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									Thanks For Saying Thanks
It's a small word, but one that makes such a difference. It can mend
fences. It can lift spirits. It can build relationships. It can even save
you money. The word is ... 'thanks'.
Business, and our lives in general, seem to be getting faster and faster.
Common courtesies are no longer common. But a few seconds invested in
uttering or emailing a thank you can pay big dividends.
I try to remember to say thanks to my suppliers. Without them I'm sunk.
It could be an entirely commercial transaction, but life is too short. I
try to remember to say thanks in person and later by email. Cost $0. If
it's been a particularly tough and drawn out job I might shout lunch.
Cost $50. At end of year I might give a nice bottle of wine. Cost $40.
I do this for two reasons. 1. It's a nice thing to do. 2. I get thousands
of times the value back in vital advice, small jobs done for free,
discounts when needed, and favours.
It means that I get much more for my dollar and so do my clients.
This is a very unusual practice. Most large creative agencies treat
suppliers like crap, thinking the money will make up for it. It doesn't.
Many suppliers hate large agencies with a passion.
It's also nice when my clients say thanks for a job well done. I really
go the extra mile for them next time.
Luckily most marketers are not like one I've heard of. I don't work with
her I hasten to add. She is routinely paying between 10 and 20% extra for
all creative and production work because she is such a pain. Her
reputation has preceded her. I've been told suppliers either suddenly get
'too busy to help' or add on 'smile' money. This is the extra cash needed
to continue to smile through the process! What a waste.
So, for reading this article, for your comments, for your referrals and
for your work, I say ....
Tony Richardson is a copywriter and advertising creative director. I work
WITH my clients to get the very best creative communications answer
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