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									Open a US bank account with FREE
VISA debit card, for non-residents in
7 days. Guaranteed.
 •   The fastest way to open your US account
 •   Your account active within 7 days
 •   Order your free US check book before you even receive your welcome pack (I
     was able to phone order my check book within 6 days of mailing my account
     opening form)
 •   No SSN required (Social Security Number)
 •   No US mailing address required
 •   Our downloadable members only kit includes digital "tear-out forms." Deal
     directly with the bank using the forms and resources. No need for a middle man.
 •   Includes Platinum VISA debit card (get all the benefits of a Platinum credit card,
     like free travel insurance. Received after account is activated). No credit checks,
     no annual fees on the card, no withdrawal fees (even when used outside the US).
 •   Account cash deposit is insured 100% up to $100,000
 •   No account minimums (after initial deposit)
 •   Free ACH direct deposits
 •   Make withdrawals and purchases around the world with your VISA card
 •   Free initial check book
 •   Have funds deposited directly into your account from PayPal (save on their 2.5%
     currency exchange fee by depositing directly into your US bank account)
 •   Full Internet banking facilities available
 •   Deposit US checks by mailing them directly to your new bank account
 •   No need to certify passport. Just mail a photocopy
 •   Simple, short account opening form included
 •   Nothing else required
 •   Life-time guarantee.

 Want proof that you can receive your VISA and Check book? View ours here
1. What is the initial deposit?

The bank says there is an initial deposit of US$1,000. However, you can actually open
the account without any deposit and then add any amount you like. We opened our
account with zero dollars (no deposit). Later we then added $100.
There is no minimum balance after your account has been opened.

2. Are there any account fees?

No fees within your first 12 months, regardless of your deposit amount (even if you only
have $5 in the account). After that time your account can stay free of maintenance fees if
you keep it active.

3. Do I need a US tax file number?

No. NOT even your own country's tax file number is needed.

4. How much can I withdraw per day?

You can withdraw up to $500 a day on your VISA debit.
You can write a check in any amount (up to your balance).
You can wire transfer any amount (up to your balance) to any other bank account.

5. Can I withdraw PayPal funds?

Yes, you can withdraw funds from PayPal and any other account that does ACH (direct
transfer). They will be deposited directly into your US bank account without any fees.

6. Do I need Bank reference letter?

No. A photocopy of your passport is all that's needed. The photocopy does not have to be

7. Will I receive account statements?

Yes. You can either view them online or have them mailed to you.

8. Do I need a US mailing address?

No. The bank airmails documents and statements internationally.

9. Can I use my VISA debit card in any country?

Yes. You can use your VISA debit card at any ATM. You can also use it wherever VISA
is accepted.

10. Can I deposit US checks?
Yes. Just endorse the check and mail it directly to the bank.

11. Can anyone open an account?

Accounts can not be opened for people from these countries: North Korea, Cuba, Iraq,
Iran, Libya, Sudan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, the UNITA faction in Angola, Syria and

The following forms require
Adobe® Reader®. Download it free.

STEP #1: Which Bank?

Your first question is most likely, which bank? Well, we're happy to answer that question
right now. This bank has provided excellent and fast customer service. In fact, we were
able to open our bank account within 6 days - and that includes mail time, from our
country to the US. Introducing E*Trade Financial! (E*TRADE Financial owns
E*TRADE Bank and E*TRADE Securities, LLC)

You can visit the bank now by going to: . But don't click to open
your account just yet. Filling out the wrong form (even though it says Bank Account
Opening form), will get your application denied. We'll walk you through the right process
in a minute. To open your account we will be using the services of E*Trade Securities,
LLC. But first...

About E*TRADE Securities, LLC

E*TRADE Securities, LLC is a member of the SIPC. Even though they are a separate
company they are affiliated with E*TRADE Bank - allowing you to have banking
Below is the welcome pack you will receive

STEP #2: Opening your account

Now the part you have been waiting for. How to actually open your account...

