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									Solar Panels are a Greener Source of Energy
Posted by admin On December 11, 2009 1:06 AM

The climate is experiencing a change. This dramatic climate change is the result of an ever increasing
emission of carbon dioxide. These emissions have made the climate toxic and hot. USA plays a huge role in
bringing about this misbalance.

A survey conducted in 2004 recorded that an average US house emits around 6 tons CO2. This is caused by the excessive burning of
non renewable fossil fuels at the energy stations that deliver energy to our houses. What we need today is a pollution free and
renewable source of energy which can only be obtained from the sun through solar panels .

It is alarming to know that the rate at which we are consuming non-renewable sources, they may deplete within the next 70 years.
Thankfully, there is a solution. We can use solar panels to generate energy devoid of CO2.

If we harness the abundant energy emitted by sun through solar panels , we would not only benefit the environment by lowering CO2
in the atmosphere, but also be successful in overcoming the deadly risk of the wearing out of non-renewable sources. We would then
be able to refer to our energy as green energy.

Solar panels are actually the simplest and the best way to utilize innate ingredients of Earth to create energy. What they do is to
collect sunlight and then transform it into electrical energy used to run electrical appliances.

Professionals dealing in the installation of solar panels can install them at your home with great ease irrespective of your location.
Some people even opt for Solar Home Kits as a substitute due to their lower cost. Whether you are a homemaker, a businessman, or
a working professional, you can easily contribute your bit to the energy conservation drive by installing solar panels and use them for
energy formation.

Some people may say that their location does not catch enough sunlight to serve their entire energy consumption needs. There is a
solution for this as well. You can collect enough amount of solar energy through your solar panels to curtail your present consumption.

However, one needs to be very careful while buying solar panels . You must research well and settle down on the best equipment for
this would not only help the environment but also put a check over your large electricity bills.

Now?a?days, the government is promoting the usage of these panels on a massive scale. They have even started offering tax
benefits to people who put solar panels in their homes or offices. Before getting the quotation from an installer, find out the
percentage of tax incentive being offered in your area. These incentives incur heavy rebates or discounts on the actual cost of these
panels. But some of the construction companies have started misusing this service. They get the feature solar panels built on their
buildings to avail tax breaks and uninstall them at the completion of the project. This is a wrong practice which must be checked with
immediate effect.

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