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Posted by admin On February 15, 2010 6:55 AM

Are you sick and tired of your fear of rejection? Have you tried, time and time again, to meet that special
someone, only to be turned down in a ridiculously public fashion? Have you tried shopping around for
partners on online dating sites, only to find that those whore willing to date you have failed to accurately
represent themselves on said dating sites? If so, then take solace in the fact that you do not have to
experience these problems alone. Indeed, these are but the problems of an ever-growing, ever-changing
society, and theyre completely out of your control. At least, they were out of your control until now!

Introducing the new and improved Automatic Dater 3000! You can do all of the comparison shopping that you want, but youre not
going to find a better dating unit than this one! Make your fear of rejection a thing of the past with the Automatic Dater 3000!

So, what can our device do? What doesnt our advice do?! Thats right! I dont care how much shopping youve done; youre not
going to find anything that works better than our wonderful product!

The Automatic Dater 3000 comes in many forms! If youre not interested in something as bulky as our robotic model, you can buy our
Automatic Dater Mini! This device will clip onto your arm with a convenient sports band, and it looks just like a standard MP3 player!
No one has to know that you are using an Automatic Dater 3000!

But lets really get to the point, here, and describe precisely what our product does. By wearing the Automatic Dater 3000 as you go
through your day, youll give yourself access to tons of information about the people around you! Our product gives you access to
criminal records, rumors, and personal reviews from previous partners. When youre thinking about testing your luck with someone
else, you can look them up in your Automatic Dater and see what youre getting yourself into! Youll feel like youve known the
person for years, and it only takes a couple of minutes to use!

But dont take our word for it. Just talk to some of our happy customers!

I was shopping at the mall when I came across the Automatic Dater 3000 kiosk. I was pretty skeptical at first, but the nice man at the
kiosk let me try one out before I bought it. I took a five minute walk around the mall, and you wouldnt believe how many things I
learned about the people around me! I saw two murderers and a man whose never paid his taxes! Id never want to date any of
those people. I mean, I really cant say enough good things about this product!

I thought that my husband was cheating on me, so I went out shopping and bought an Automatic Dater 3000. I figured that itd be
able to track my husbands activity, and surely enough, it did the trick just fine. All I had to do was input all of my husbands
informationsocial security number, credit info, drivers license, heat shot, and some other stuffand the Dater unit was able to track
every step that he took. Turns out he wasnt cheating on me, but he was spending way too much money on coffee at that place
across the street from where he works, so I divorced him anyway. Thanks Automatic Dater 3000!

Our Dater unit uses the power of the internet to help you invade the privacy of the people who you (think you might) love! Stop the
comparison shopping and give us a call RIGHT NOW!

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