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									Solar panels for home
Posted by admin On February 24, 2009 7:48 AM

In this age and day of growing efficiency, people are looking forward to invest on the current technologies
available in order to save their hard earned money in all fields of budget. And due to the fact that the prices of
energy are getting all the more steep, and the pollution concerns are on all time high, the option of retrofitting
the existing house into solar powered one is becoming more and more enticing even to the average
consumer. These solar panels serve as the significant technological inventions thereby allowing for
renewable sources of energy to go through not only an appliance, but the entire home in general. These solar
panels offer the facility of powering up one?s home and that too in a cost effective and environment friendly

These solar panels utilize the solar cells that were earlier used to power the houses of remote regions. But with the change in
scenario and technological advancements, even the city homes enjoy advantages of solar panels. While some people still hold the
notion that the drawback with these solar panels is that they cannot be efficiently used in the days of no sunlight. However, the energy
experts found out a great way to solve this difficulty as well i.e. by suggesting the use of windmills. One can easily use windmills on
cloudy days in order to enjoy the power amount that one requires for having light in one?s home. If an individual or family is able to
get the windmill as well as solar panel installed at their home, they are actually enjoying the cheapest possible energy costs. Not only
this, one can also earn an additional income with the help of selling the spare power energy units to the power companies. Apart from
the benefit of earning from one?s solar panel, the main advantage lies in the fact that one is actually using the renewable energy
source, which is a healthy way to keep the family as well as the environment safe. And all these reasons are sufficient to start making
or installing a solar panel at your home in order to generate one?s own electrical power.

With the help of a solar panel, you can actually have the whole house powered, including walkway lights, interior lighting, air
conditioner, swimming pool, garden, attic fans and water heater. Also, the solar powered cars are becoming popular to use the
alternative sources of energy. Even the steps to make a solar power at home are not hard and are basically worth all the investment.
One can also buy the solar power kits and panels available in the market in order to start building one?s own solar panel at home.

Some guidance required to assemble the solar panel includes:

    • Assessing the power rating of the solar panel
    • From where to purchase the solar cells
    • Ways to assemble solar panel
    • Ways to install solar panel

Apart from the solar panel kits, there are various guides as well that offer important information regarding assembling and installing of
these solar panels. In order to assemble one?s own solar panel, some material that are required are solar cells, plywood sheet, glass
sheet, copper wires and some tools like screwdriver, soldering iron, hand-drilling machine and pliers. One can also buy the
readymade solar panels in order to save their time and effort.

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