Track and Field Recruiting 101

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					Track & Field Recruiting 101
The following is a list of times, distances, and heights for men's track
and field. This will help you focus on the right schools when you start
you self promotion. More about self promotion later.
Event DIV l * DIV ll * DIV lll/NAIA100m 10.1-10.6 * 10.7-10.8 * 10.8-
11.0200m 20.3-21.2 * 21.3-22.4 * 22.4-23.0400m 45.5-48.5 * 48.6-49.9 *
50.0-52.0800m 1:47.5-1:54 * 1:55-2:00 * 2:00-2:00 1600m 4:05-4:25 * 4:45-
4:35 * 4:35-5:003200m 8:55-9:20 * 9:21-9:45 * 9:45-10:30110hh 13.5 14.5 *
14.6-15:2 * 15.3-16.0400im 49:00-53:00 * 53:00-56:00 * 56:00-59:00High
Jump 6-6 and up * 6-2-6-6 * 6-0 and upLong Jump 23 ft and up * 20-22 ft
and up* 18-20 ft Triple Jump 47 ft and up * 43-47 ft * 40-43 ftDiscus 165
ft and up * 140-165 ft * 120-140 ftShot Put 57 ft and up * 50-57 ft * 45-
50ftPole Vault 15 ft and up * 13-15 ft * 12-13 ft
Ok, now you have a target to shoot at, now what. I will list four things
that you have to do to position yourself for success.
.Academic Assessment
Get with your high school counselor and go over your core class
requirements under NCAA guidelines, your GPA, and you SAT/ACT scores.
.Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse
If you qualify to compete at either the Dl or Dll levels you must
register with the NCAA at
.Self Promotion
Start making phone calls and sending emails to coaches at schools you
qualify for and that you would like to attend. You can start as early as
your sophomore year. I suggest that you put together a Player Profile to
send out. The information you need on a Player Profile is your vitals,
height & weight, all your contact info, your coaches contact info, your
stats & honors, and your GPA and SAT/ACT score.
Letter of Recommendation
A letter from your coach, counselor, teacher or pastor/pries t will go a
long way in helping you get your foot in the door to a college or
university. A college coach needs to know that all you are saying is true
and that you are a character person, and nothing can do that like a third
party referral.
Authored by: Tony Passarella - Sports Recruiting Coach

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