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					                                                      The MArch program was officially launched in fall 2009. The first degrees
                                                      will be awarded in May 2010, including class of 2009 graduates. Alumni that
                                                      received their Bachelor of Architecture in 2007 and 2008 can also qualify for
                                                      the degree by taking one additional course in summer 2010.

                                                      MArch students Melissa Martinez
                                                      (left) and Dani Letitia modeling
                                                      clothing made from coffee filters.

                                 Master of Architecture Students Hold

                                 Fashion Show
                                 Students in the Master of Architecture (MArch)            such as a limited budget. The event was a huge
                                 program constructed a temporary art installation          success, allowing students the opportunity to
                                 for a fashion show as part of a studio project            design, build, budget, and complete a real project.
                                 focused on designing a garment factory. The                  “Once the models hit the stage, the lights and
                                 show, Two-Fold, featured faculty and students             music were on, the crowd was cheering, and the
                                 modeling their designs.                                   space became alive,” said Alexandra Dupnik,
Photo: Jeff McMullin, BCNS ’09

                                   The design goal of the MArch studio project             MArch ’10. “It was better than I could have ever
                                 was to build a full-scale piece of architecture.          anticipated. All of the professors, students, and
                                 The temporary “art installation”—in this case, a          friends were getting into the show and feeding
                                 fashion runway—addressed many of the obstacles            off the enthusiasm of the crowd.”
                                 an architect could encounter in the real world,

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Construction Site Laboratory
                                                                                               Donald Pogorzelski,
                                                                                               Hon. ’06, Launches the
Wentworth celebrated                                                                           President’s Distinguished
the opening of a new con-                                                                      Lecture Series
struction site laboratory
in November. Over 800                                                                          As part of the inaugural
civil engineering tech-                                                                        President’s Distinguished
nology and construction                                                                        Lecture Series, Dr. Donald
management students                                                                            Pogorzelski, president of
now have an outdoor lab                                                                        Genzyme Diagnostics,
for simulating on-site                                                                         presented a lecture titled
work conditions.                Professor Craig Capano (center left), AET ’83, CMW
                                                                                               Leading an Organization
   Classes will use this        ’93, and President Zorica Pantić (center right),               in Challenging Times.
new space for building          joined by Wentworth employees and industry                        Pogorzelski spoke to
construction system mock-       representatives at the dedication ceremony.                    Wentworth students, faculty,
ups and exploring con-                                                                         and staff about what it takes
struction equipment operation. An 875-square-foot excavation pit allows                        to effectively manage and lead
students to experience forming, framing, and construction masonry. A                           a company during difficult
project trailer and a storage container can be used to review plans and                        times, citing examples relating
store hard hats, safety glasses, and other materials.                                          to drug production and recent
   The laboratory is a testament to the continued collaboration between                        debates over healthcare.
the Institute and industry. Nearly $30,000 in products and services                               He also advised that having
was generously donated by Shawmut Design and Construction, Boston                              the right people in place and
Plasterers’ and Cement Masons’ Local 534, Aggregate Industries, Barker                         adhering to your company’s
Steel LLC, Independent Concrete Pumping Corporation, The Home                                  core values are assets when
Depot, and the Reinforced Concrete Construction Committee (RC3).                               navigating a rough stretch.
                                                                                               “If you believe in your core
                                                                                               values and believe in your
Mock IntervIew DAy                                                                             people, then there is no reason
                                                                                               to stop doing what you are
                                                                                               doing in the face of a challenge.”
                                                                              Photo: Fayfoto

                                        Wentworth students engaging with
                                        alumni and industry representatives at                  Donald Pogorzelski, Hon. ’06,
                                        the eighth annual Mock Interview Day.
                                                                                                addresses a full auditorium in
                                                                                                Beatty Hall.

    FACTS >>
                     50,000                       leopards exist worldwide. They can run up to   36         miles an hour. Wentworth’s

4      [wentworth spring 10]
                                                 Wentworth Inducted
                                                 into Massachusetts Building Congress Hall of Fame
                                                 Wentworth was inducted into the            of leaders in the design and con-
                                                 Massachusetts Building Congress            struction industry. “Wentworth
                                                 (MBC) Hall of Fame in October for          is universally admired for its
                                                 its legacy of contributions to the         community service and civic
                                                 building industry and the surround-        engagement,” the MBC said.
                                                 ing community.                             “The Institute is one of the design
                                                    “It’s truly an honor to be recog-       and construction industry’s best
                                                 nized by the Massachusetts Building        resources for advancing practice
                                                 Congress as an inductee into the           knowledge in the profession.”
                                                 Hall of Fame,” said President Zorica          As part of the 88th annual din-
                                                 Pantić. “As Wentworth continues            ner gala, the MBC also inducted
                                                 to prepare and train students to           two firms into their Hall of Fame:
                                                 become tomorrow’s leaders in con-          Bond Brothers, a fourth generation-
                                                 struction management and related           led construction company, and J.C.
                                                 fields, including civil engineering        Cannistraro LLC, one of the larg-
                                                 technology and architecture, we are        est family-owned, privately-held
                                                 fortunate to have strong industry ties     mechanical contracting firms in the
                  Pictured (left to right):      to—and the active participation by—        nation. The 2009 induction class
                  Ed Bond, Hon. ’09,             many companies as part of the educa-       brings the total number of honorees
                  President Zorica Pantić,
                                                 tion students receive at the Institute.”   in the MBC Hall of Fame to 10.
                  and John Cannistraro Jr.
                  accepting their awards.
                                                    The Institute was praised by the
                                                 MBC for having trained generations

