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Posted by admin On August 28, 2009 10:06 AM

If there is one thing in this world that I love to do it is shopping. Unfortunately, it is a rare luxury since I am in
college. Ever since I got to college, money has not really fallen into my lap since I have to pay for food, rent,
my phone bill, and so many other things. My parents just up and told me to pay for all this stuff on my own
now that I am a big girl in college. So, I have to really really try to save up with my 20 hour/week job
whenever I want to go shopping.

And let me tell you, that 20 hour/week job is not paying me the big bucks. That?s for sure! I might be good at finding the sales and
such when I am shopping, but I mean, I have good taste! I?m not going to buy just anything. Whenever I buy clothes they are always
of quality, and, of course, look amazing on me. I always have a weakness for cool new electronics, books, movies, and well, probably
just about anything. Shopping for all these things makes me feel so free and invincible. Kind of like I am on top of the world!

Whenever my birthday and Christmas roll around, I never ask for specific things. I just want money and gift cards. I think it is so much
more fun to take all that cash and go shopping with it. That way, I can pick out exactly what I want and have a good time in the
process. It is such a hassle to deal with returns, exchanges, store credit, and all that other pain in the butt stuff. Especially after
Christmas! Shopping for myself makes so much more sense than having friends and relatives pick out something I might not like, that
probably won?t fit me. I mean, I always appreciate the gesture and everything, but I am just happy as a clam with a big wad of cash.
Nothing brightens my birthday and Christmas morning more than the knowledge that I have a huge shopping spree coming my way!

Sometimes, if I am really lucky, I will come home from college and convince my mom that it is dire for us to go shopping. I mean, it is!
I need to have the latest styles at school when I go out to the bars and clubs! She will usually roll her eyes at me and give me a look
that says, ?yea, right?, because she knows I do have a lot of clothes and all, but sometimes she will give in. I think she secretly likes
taking me shopping because it is such good mother and daughter bonding time.

This leads me to my last point about why shopping is amazing. It is such a social activity! When my friends and I go shopping together
we can still talk and hang out, but we are also doing something instead of sitting around the house watching television. We even get
exercise and everything since we are moving around so much. It is very important to have someone else with you when you shop
because it is always good t o have another opinion about what looks good, whether you are getting a good deal, and the ultimate
question, should I buy it or not? My answer?.is usually yes.

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