Celebrate this Christmas with and its fabulous new products

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					Celebrate this Christmas with and its fabulous new

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 Paul Lochead the director of proudly announces the of their product range
 specially designed for the Christmas celebrations and evening parties. The company is
 famous for its amazing collection of bar and cocktail equipments sold online. The new
 products are introduced in the spirit of celebrations for the birth of the Almighty. To make
 this Christmas special has launched the following new products:
Online PR News – 21-October-2010 Happy Man Bottle Stopper:
A famous and fun filled gift which adds more comedy to any party is the Happy Man Bottle Stopper.
A man who is happy to help you save your half leftover bottles with his appendage as the stopper is
the prime attraction of this accessory. A gift which has fun plus use is the basic aim of this tool.

Chambrer Draft Beer Dispenser:
A tool which can be used to play pub Landlord by dispensing beer and ciders in the traditional way
from its tap is the hot favourite amongst all. The Chambrer Draft Beer Dispenser forms a great
buddy when paired up with the yard of ale.

Thirst Aid Beer Helmet:
World famous and popular helmet in the sports field both by men and women is the Thirst Aid Beer
Helmet. The helmet is specially designed in pink with soft feathers around for the sporty women’s to
beat the heat. It also comes in other colours like red and yellow. Each helmet has two holders
where the beer or cider cans are placed. Once the cans are placed n the holders the user can enjoy
the drink while using the hands to do some other work.
Traditional Pub Beer Mats:
The accessory will keep the customer in the Pub all the time is the Traditional Pub Beer Mat.
Customers can sip in each shot and place the glass back on the mat. The mat comes in 25 different
varieties with different logos representing different beer brands.

Tequila Slammer Pack:
The Tequila Slammer Pack gives a different experience each time shot is taken. The specifically
designed glass is accompanied by the Mexican style sombrero hat which gives a cultural and
comical touch to the entire atmosphere. These shot glasses of tequila can be checked on

The new and variety of drinking and bar accessories can be found on Drinkstuff website.
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