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									The Golden Era of Offshore Jobs
Posted by admin On December 11, 2009 12:15 AM

If you are interested in offshore jobs , you must turn to the oil and gas industry. Vast opportunities are going
to be created in this sector, as half of the industry workforce will retire in the coming decade. This will create a
tremendous shortage of labor for companies involved in energy and drilling projects. So, it is not wrong to say
that a golden era for offshore jobs is about to start.

The year 2009 brought a flood of job opportunities overseas due to the huge shift in financial scenario. During the onset of recession,
companies were busy downsizing. Now, as the economy is struggling to rise beyond the troubled waters, companies are naturally
experiencing a shortage of workforce. There are a number of vacancies now. This is the right time to brush your skills and start
looking around for offshore jobs in your preferred sector.

You can find innumerable offshore jobs as cooks, chefs, galley hands, night bakers, stewards and stewardesses, storing house
managers and guards, housekeeping and cleaning staff, painters, welders, radio operators, electricians, and many more.

Catering is another promising sector that has hundreds of offshore jobs . This industry usually works on contracts. The catering and
food service firms manage this industry and outsourcing is a common thing here. The catering contractor is accountable for all
aspects of food service including snacks and meals, and arrangements for special occasions and holidays. The offshore catering
service is also responsible for the hygiene and maintenance of the kitchen and dining hall, accommodation for staff, and recreational
areas. It is thus a demanding as well as an exciting industry. No wonder offshore jobs in this sector have seen a boom in the recent
It is easy to start at entry level offshore jobs . Even if you are loaded with huge land-based experience, you need to get down a
couple of steps in your success ladder and start from scratch in offshore jobs . Although jobs of painters, technicians, radio operators,
cooks and stewards, and storeroom personnel do not ask for offshore experience.

The storing market in the US and outside has witnessed a huge surge in space demand. Thus, the competition has turn out to be
stiffer. This has in turn created a large number of job opportunities as lumber room staff, managers, guards, and transportation
professionals. You can find offshore jobs in this sector with ease.

The most up-to-date craze is to convert realty material goods into warehouses which create opportunities as brokers, architects,
designers, consultants, and others. But, it is not just about opening a warehouse it is about surviving in the market. For this, you need
sound strategies and competent staff.

While sailing off to a foreign land, you must be quite sure of your decision. Do think about it and make a well-versed choice as
offshore jobs may look to a certain extent lucrative and fascinating, but they require a great deal of diligence and skill to survive the
cut ? throat competition.

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