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					Storing Antiques and Art
Posted by admin On December 10, 2009 5:47 AM

You need to take care of your antiques just like you take care of your own self. Antiques are treasured to
preserve history and relate to the past. Their worth is based on how well they are conserved. After spending
so much time and money on an artifact, no one would want it to deteriorate in a storeroom. Hence, with a little
knowledge and guidance, you will be able to store your stuff in a safe and sound manner. Whether art
collecting is your profession or your hobby these guidelines will help you in storing your antiques well.

The Right Storeroom Unit
The most important element of storing your antiques is finding a secure and protected storeroom. The investment of time and
money while preparing your items for a cargo space will go to waste if they are left open to elements due to poorly built structure or
bad security. If you want to be sure that all your belongings are protected properly, then you must find a good storing unit.

Few things you ought to check are as follows.

Temperature Control
Climate control system is a must in any unit. Extreme weather and humidity are the worst enemies of antiques . This facility
should maintain a temperature of 50-80 degrees inside the unit so that humidity is controlled. Having a dehumidifier will be
an added advantage. Humidity can cause wood to bend and metal to oxidize. The wonderful things that you have put into
cargo space would then be spoiled in just a few months.

Carrying your antiques from the motor vehicle to your storing place can also expose your stuff to damage. Consider looking for a
unit on the ground level. If that is not possible, then make sure that there is a lift or some other facility to carry your stuff up to the
storing place.

Always insure your goods. Go for a storing facility that provides indemnity coverage for your belongings. Many companies
offer affordable indemnity policies that can be included in your charges. Never leave the security of your goods up to
chance. It is always a good idea to get your antiques estimated from a professional. This will help you put forth a valid
indemnity claim in case of any damage or loss.

Proper Packing Is A Must
The second thing which needs to be taken care of is the packing of your antiques . Cover pictures and mirrors in thick blankets
or bubble wrap .You can even use felt. Secure the packing material by wrapping it with clear plastic.

Cardboard angles can be used to protect the sharp and weak areas of the structure. There are many stores that sell packing supplies,
including boxes for packing mirrors, huge paintings or antiques . Never compromise on the quality of the packing material. If you are
storing antique furniture such as sofas, beds and the like, put them in covers or bags for extra protection. Most of the storerooms
provide these heavy duty bags for free. Remember to never stack antique furniture without a good support.

Keep an inventory of every piece that you have packed .You can even take a picture of each item and paste it in the index. Your
storeroom manager can be of great help when it comes to offering storing and packing hints related to antiques .

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