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									The Google Adsense Plan - Often Asked Questions

The Google Adsense method is a remarkable way to earn extra revenue. This
program includes of Google Adsense content, as well as Google Adsense for

Under the former, as a website owner, you get the power to display ads on
your site and make money. The ads are in relation to the content of your
site. Under the latter, your website gets the ability to undertake Google
search. The Adsense ads are shown in the search results.

This was the whole crux of Google Adsense program. However, there are
certain frequently asked questions on this internet marketing program of
Google. Let's take a glimpse at a few of them.

Who's Eligible For Adsense Program?

First of all, you should have your own website. If your site is under
construction, you're not eligible for this program. It's best if your
site is listed in the first page of Google search results.

How To Sign On With The Adsense Program?

You need to complete and application to sign up for the Adsense Plan.
You'll get an approval within a couple of days. Once you're approved by
Google, it'll set up its Adsense program on your site. This takes just a
few minutes. You'll receive a HTML code from Google. You have to cut and
paste this code in your site's source code. Once you accomplish this
procedure, Adsense ads will emerge on your website.

How To Earn Dollars Through Adsense?

The ads displayed on your website will be related to the content of your
site. Whenever a visitor to your site clicks on the offer, you'll get
compensated. A percentage of profit that Google earns from its
advertisers will be yours. Your income depends on the Google's pricing
policy, advertisers' marketing budget, and the competition in the market.

Exactly who Will Deal With The Promoters?

It's not your headache. You have nothing to do with the advertisers, as
you get ads from Google through its Adsense program. Google handles the

What Are The Chances Of Getting Banned By Google?

Upon violation of the terms and conditions of the Adsense program, Google
can impose a life-long ban on your website. This would destroy your
online business and reputation. Besides, you shouldn't attempt to
maneuver your Adsense revenue by either clicking on the ads yourself, or
asking someone to deliberately click on them.
Don't think Google won't come to know. They're knowledgeable of   sensing
fraud and will immediately terminate your Adsense account. Once   this
takes place, it's pointless to make an appeal unless you have a   valid
reason, which frauds hardly ever have. Now that you're aware of   the
basics of Google's Adsense program, why not sign on for it?

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