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Posted by admin On September 10, 2009 7:43 AM

Self storage rescued me when I found myself in a huge predicament this summer when my old lease ended
in the middle of July and my new lease did not start until August 1st. First of all, where was I supposed to live
from July 15th until the 31st? Yea, I have friends and everything but I would feel terrible crashing on a couch
for an entire two weeks. Secondly, where in the world was I supposed to put all my stuff?! It would not have
been a huge dilemma if I did not have a whole apartment worth of furniture, but that was not the case!
Fortunately, one of my friends told me about self storage , which she had used the previous year when she
found herself in a similar situation.

Self storage, she explained, is basically a way to store whatever you do not have space for at the time. The best part about it is that it
is amazingly flexible. You store all your belongings in a self storage facility that is the right size for your needs and then you pay for
each day that you need to store your belongings. Also, you can access your stuff any time of the day because you have a key to your
storage facility. If you want to move in the middle of the night, you can! You can also keep your stuff in a storage unit for however long
you need and you will get your money back for the days you do not use. Also, self storage does not make you commit to any sort of
contract or agreement and it does not require you to use one of their moving trucks. Basically, she told me, self storage is a much
more flexible, convenient, and easier way to store everything you cannot house at the moment.

Following her ravings about self storage, I decided to try it for myself. I wanted to be able to get my stuff back on the exact day I
needed it considering I would be out of a home for two weeks! Also, I already had a way to move all my furniture since my best friend
owned a truck; I did not want to have to pay moving fees when I did not even need that service. I called up the self storage company
and was amazed with how cheap it would be to store all my possessions for two weeks! They found me a storage unit that was the
perfect size for me and they told me I could move my stuff into my self storage facility any time on the 14th, which was the day I
wanted to move. I could not believe how easy it was.

After my hectic and stressful two weeks of being out of a home, crashing on friends? couches, and feeling completely disoriented, I
was very ready to move into my new apartment. It was such a relief when I did not have to make an appointment with the self storage
facility about what time I needed to pick up my stuff. They were so flexible and easy to work with. I came and went as I pleased to my
self storage facility, making the necessary multiple trips back and forth for all of my furniture. After such a positive experience with self
storage I would recommend it to anyone and will definitely be using it the next time I need a storage facility.

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