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									Sources of Funding for Small Businesses
Posted by admin On December 10, 2009 3:27 AM

If you are a small businessman, then you might be looking at endowment for a variety of reasons. You may
want to start a new business, expand your existing operations or might need a financial aid to come out of a
short term monetary crisis. There are various sources of funding a small business, and this article lists some
of the most common financing options.

Managing The Start Up Cost Is Tough
When you are starting a new business, the most important requirement is to raise the initial capital. Searching for funding
sources before starting a new business is the toughest job of all. As you would not have any market presence to convince
the financers, the only possible convincing bet is your business plan. This is the reason why experts stress on developing a
fool proof business plan. The business plan should clearly identify the scope of your business, promotional strategies and
the proper budgeting of the funding amount.

Various Sources Of Funding

? Bank Loan
One of the most common sources of financing a business is to get a bank loan. For getting a bank loan, you would need to have
appropriate collateral, proven credit track record of at least 3 years, efficient and capable management to back you and significant
personal net worth. One of the easiest ways to secure a bank loan is by approaching a bank that you already do business or personal
transactions with. However, it is advisable to search for other viable options of bank funding as well.

? Government Aids
There are various grants or credits that the government can provide to small businesses, particularly to those who have difficultly in
getting funding . However, do not expect to get the entire financing requirements fulfilled through such grants as the government
would business just a portion of the loan. For the remaining amount, you would still need to search for other funding sources. Also,
your personal credit history ratings or tax arrears may become hindrances for such government grants.

? Investors
Another source for arranging capital is to turn to equity investors. Equity investors can either be outside sources such as business
associations, industry sources or personal friends and family members. They either can be silent partners in your business or they
can actively participate in the regular business proceedings.

? Personal Savings
For people with bad credit history, all the above sources of funding can be rather out of reach. In such cases, they have to arrange
the capital from their own savings and investments.

? Credit Cards
Starting a business venture using unsecured debts such as credit cards can be extremely expensive and it can be quite risky too.
Due to their high interest rates, credit cards should be best avoided as the financing source for small businesses.

? Collections
One of the most effective and the easiest sources of funding are through the collections of your business. Industry firms can directly
buy your receivable accounts at a discounted prices depending upon their risk appetite. You may lose some profits as they would take
their cut.

For a successful business venture, it is very important to have long term strategies for securing funding . Getting capital for the
business may not be an easy task but if your business has a sound capital cushioning, no one can stop you from tasting success.

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