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									Jewelry Line Inspiring People to Care for Themselves

During troubled times and in a down economy, ME Jewelry is making its mark while lifting spirits,
giving people hope, and giving back.

Denver, CO, October 21, 2010 --( When difficult times arise in life it's nice to know that you
have support to get through the challenging journey. Colee Sescilla, owner and founder of ME Jewelry,
brings that support and inspiration to people who need it most. Using powerful and natural stones, the
designs from ME Jewelry connect people with the healing power of the earth. This strength allows people
to forge ahead and live their dreams.

Colee is no stranger to adversity and challenges. Having spent the majority of her career in corporate
America, she was faced with a difficult job loss. Colee decided to make lemonade out of lemons, and
pulled together her creative spirit and ingenuity. Adding all of her knowledge from previous positions
Colee created a delicate and beautiful jewelry line, unique and enticing packaging, a company website,
marketing collateral, and a customer base.

While growing up in Colorado, Colee learned to appreciate her surroundings and the importance of giving
back. Colee's dream is to create a sustainable environmentally friendly company that uses local vendors
and local people to help in the growth of ME Jewelry. ME Jewelry reflects this by working with We
Made This, a sewing program within the African Community Center of Denver. Instead of outsourcing
her packaging to places like China or India, Colee pays above fair wages to the women at the non-profit
for their time and services. Ashley Nemiro, We Made This program director boasts, “It's a perfect
partnership. We both benefit from this relationship, plus Colee has helped promote the organization
through her jewelry line and website.”

By sharing inspiration and offering insight into her success and healing, Colee has created a jewelry line
that makes people feel good and look beautiful. Collector Cory Bryant swears each piece of her ME
Jewelry has helped her heal faster (in recovering from major back surgery) and has given her the courage
to pursue her lifelong dream of acting. “The pieces are simple yet beautiful. Every time I look at my wrist
it helps me remember what I need to focus on. Sometimes they just remind me to slow down and

Colee explains, “I want to help people believe in themselves, and I think each piece of jewelry offers a
little bit of insight on how they can do just that.” Every piece includes an explanation of the stone's
power, such as “compassion,” “confidence,” or “willpower.” A thoughtful sentiment is included with the
jewelry, and is all packaged in a sturdy yet simple, ME Jewelry handmade case.

After the job loss Colee relied on her network of friends, past business contacts and colleagues to help
make MEJewelry the success it is today. Wanting to further the cycle of sharing and support, MEJewelry
donates 3% of profits to charitable contribution. “I believe everything comes back around, the more you
give, the more you receive. I also believe you can make a living doing what you love!”

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ME Jewelry is an environmentally friendly and socially conscientious company designed and created in
Denver, CO. Made from semi-precious stones, sterling silver or 14K Gold Vermeil, every piece of
jewelry is created with the intention to inspire and heal. MEJewelry is available online at, The Blues Jean Bar in Cherry Creek, Tall Grass Spa in Evergreen, and OmTime
Centers for Healing in Boulder. ME Jewelry was also an exhibitor at the Holiday Mart sponsored by
Junior League Denver, October 14-17 and will be at the Head to Toe Expo in Del Mar California
November 12-14.

To schedule an interview with Colee Sescilla, or for more information about ME Jewelry please email or call (303) 889-9577.


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