanke
confirmation to the full Senate.John H. Binkley
Apple Tablet: Stock Action on Big Unveils

Shares of Apple have been trading higher for weeks in anticipation of the company’s
tablet device, expected to be announced at 1 p.m. EST Wednesday. Anyway, we figured
it was worth taking a look at how Apple shares have behaved on days when the company
made some major announcements.

Here’s our quick and dirty research:

May 29, 1992 — Apple unveils the Newton; its handwriting recognition was bad enough
to prompt parodies in the “Doonesbury” comic strip. Shares rise slightly, 0.4%, to .94.

May 6, 1998 — Apple unveils the first iMac, which it intends to sell for about ,300. “It
looks like it’s from another planet - a good planet, one with better designers,” Jobs tells
reporters of the translucent white and teal plastic computer, adding that rival computers
are “ug-LEE.” Volume rises from about 15 million shares to 32 million as the stock price
climbs 2.2% to .58. (23 March 2009 Ryan Binkley )

John H. Binkley article

Google Adds Click-To-Call Links In Mobile Ads

Google announced that a new feature for its mobile ads has gone live today: Click to

This feature, announced earlier in the month, means that mobile ads on smartphones can
now include clickable phone numbers that will automatically trigger a call.
Smartphones often automatically convert phone numbers into clickable links when they
recognize them.

But Google's Click to Call has one very attractive new feature: the phone number can be
tailored to the user's location, as determined by GPS. This should be very useful when
looking up businesses with a lot of branches spread across the country or world.( 28
August 2008 Online press John H. Binkley )

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