E*Trade offers two accounts and 2 different forms (this is where most people get tricked
into thinking they can't open an account).

The first account is a Checking Account. Non-US residents can't open this account.

The second account is an Investin account. It works just like a checking account.
However, you also have the option to use it for investing (you don't have to invest, you
can just use it as a checking account).

This account is available to residents and non-US residents. This brokerage account
allows you to write US checks, have a VISA Platinum debit card, and full Internet
banking. You can also ACH (direct deposit) funds from PayPal,, or any
other US bank. This is the account you will open.

As a non-US resident you will need to fill out the following forms:
"Digital tear-out form #1." Your bank account application

> Bank Account Application

* Please note it's not necessary to fill in the last page of this form.

We have included a sample application, to show you how to fill in the form.

           Check out the Eligibility Requirements
> Sample Application
"Digital tear-out form #2." Your withholding tax form

> Withholding tax form

* You are required to include this form with your application form above.

We have included a sample application, to show you how to fill in the form.

> Sample Withholding tax form

Tax will not be withheld from your deposits. Tax is only withheld if you make a profit on
an investment made through E*Trade.

Mail both forms along with a photocopy of your passport to the address below:

E*TRADE Securities LLC
P.O. Box 1542
Merrifield, VA 22116-1542

STEP #3: Requesting your free check book

You can phone E*Trade and request your check book before you receive your welcome
kit. You can even request your free check book before any funds have been deposited
into your account. Just call E*Trade on 1-916-636-2510. Alternatively you can wait to
request a check book after you receive your welcome pack.

You can also ask for your account details (over the phone) at this time and login to your
bank account. YOU DO NOT have to wait for your welcome pack to access your account
and deposit funds.

STEP #4: Initial Deposit

You can fund your account by including a US check or US money order with your
application. However, if you are including a check or money order, it will need to be in
the amount of $1,000 minimum. Or...

You can fund your account in any amount via your, or any
other account. My initial deposit was only $100 sent from PayPal.

You can also wire funds from your home bank account, in any amount.

STEP #5: Requesting your Platinum VISA debit card
Your welcome pack will arrive in approximately 2 weeks. It will include a simple form to
request your Platinum VISA debit card. See example of form and card below. You will
need a minimum balance of US$1,000 before you can request your VISA card.

> Example Platinum Card & From

After your account has been opened

Once your account is open you are now ready to add your details to PayPal or any other
place you want to receive ACH (direct debits) from. Just enter the following details to
transfer funds into your new US account.

Bank name: ETRADE BANK
Routing number: 056073573
Account number: This is your personal account number
Account type: Checking Account

You can now transfer funds from PayPal to your US account.

*Please note that doing an ACH (direct transfer) is different than a wire transfer. A wire
transfer (usually used for International Transfers) has a different routing number.

That's all there is to it! If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact
us. We're always happy to help.

Enjoy banking in the USA!

Here is the link for this Complete Investment (Brokerage) Account
Here are some mails and replies with
Email 1###

> Thank you for your email. It's good to hear from
> you.
> Below are the answers to your questions:
>I don’t have a passport but I do have a driving license
> issued by Government of India. I am born in India
> and I live in India since I am born.
> 1)Can I open a US bank account?
> > Yes, you can still open a bank account. .
> 2)What will happen when the VISA debit card expires?
> > The bank will send you a replacement one free of
> charge just before
> it expires.
> 3)Can I use it for online shopping wherever VISA
> logo
> is present?
> > Yes, you can use it for online and offline
> shopping.
> 4)Can I withdraw funds from my bank account using my
> VISA debit Card?
> > Yes, you can use any ATM
> 5)Will I be provided with online banking facility?
> > Yes, it comes with full online banking.
> 6)Can I send a bank wire using this account?
> > Yes, you can. There is a $25 fee for wire
> transfers outside the US.
> 7)Will the VISA debit card be able to verify my
> paypal
> account?
> > Yes it can. However, you also need a US mailing
> address. We can
> help you get a low cost US mailing address if you
> decide to purchase
> our Bank Opening Kit
> 8)Can I contact the bank directly or through you as
> mediator?
> > You deal with the bank directly, not through us.
> 9)Can I open the bank account with $0 initial
> deposit
> (I have an unverified paypal account and I cannot
> withdraw $1000 from it)?
> > Yes, you can. However, you will have to build your
> account up to
> $1,000 before you can request your card and check
> book
> 10)How to inform the bank if my residential address
> or
> personal info changes?
> > You can change details using online banking
> 11)What is the name of the bank in which this
> account
> is opened? Please give me the website of the bank.
> > We only provide this after you purchase our kit
> 12)Will I have to open the bank account or you will
> open it as a mediator?
> > You will open it directly with the bank, following
> our
> instructions.
> 13)What is in the Bank opening Kit?
> > The forms and the instructions. We now also
> provide a private free
> US phone number (voice mail) as a special offer.
> Best regards,
> Orvon
> Open a US account with VISA debit card...