                           Cutting-Edge Technology with Cintiq
                           Wentworth recently purchased state-of-the-art graphics tablets for use in architecture
                           and industrial design classes. The Cintiq graphics tablet allows users to design directly
                           on a display surface while the image is displayed on an overhead projector or
                           computer screen. The Cintiq produces images that resemble a
                           natural drawing and has the editing capabilities and
                           additional effects of a computer program.
                              “This device has proven to be a valuable and
                           effective tool for teaching freshmen drawing, allow-
                           ing for a dynamic and hands-on learning experi-
                           ence,” said Rob Trumbour, professor of architecture.
                           “Lectures are more engaging, and students can follow
                           along by drawing in their own sketchbooks as I go.”

leopard came in   2nd            place in the   2009            Boston Mayor’s Cup Mascot Bike Race, ahead of Wally the Green Monster.

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  Articulation Agreement
  with IBEW Local 103

  The Arioch Center @ Wentworth signed an articulation agree-
  ment with Local 103 International Brotherhood of Electrical
  Workers (IBEW) to offer an Associate of Applied Science in
  Engineering Technology (AENT) to graduates of the Inside
  Wireman Apprenticeship Program.
     The agreement enables graduates of the Joint Apprenticeship
  and Training Committee (JATC) of Greater Boston to advance
  their careers through a professional degree program designed
  to enhance skills, supplementing the content of the JATC.
     Recognizing apprentices’ full-time work schedules, the pro-
  gram is structured so that all courses are offered on Saturdays
  at the IBEW Training Facility in Dorchester. Students will take
  two courses each semester for five semesters, and will complete
  the associate degree program in less than two years.
                                                                       Mayor Menino and the
     “Students will benefit from a program that fits into their busy
                                                                       Wentworth Leopard
  professional lives and offers the opportunity to gain an impor-
  tant academic credential, which will be helpful for management-      Mayor Thomas Menino cheered for
  level jobs and for building a more educated workforce,” said Dr.     Wentworth at the annual Mission Hill
  Michael Kupferman, associate vice president of academic affairs      Road Race. Wentworth took first place
  and associate provost at Wentworth.                                  for the fourth year in a row, winning the
                                                                       Puddingstone Pot—the award given to the
                                                                       school with the most supporters.

A student observing Ryan Spencer Reed’s
exhibition, Sudan: The Cost of Silence, which was
on display in the Casella Gallery in fall 2009.

6         [wentworth spring 10]
                                                         Athletics Highlights
For a full list of stats or to follow
athletics visit:



                                        The men’s soccer team celebrating their win.
A Home Run for a
Wentworth Pitcher

Wentworth pitcher Chris                                Men’s Soccer Team
Sandini, BMET ’10, attended
                                                       Captures ECAC Championship Title
the Oldtime Baseball Game’s
media event, where he met                              The Wentworth men’s soccer team captured its first-ever Eastern
Johnny Pesky and was given                             College Athletic Conference (ECAC) New England Division III
a ball signed by the Red                               Men’s Soccer Championship with a 1–0 win over Castleton State
Sox legend.                                            College on Sunday, November 15, 2009. The victory also gave
                                                       the Leopards 15 wins for the season, which ties the 2007 squad
Department of Humanities,                              for the most wins in a season in the program’s 25-year history.
Social Sciences, and
Management Associate
Professor Mark John Isola,
who encouraged Sandini
to participate in the

                                                     Dig Pink
game, commented, “It
was a thrill watching
Sandini pitch that
night. He’s a bit of                                 In an effort to raise
a dancer on the                                      awareness about breast
mound, and as I                                      cancer, the women’s
watched him pitch                                    volleyball team joined
I realized, yet again,                               nearly 800 college and
what a joy it is to work                             high school volleyball
with such exceptional                                programs across the
students. Sandini’s will-                            country in Dig Pink,
ingness to participate in                            a Breast Cancer
this charity game speaks                             Awareness Rally.                  The women’s volleyball team wearing
volumes of this fact.”                                                                 pink uniforms in their match against
                                                                                       UMass Dartmouth.
   Chris Sandini, BMET ’10
   Chris Sandini, BMET ’10

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