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Car Rental in Mallorca – A Quick Guide


									                                     Car Rental in Mallorca – A Quick Guide

So you've booked a flight to one of the Spanish island's most amazingly kept secrets. If you want to make the
most of your trip, arrange for a car rental in Mallorca which you can use immediately upon arrival.

When to Rent

Arrange for a rental online before you fly in to the La Palma airport. This is the best time to do so for two

    1. Rates are cheaper when you book ahead of time.
    2. You have more options when it comes to car models, year, and price range.

Once you arrive at this small airport which lies about 8 kilometers away from the nearest city, you can then
collect your vehicle and drive to your destination. If you're staying in Santa Cruz, the drive should take you 20
minutes or so in average traffic.

Mobility for Less

The great thing about having a car in Mallorca is getting a lot of mobility for less. If you've been renting cars for
your trips around Europe, you will be surprised how much cheaper rentals are in Mallorca.

Are you traveling on a tight budget? Here's an insider tip: don't deal with a rental company directly. Use the
services of a broker. A broker won't saddle you with whatever unit happens to be available at the moment.
Rather, a broker will find you the best possible price for the unit you specify.

Driving in Mallorca

Driving in Mallorca is just like driving in any other city in the world. The streets are thin and narrow, so be sure
to anticipate parking difficulties. Regulations and guidelines for drivers are the same wherever you may be in
Spain. You drive at the right side, you wear a seat belt, and if you're traveling with a child below 10 years old,
you make sure they're seated at the back.

Don't forget to check out old Palma. It's home to some of the most impressive patios in the world. Drive to the
Castell de Bellver, too. This castle, which lies in the west of the city, sits atop a wooded hill. You will get a
spectacular view of Palma Bay.

Car rental in Mallorca will keep your holiday headache-free. Do yourself a favor and book a car before flying in
for a Spanish holiday. Enjoy!

Bobbie Miller is a keen traveler, writer and researcher on all travel-related topics. He collects sound advice on
how to save time and money while on the go. For anyone interested in a Car rental in Mallorca, he
recommends reading more of FREE in-depth reviews, helpful tips, and free information on Car rental Mallorca .

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