Email 2###

       Thank you for your email. It's good to hear from
       > you.
       > Below are the answers to your questions:
       > I wanted to know what is the name of the bank in
       > which this account
       > is to be opened?
       > > We give you the name of the bank once you sign up
       > to our site.
       > Is it an offshore bank account or an ordinary bank
       > account?
       > > It is not an offshore bank. It is a US bank with
       > branches all over
       > the US.
       > Will the US government charge me tax for the money
       > in this account?
       > > No, they will not tax any deposits. However, they
       > will withhold a
       > percentage of interest that you earn on the funds
       > while it's in the
       > account. You can claim them back.
       > In your website I saw that " Account cash deposit is
       > insured 100% up
       > to $100,000". What would happen if the amount
       > exceeds this?
       > > This is standard for all banks. It means that if
       > for some reason a
       > US bank went bankrupt the insurance agency would
       > give you bank your
       > money up to $100,000. So if you had $110,000 for
       > example, you
        > wouldn't get the $10,000 back. This is the case for
        > all US banks, not
        > just the one we use.
        > Best regards,
        > Ansel
        > Open a US account with VISA debit card...

Email 3###

Hi there,

You can withdraw up to $500 a day - every day. And you can spend up to $5,000 (depending on
your account balance) every day online or offline.

You can also write US checks for any amount in your account.

All my best,

>I want to know what is the maximum withdrawl amount from the card through ATMs
>and what is the maximum amount I can spend per day at online and offline shopping.

Email 4###

Hi there,

Yes, I remember emailing you before. It's good to hear back
from you again.

Yes, you can open an account using your learner's license.

Yes, you can open the account at $0. Your VISA debit card
and Check book will be mailed out once your account has been
opened and you have a $1,000 deposit.

Yes, you can deposit directly from your PayPal account in
any amount. You can also transfer funds back into your
PayPal account.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Best regards,
>Hi Ansel,
>I have contacted you before three to four times to get info about
>bank. Thanks for the info you gave. Finally I want these questions to
>be answered after which I am going to apply for the bank account.
> I have a learner's driving license. I have attached a scanned copy in this
>e-mail of my driving license.Please see it. Can I open the bank
>account for $0 to get the checking account no. and routing no. When
>will I get the VISA debit card and check book. Can I add the bank
>account to my US paypal account to get it verified. Can I deposit the
>initial $1000 from my paypal?
>After your reply I will signup for bank opening kit

Email 5###

Hi there,

A lot of our customers have used the US bank account to
verify their PayPal account. Although one of our customers
had some problems, because PayPal picked up that their IP
address was outside of the US. To overcome the problem they
had a friend in the US verfiy the account for them, using
their new bank account.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

All my best,

>I am a citizen of India. But I posses an US paypal account with my freind's mailing
>address who is staying in USA. Will this bank account verify the US paypal account so
>that I can do unlimited transactions from my US paypal account with out any
>restrictions? Because in order to verify an US paypal account a US bank account is to be

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